Stargate SG-1 Season 2

The Tok’ra: Part 2


Carmen Argenziano  Joy Coghill  Sarah Douglas  Steve Makaj

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O’Neill: So we are prisoners. You’re lookin’ like Goa’uld to me.
Garshaw: We’re doing this for your protection as well as ours. Knowledge of our whereabouts makes you and your world a priority target for the System Lords.
O’Neill: We’re already a priority target.
Teal’c: They previously dispatched two motherships to destroy us.

Carter: You said that a symbiote can cure most problems in a human.
Garshaw: Yes.
Carter: Can it cure cancer?

Hammond: Captain Carter, I am truly sorry about your father but I have to question the wisdom of what you’re suggesting here. From what I’ve seen, this won’t be saving his life It’ll be more like giving his body to a Goa’uld.
Carter: No sir. More like letting one share it.
Hammond: Jacob knows a lot about Earth, this would be like handing over information to the Goa’uld.
Carter: To the Tok’ra!
Hammond: Are you sure there’s a difference?
O’Neill: Oh yes, sir. There’s a difference, believe me. I won’t even pretend to understand what that is, but there is one. One minute you’re talking to a Goa’uld, the next minute you’re talking to a regular guy.

Hammond: They were holding you prisoner, Colonel. Still are holding SG-3 and the rest of your team.
Carter: Only temporarily, sir. And they thought it was to protect us as much as them.
O’Neill: Yeah, I didn’t buy that one myself, sir.

Jacob: You do that a lot?
Carter: Yeah, once or twice a week.
Jacob: It beats the hell out of a shuttle on the back of a rocket.
O’Neill: Goes a lot further too.

Jacob: You sure this is another planet? Looks like Earth.

O’Neill: What the heck’s going on?
Makepeace: We’re free.
O’Neill: Then why are you still here?
Makepeace: Well we want to be allies, right? So we’re lending a hand with the evacuation.
O’Neill: What evacuation?

Teal’c: Chel’nat.
Jackson: Correct translation: “very cool”.

Jacob: So these are the aliens you were telling me about?
Carter: Well I don’t know if I’d call them aliens.
Sort of half-alien I guess. I mean the outside is human and the inside is shared by a human and a symbiote. Martouf is actually two different souls, I guess, sharing the same body.
Jacob: And that’s what you want me to become? You gotta be kidding me.

Jacob: You don’t look so good.
Selmak: You are no vision of beauty yourself, sir.

Saroosh: Selmak is wonderful Tok’ra. She is selfless and caring. She is good company too. She has a wonderful sense of humor.
Carter: Well that’s good Dad. You can sit around for hours cracking yourself up.

Jackson: Garshaw, what will Martouf do if the Goa’uld get too close?
Garshaw: I regret that at the risk of capture Martouf will destroy the underground compound with himself and all your people in it.

Carter: Did we open the Gate or did they?
Selmak: We have no choice.

Garshaw: Do you not have a dialing device here?
O’Neill: Yeah, we slapped one together.

Carter: Do you have to go so soon?
Garshaw: Yeah, I have to go. Apparently I’m the oldest and wisest among us.