Stargate SG-1 Season 2



Alex Zahara  Christina Cox  Rodney Grant  Roger Cross

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Carter: You gonna be okay?
O’Neill: I’m not dead, Captain. I’m just grounded for a few weeks.
Carter: If the bulletproof glass hadn’t slowed it down…
O’Neill: Oh please. Aliens are always poking me full of holes.

Hammond: Obviously we started our relations on the wrong foot.
O’Neill: But that’s so rare, sir.

Carter: Are we prisoners?
Tonané (Rodney Grant): Oh… you’re free to go.
Carter: Can we have our weapons back?
Tonané: Okay.

Jackson: Wait. You’re not going to perform a ceremonial dance or something?
Tonané: Our great great grandfathers used to call the spirits that way. But one day Xe’ls just said, “Call my name.” So that’s what we do.

Tonané: T’akaya, my friend! My, your coat shines beautifully today. {prompting Carter} A little flattery couldn’t hurt, Sam.
Carter: My, what big eyes you have.

Captain Conner (Roger Cross): They intend to deceive Tonané. It’s time to show the Earthlings the power of the spirits.

Hiding in a storage closet
Jackson: I won’t lie to you. There is a problem. We have to find Jack.
Tonané: Okay. He’s not in here.
Jackson: Right.

O’Neill: How do I know you’re really Daniel?
Jackson: Because.
O’Neill: Yeah, okay.

Xe’ls (Alex Zahara): You view us now in our true form. But this is only one of many forms we can take. Our friends of this world call us aliens. You call us spirits. From now on, Tonané, you and your people can view us in whatever form pleases you best.
Tonané: You have always been kind to my people. So whatever makes you happy.
T’akaya (Christina Cox): I think this form makes us happy.