Stargate SG-1 Season 2



Brook Parker  Tony Amendola

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Bra’tac: Greetings, old friend. I bring bad news.
Teal’c: My family.
Bra’tac: Your wife is safe.
Teal’c: What of Rya’c?
Bra’tac: Your son has been taken. By Apophis.

Fro’tak: I am Fro’tak of the High Cliffs.
O’Neill: Jack. Of the Windy City.

Fro’tak: When it appeared that you may never return, when you may indeed be dead… Drey’auc had her [?] removed. She is my wife now.

Teal’c: I am not dead.
Bra’tac: In your current situation you may as well be.

Drey’auc: What happened? Where is my son?
O’Neill: He’s alright. We just ran into some problems.
Teal’c: It is far worse than that, O’Neill. Ry’ac’s body lives but his heart and mind have been destroyed.
Drey’auc: What are you saying?
Teal’c: He is now with Apophis.
: The boy was a stranger. A beast.
O’Neill: Oh come on. The kid’s brainwashed.

Bra’tac: Teal’c, I know he is your son, but this is a wisdom far beyond his years.
O’Neill: Yeah, I’m kinda with Bra’tac on this one.

O’Neill in a Jaffa uniform: No wonder these guys are always cranky.

Teal’c: Why do you doubt my son?
O’Neill: It’s my nature, Teal’c.

Drey’auc: Before our son was taken, he was training with master Bra’tac. He lost two teeth that day. They are no longer missing.

Jackson: Okay, so we’re alright. Ry’ac is alright. We just have to get his mind back. And how do we do that?
Carter: Deprogramming.
O’Neill: It’s not exactly the kind of thing you want to put a kid through.