Stargate SG-1 Season 3

Past and Present


Jason Gray-Stanford  Megan Leitch

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O’Neill: Anybody get the feeling these folks don’t do a lot of travelling?

Orner (Jason Gray-Stanford): Where did you come from? How’d you get in here?
O’Neill: Door was open. Is there anyone around here who might be considered… in charge?
Orner: Me. Show me your papers.
Jackson: We don’t have any papers. We’re travellers. We’ve come to meet you.
Orner: To meet me?
Layale: Not you!
Jackson: Actually I meant your people.

Orner: Who would give you a name like Teal’c?
Teal’c: It was given by my father. It means strength.
Layale: You remember your father?
Teal’c: For as long as I draw breath.
Orner: Then you could have not been here at the time of the Vorlix.
Jackson: Vorlix? That doesn’t ring a bell.
Layale: It was the day that all we know of ourselves was taken away.
Orner: We can only remember the days since the Vorlix. Before that, nothing.

Carter: Well, still don’t detect anything out of the ordinary, sir. Neither did the MALP. I think we’re okay.
O’Neill: The MALP is worthless. You I’ll trust.

Ke’ra: You’re not from Vyus.
O’Neill: What gave us away?
Ke’ra: Whatever agent that caused the Vorlix is gone, but its effects were pandemic. If you know who you are, then you cannot be of this world.

Carter: What can you tell us about her?
Ke’ra: That she was somewhat of an apothecary. And that she did not survive the Vorlix.
O’Neill: How do you know that?
Ke’ra: The bodies of an elder woman and man were discovered some days later in a building destroyed by explosion. The only remains of our elders we have found. We deduced the male must have been Dr. Zervis. And the female matches what little description he gave in his notes of the visitor.
Teal’c: What is the name of this elder woman?
Ke’ra: It is mentioned… here, yes. She calls herself Linea.

Fraiser: Colonel.
O’Neill: Oh hi. What’s your name?

Ke’ra: There are still so many questions. Why are there no images of children and… where have our elders gone? Through your Stargate perhaps?

O’Neill: I was just thinking about amnesia. Doesn’t quite track with Linea’s nickname.
Teal’c: Destroyer of Worlds.
O’Neill: Yeah. That one.
Carter: Well actually in a sick way it sort of does. I mean Ke’ra said herself that their society was on the verge of collapse despite their efforts. This world was in trouble, sir.
Teal’c: Perhaps Linea was experimenting with other ways in which to destroy worlds.
O’Neill: Variety being the spice of life and all.

Jackson: She found your world because of us. Through of one of our computers. And that’s why we’re going to do everything in our power to help.
Ke’ra: I know you will.

Carter: I’ve been studying Linea’s journals. Apparently she found a link between dargol—that’s a chemical pesticide the Vyans used—and longevity.
O’Neill: What’s a bug spray have to do with longevity?
Carter: Well it seems it was having the effect of slowing the aging process. Not in an extreme way, but certainly significant enough.
O’Neill: Lucky bugs.
Carter: Yes and no. They stopped using it over twenty years ago. It was adversely affecting their fertility rate.
O’Neill: So no kids.
Carter: Right.

Carter: What if there really was a laboratory accident. Some massive chain reaction of enhanced Dargol gas that caught even Linea by surprise? The entire population becomes young again overnight. You realize of course the implication.
O’Neill: No.
Carter: Their elders aren’t missing, sir. They are the elders.

Carter: I think we have to at least face the possibility: Ke’ra is Linea.

Jackson: There’s a test, it compares what we call DNA. It proves that you and Linea are the same person.
Ke’ra: Well the test is wrong. I’m not Linea.
Jackson: No you’re not. You’re Ke’ra now. Ke’ra is wonderful. As long as you remain that person that will never change.
Ke’ra: You’re telling me that I would never be able to take the antidote. I would never harm anyone, Daniel. Do you believe me?
Jackson: I do.

O’Neill: Listen, I’m not saying the first woman you’ve fallen for since Sha’re isn’t a peach. But if she remembers, you’ll be the first to go.

Jackson: You’ve taken the antidote.
Ke’ra: Leave, Daniel.
Jackson: You said all debts have now been paid. That was the message Linea left behind.
Ke’ra: Was it?
Jackson: Did you take the antidote?
Ke’ra: I had to know, Daniel. I didn’t believe you.
Jackson: Ke’ra—
Ke’ra: I’m not Ke’ra, am I? I am the murderer you said I was.