Stargate SG-1 Season 6

The Changeling


Teryl Rothery

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Dr. Fraiser: I’ve never heard of a Jaffa fainting before, let alone you.
Teal’c: I did not faint, Dr. Fraiser.
Carter: Sorry Teal’c, but you did. One minute I was talking to you about the upcoming mission and the next you were laying flat on your back.

Carter: Maybe you were just bored with what I was saying. Oh. Fine. On that note I’ll say goodnight.
Dr. Fraiser: Goodnight Sam.
Carter: Prescribe him some warm milk.

Teal’c: My mind was filled with images. Thoughts of me, yet I was not entirely myself.
Dr. Fraiser: Happens to humans all the time.
O’Neill: It’s called dreaming, Teal’c.

O’Neill: Hey. Let’s go. You know how much it costs to keep that thing open?

Teal’c: My symbiote is gone.
O’Neill: Fraiser just gave you a clean bill of health.
Teal’c: My symbiote is gone! My symbiote is gone!

Jackson: Both can’t be real.
Teal’c: No.
Jackson: So you’re trying to figure out which of the two lives you seem to be leading is the real one. So that you can stay there. Or here. Or wherever it is you’re supposed to be once and for all.

Jackson: Maybe the answer to that question is something you haven’t even considered. Maybe neither one is real.
Teal’c: What?
Jackson: Think about it. If you can’t distinguish between them, if the one seems equally as real as the other. Maybe you don’t belong in either one.
Teal’c: Then what do I do?
Jackson: Hang in there. Just a little while longer.
Teal’c: You can’t leave me here like this!
Jackson: I haven’t left your side, Teal’c. And I’m not going to. That’s a promise.

O’Neill: Teal’c without Junior… That’s a concept.