Stargate SG-1 Season 6

Smoke and Mirrors


Corin Nemec  Peter Flemming  Peter Kelamis  Ronny Cox

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O’Neill: Hey. I’m back. What’d I miss?
Carter: Sir, Senator Kinsey is dead. He was shot.
O’Neill: What?
Jonas: Yeah. It’s been all over the news for three days.
O’Neill: I’ve been on vacation.

Hammond: I’m sorry to have to do this, but these men are here to escort you to Peterson. From there you’ll be flown to Andrews and then turned over to the civilian authorities in Washington.
Carter: Sir, what is this?
Hammond: Colonel O’Neill is under arrest for the murder of Senator Kinsey.
O’Neill: What?

O’Neill: General, I’ve been on vacation.
Hammond: I believe you, Jack. But for the moment we’ll have to cooperate.

O’Neill: Look, Kinsey wasn’t exactly my best buddy. And on occasion I felt like beating the crap out of him. But I didn’t kill him.

Jonas: I know you’ve been on secret missions before. We’re not always privy to the details.
O’Neill: I wasn’t on a mission, Jonas. I was in Minnesota. On vacation.
Teal’c: Did you encounter anyone that can verify your story?
O’Neill: I was twenty miles from the closest town. Alone. That was the point.

Carter: It’s a fake. All the mimic devices were switched.
O’Neill: Someone duplicated duplicators?

Agent Malcolm Barrett: What exactly are you implying here, Major? That the N.I.D. had a hand in the assassination of a U.S. senator?
Carter: Very few organizations have the resources to pull off something like this.
Agent Barrett: And the man accused of the crime happens to be one of them.
Carter: The SGC is not behind this.

Agent Barrett: We spend all of our time trying to protect the world from the Goa’uld. Maybe we should worry a little more about protecting it from ourselves.

Carter: What are we doing out here, Agent Barrett?
Agent Barrett: My office is bugged. It’s standard procedure to record all conversations that take place at N.I.D. Headquarters. What I’m about to tell you, Major, nobody else can know. Especially my superiors.
Carter: What are you talking about?
Agent Barrett: There’s a cancer at the N.I.D. A shadow organization that operates outside the law. It’s time they were exposed for who they really are.
Carter: I agree.
Agent Barrett: The Prometheus incident, that was the last straw. After that I was called to the White House for an assignment.
Carter: What does this have to do with Colonel O’Neill?
Agent Barrett: Senator Kinsey was working for me. He was about to give me enough evidence to bring down the entire leadership of the shadow group.
Carter: How did you convince him to do that?
Agent Barrett: Let’s just say I know about a few of the skeletons in the Senator’s closet. And it is an election year.
Carter: You blackmailed him.
Agent Barrett: I’ll do whatever it takes to bring these people down, Major.

Jonas: How’d you learn how to drive?
Teal’c: Daniel Jackson instructed me.
Jonas: When was that?
Teal’c: I believe the year was 1969.

Jonas: I thought this was about protecting the planet.
Dr. Langham: Well. Nobody said it had to be a non-profit business.

Hammond: If these people are as powerful as you say they are, there’s probably nowhere on Earth you’d be safe. Fortunately, we have other options.

Kinsey (Ronny Cox): The only way you’re going to get public vindication is if the two of us appear on the six o’clock news shaking hands.
O’Neill: Yeah. I’m not sure it’s worth it.

Kinsey (Ronny Cox): Smile, Colonel. You just won me the election.