Stargate SG-1 Season 6

Shadow Play


Corin Nemec  Dean Stockwell

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Teal’c: The Kelownan delegation will arrive soon. Is there a problem, Jonas Quinn?
Jonas: Just been, ah, so caught up in being a member of SG-1, I kinda forgot how this whole thing started.
Teal’c: We have take similar paths. I too was forced to betray all of that in which I had placed my faith.

General Hammond: I must admit we were a little surprised to hear from you given the circumstances of our last encounter.
Ambassador Dreylock: I’m sure we all regret what happened. But I don’t think anything was said or done to damage relations between us irreparably.
O’Neill: You accused a member of my team of sabotage to cover up your own incompetence.
Commander Hale: And you received stolen goods and are harboring a traitor.
Ambassador Dreylock: Perhaps it’d be better if we focused on the matter at hand.

General Hammond: Given our past experience we’re reluctant to interfere in the affairs of another planet.
Ambassador Dreylock: According to Mr. Quinn’s original report, you regular interfere in the affairs of a race known as the Goa’uld.
O’Neill: Well that’s a little different.

O’Neill: Jonas, you’re a member of SG-1 now. Your priorities have changed.

O’Neill: I have nothing against them defending themselves, but how do we know they’ll stop there?
Hammond: You sound like Dr. Jackson.
O’Neill: We spent some time together.

Dr. Kieran (Dean Stockwell): I’m a member of an underground network, Jonas. We’ve infiltrated every level of government—the civil service, even the military. We intend to stop our leaders before they take us to the brink of destruction.
Jonas: You’re talking about a coup.
Dr. Kieran: When the time is right. But we need your help.

Blaylock: You are asking us to reveal something to our sworn enemies that we have yet to admit to our own people.
Jonas: Look like it’s time you did. Think about it. If everybody knew if this was just one in thousands of inhabited planets, don’t you think that they would start focusing on their similarities instead of their differences.
First Minister Velis: That’s a noble sentiment, Jonas. Of course if it were that simple, I’m sure the existence of the Stargate would be public knowledge on Earth as well.

Dr. Kieran: We were scientists. We were pursuing knowledge. We never knew what we were creating.
Jonas: It’s not your fault, Professor.