Stargate SG-1 Season 6



Cliff Simon

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Hammond: My patience on this matter has just about run out. You’ve been promising the safe return of Colonel O’Neill for days. Where is he?
Counselor Thoran: I’m afraid I am the bearer of bad news.

Thoran: The Tok’ra council accepts that Kanan may be lost to us.
Hammond: That’s the big difference between us, Counselor. We don’t leave our people behind.

Lord Ba’al (Cliff Simon): Who are you?
O’Neill: You go first.
Ba’al: You claim you do not know me.
O’Neill: Well. Take no offense there, Skippy. I’m sure you’re a real hot, important Goa’uld. I’ve just always been kinda out of the loop with the snake thing.
Ba’al: I am Ba’al.
O’Neill: That’s it? Just… ball? As in bocce?
Ba’al: Do you not know the pain you will suffer for this impudence?
O’Neill: I don’t know the meaning of the word. {pause}. Seriously, “impudence,” what does that mean?

O’Neill: This is the last thing I remember, I swear to God. I was sick. I agreed to let the Tok’ra put a snake in my head or I would have died! Right now I’m kinda wishing I had.
Ba’al: A wish easily granted.

Jackson: Hi Jack.
O’Neill: Daniel.
Jackson: I leave and look at the mess you get yourself into.

Jackson: It’s good to see you.
O’Neill: Yeah. You too. It’s a shame you’re a delusion.
Jackson: Oh, I’m here. I’m really here.
O’Neill: Sure you are. {he throws a shoe at—and through—him.}
Jackson: Here in the sense that my consciousness is here. Not here in the full, physical flesh and blood sense, which is really neither here nor there. The point is, you’re not imagining this.
O’Neill: I just tossed my shoe through you.
Jackson: Yes you did. That’s because I have ascended to another plane of existence.

Jackson: I’m energy now.
O’Neill: How’s that working out for you?
Jackson: Good, actually. Very good.
O’Neill: Good.

O’Neill: They did the implantation—a word I never intend to use again—and I woke up here. That’s my week so far.

Thoran: You threaten the peaceful continuation of relations between our two peoples, General Hammond.
Hammond: If our relations continue in the direction they’re going, Counselor, I don’t give a damn.

O’Neill: So you wanna be my Oma?
Jackson: You could put it that way. I wouldn’t, but maybe that’s just me.

Jackson: Open your mind.
O’Neill: Though a candle burns in my house there’s nobody home.

Jackson: Jack, who are you talking to?
O’Neill: That woman.
Jackson: There’s nobody there.
O’Neill: Looks who’s talking.

Jackson: Now please, just try to open your mind.
O’Neill: Oh… stop it, will you?
Jackson: Come on, Jack! Do you think the Asgard named a ship after you because they thought it was a cool name? Now is not the time to play dumb. You’re a lot smarter than that.

Jackson: You’re a better man than that.
O’Neill: That’s where you’re wrong!

O’Neill: Daniel, you have to end this.
Jackson: Jack you just have to hang on for awhile longer.
O’Neill: No.

Jackson: It’s almost over, Jack.
O’Neill: How?
Jackson: You were right. There’s always a way out.

O’Neill: What’d you do?
Jackson: I didn’t do anything. It was Sam and Teal’c and, ah, Jonas too. They thought of something.
O’Neill: What?

Jackson: I always seem to be saying goodbye to you.
O’Neill: Yeah. I noticed that. Why don’t you stick around for awhile?
Jackson: I can’t really.
O’Neill: You just did.
Jackson: Special occasion.
O’Neill: Christmas?
Jackson: No.
O’Neill: Groundhog Day?
Jackson: No.
O’Neill: I’ve got my journey and you’ve got yours?
Jackson: Something like that, yeah.