Stargate SG-1 Season 7

Evolution: Part 1


Bill Dow  Carmen Argenziano  Zak Santiago

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Carter: It’s a Goa’uld. Quite frankly that’s not as socking as the host.
Hammond: How so?
Carter: It has an incredibly unusual organ structure.
Jacob: Everything’s out of proportion. Physiologically, the heart and lungs have to be abnormally large to supply enough blood and oxygen to its muscles. Basically it’s someone tried to engineer the perfect athlete without any concern for longevity.

Jackson: If the device was kept hidden near a water source it could be the basis of the Fountain of Youth mythology.

Jackson: If Selmak’s right Telchak’s temple is in Southern Honduras.
Hammond: How can we be sure it’s there?
Jackson: Ah, we can’t.

Rogelio Duran (Zak Santiago): So. You guys wanna see some temples?
Jackson: Actually we want to see one temple in particular. {pulls out the map} Here.
Duran: I’m sorry to tell you this, Senor. But there are no temples there. What you want to do is go north. That’s where all the good stuff is. Lots of ruins.

Dr. Lee: I need a receipt or something. I gotta fill in the paperwork.

Jackson: Let’s spread out, look for a… temple. In lieu of that look for a totem or a marker of some kind. Anything that might tell us where to go from here. {They just stare at him} Go.
Dr. Lee suddenly dropping out of sight: Found it.

O’Neill: Reynolds, I want flanking positions set up on either side of the clearing. Ring the perimeter with C4 and claymores.
Reynolds: Not much faith in Plan A?
O’Neill: Since when has Plan A ever worked?
Reynolds: Right.

Bra’tak: Soon we will be surrounded. If we fight, many more will die.
O’Neill: What do you want to do?
Bra’tak: Surrender.

O’Neill: There’s this guy out there. Big guy. Big guy in a black suit. None too fond of you Goa’ulds. {silence} Well anyway, he’s the one we’re after, not you. So if you let us go we’ll be on our way. To save the world another— You’re not buying this, are you?

Dr. Lee: At least it has writing on it.
Jackson: Yeah.
Dr. Lee: What’s it say?
Jackson: I have no idea.
Dr. Lee: Oh.
Jackson: The sort of technology of the sarcophagus—which, by itself causes madness and addiction. This is supposedly something far more powerful. So accidentally activating it would be bad.
Dr. Lee: Okay.
Jackson: Let’s just try picking it up without touching it too much.

Jackson: Look, I don’t know what you expect, but no one’s going to pay anything for us. We’re not worth anything.
Raphael: That is unfortunate for you. Because if no one pays, you die.

Hammond: I’m afraid I have some bad news. I just received a communique from the State Department in Washington. It appears that Daniel Jackson and Dr. Lee have been kidnapped. Our best guess is that they’ve crossed the border into Nicaragua, however at this moment we have no idea where they are.