Stargate SG-1 Season 1

The Nox


Armin Shimerman  Peter Williams

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Hammond: Better hang on to something, Mr. Secretary. This is how we open the front door around here.

Carter: Sir, with respect, this program is quite probably humanity’s most important endeavor.
Secretary: They said the same thing about the Apollo programs. They brought back moon rocks. You may have notice we haven’t been to the moon in 25 years.

Jackson: I thought we were dead. Weren’t we dead?
Carter: Yeah.
Jackson: Okay. Well I thought heaven would be a little more upscale.

O’Neill: Sorry to drop in on you like this, but we were… dead.

Jackson: Somehow I don’t think we’d make very good Nox.
O’Neill: I think you’re right.

O’Neill about Nafrayu: I told him to go home.
Antaeus (Armin Shimerman): I told you the same. The very young do not always do what they are told.

O’Neill: So Shak’l thinks we’re unarmed. Apophis thinks he’s invulnerable.
Jackson: And they’re right. I think I’ve found the flaw in your plan.

Apophis (Peter Williams): Fool! I will kill you.
O’Neill: Again?

Antaeus: Maybe one day you will learn that your way is not the only way.