Stargate SG-1 Season 9



John Noble

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Carter: Well this certainly looks like a place where Merlin might have lived.
Mitchell: I wouldn’t get too excited just yet. There could be dozens of villages in the area just like this one. No way to know for sure this is the right one.
Jackson: Well there’s… that. {indicates a sword in a stone}

Meurik (John Noble): I am Meurik, governor of this village. Welcome to Camelot.

Antonius: Welcome to Camelot. The past and future home of King Arthur and his Round Table.
Carter: Sorry. Future home?
Meurik: I assume you know the history of the battle of Camelot.
Jackson: Of course. Where Arthur was mortally wounded by Mordred.

Antonius: Merlin’s name is rarely mentioned in public.
Jackson: Why’s that?
Antonius: Many believe he was a wizard of darkness. He may have tried to do good, but there was always potential for great mischief in his heart. Thankfully, he has neither been seen nor heard of since Arthur’s departure. The library where he practiced his strange arts remains sealed to this day.

Teal’c: Given your narrow victory over the knight in the Avalon cave, it would seem that your over-confidence is ill-advised.
Mitchell: Did I say anything about me doing the fighting?

Jackson: Merlin could see the future because he actually aged backwards in time. It’s not meant to be taken literally, but we have seen a lot of legends and folklore have a strong basis in fact. Avalon. Atlantis.
Teal’c: The Easter Bunny.
Jackson: I guess there’s a few exceptions.

Mitchell: I hate to break it to you folks, but the only technology I’m seeing here are a bunch of dusty old books. {the books activate a door} And a secret passage.

Mitchell: I wasn’t sleeping, I was kel’nor’eeming. Teal’c taught me the fundamentals.
Jackson: Did he mention you should remain conscious during the process?
Mitchell: Yeah, I’m still working on the basics.

Jackson: Uh oh.
Mitchell: What?
Jackson: Nothing happened.
Mitchell: Is that a good thing or a bad thing? {screaming is heard from above}
Both: Bad.

Mitchell: I only count four ships.
Jackson: It’s probably their first wave.
Mitchell: We should see what we can do about discouraging a second one.