Stargate SG-1 Season 4

Absolute Power


Colin Cunningham  Erick Avari

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O’Neill: Kasuf. About this voice that spoke to you.
Kasuf (Erick Avari): Yes. It spoke the name of my daughter, may she rest in peace. I’m not the only one who heard it. Many fear it is a sign that the gods are returning.
O’Neill: I thought we finally convinced you and your people that the Goa’uld were not gods.
Kasuf: I said many. Not I. But look, it is easy to understand, in the days of Ra, when we returned from a journey a great storm would blow through the desert.
O’Neill: It’s just wind. Wind happens.
Carter: We’re talking about a wind that blew out of an active Stargate.
Jackson: And formed a sandstorm.
Kasuf: The desert said the name Sha’re.
O’Neill: Yeah, well it’s not like it’s a burning bush or anything.
Kasuf: I’ve seen many bushes burn.
O’Neill: I suppose you have.

Shifu: I am Shifu. I am harcesis.

Teal’c: Does he speak of the knowloedge passed on to him by Amonet and Apophis?
Jackson: He says Oma taught him to forget.
O’Neill: Oma?
Jackson: The alien we encountered on Keb. Mother Nature.
Carter: Guess that explains the tornado.

O’Neill: Do you think it’s wise to bring him back?
Jackson: I don’t think he’s a danger.
O’Neill: What about his step-mom? Is she coming along?
Jackson: He says that ultimately a man travels his own path alone.
O’Neill: Smart kid.

Shifu: Oma teaches the true nature of a man is decided in the battle between his conscious mind and the desires of the subconscious. Oma teaches that even my subconscious is too strong to resist. The only way to win is to deny the battle.

Shifu: You must release your burden before you find your own way again.
Jackson: Yeah, someone else once said that to me. The thing is, this is my way. I chose this path to honor Share’s strength.

O’Neill: Listen. What happened with the kid in there?
Jackson: I asked him for something. Anything that could help us fight the Goa’uld.
O’Neill: Yeah?
Jackson: And I think he gave it to me.

Jackson: This project is too important to get screwed up by petty Earth politics. We’re talking about protecting this entire planet from Goa’uld occupation.
Major Davis: Well I imagine that several of the so-called petty naitons of this planet are going to be very curious when we start launching satellites into orbit two years from now.
Jackson: One year from now.
Major Davis: That’s impossible. It would double the cost.
Jackson: Then it’s not impossible, is it?

One Year Later

O’Neill: What are you doing, Carter?
Carter: I’m trying to do what’s right. I’ve talked to everyone I know. No one’s answering my calls, responding to my emails or even my letters.
O’Neill: Because they think you’re nuts.
Carter: What do you think?
O’Neill: We’re talking about Daniel here. Sometimes he can be a little odd. Every once in awhile he gets carried away. But he’s not going to do anything to jeopardize the entire planet.
Carter: I’m not so sure, sir.

Carter: What about Teal’c. You don’t still blame Daniel for that?
O’Neill: I couldn’t prove anything. Could you?

Jackson: What do you think?
O’Neill: It’s cool. Kind of like Vegas.
Jackson: Actually we’ve got three-to-one odds in favor of the launch going off without a hitch.
O’Neill: Hey, I’ll take some of that action.
Jackson: Put Colonel O’Neill down for a hundred.
Tech: Got it.
O’Neill: Dollars, right?

Jackson: Didn’t you think it was a little strange you got through security with a loaded gun?
O’Neill: A little.
Jackson: You never were that bright.

Present Day

Carter: What did you do to Daniel?
Shifu: Dreams sometimes teach. I am teaching him.
Carter: Teaching him what?
Shifu: That the true nature of a man is determined in battle between his conscious mind and his subconscious. And that the evil in my subconscious is too strong to resist.
Jackson: The only way to win is to deny it battle.
Shifu: As Oma teaches.
He woke up a few minutes ago.
Jackson: One of these days I’m going to figure out she’s worth listening to.

Carter: What happened?
Jackson: I was having a dream.
Carter: About what?
Jackson: That’s not really important here. The important thing is, it’s time I chose a new path.
Shifu: And it is time for me to continue on mine.

Shifu: Thank you for telling me of my mother.
Jackson: She would have been very proud of you.
Shifu: Of you as well.
Jackson: Will I see you again?
Shifu: All roads eventually lead down the great path.
Jackson: Eventually.
Shifu: Many cross along the way.

Tokra: What’s going on? We’re not just going to let him leave?
Carter: I don’t think we have a choice.

O’Neill: General, I highly recommend you order all personnel to stand down and get the heck out of the way.
Hammond: Are you sure, Colonel?
O’Neill: The alternative might not be so great.