Stargate SG-1 Season 4

The Light


Kristian Ayre

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Carter: So sir, are you sure you’d rather take the weekend off than come with me to see this place?
O’Neill: Ah, you know I get that way when I work my ass off. In fact I’d have figured you might want some time off yourself by now.
Carter: Oh I did, but Daniel says of all the pl— That was the bet? Whether or not I’d go? Don’t you have anything better to do?

O’Neill: Hey. Whatcha watching?
Teal’c: A digital recording. I am endeavoring to translate the Goa’uld writing of which Daniel Jackson spoke.
O’Neill: How goes the endeavoring?
Teal’c: On a second viewing I have discovered a figure in the background. It does not appear to be one of our personnel.

Jackson: You know it is beyond my comprehension how anybody like yourself who has so much power can miss the point entirely!
Hammond: This letter is to Lieutenant Barber’s family explaining that he died in the service of his country. I spent the last two hours on it. I can’t tell them anything about how he died or anything about the work he did here. Only that he’s gone. Do you get the point?
O’Neill: Yes sir. He does.
Hammond: Get him out of here.

O’Neill: We haven’t found anything yet, sir, but we’ve only been at it a few minutes.
Hammond: It’s been well over an hour, Colonel.
O’Neill: That can’t be.
Hammond: Jack, I have some bad news. All of SG-5 are dead.
Teal’c: What is the condition of Daniel Jackson?
Hammond: Dr. Fraiser’s doing everything she can, but I’m afraid he’s fallen into a deep coma. We don’t know how long he has.

Teal’c: Children of the Tau’ri also seem to enjoy colorful weapons that have no function.
Loran (Kristian Ayre): It’s cool.
Teal’c trying the toy: I see.

Jackson: From what I’ve been able to translate with Loran’s help, the Goa’uld used to use this place as some sort of opium den. The only difference is, the symbiote must have kept the host’s mind chemically balanced once it left.
Teal’c: Then most likely I will be able to leave this planet.
O’Neill: Well how nice for you.

O’Neill: We need to know what this thing does.
Loran: When they get back they’ll explain.
O’Neill: They’re not coming back, you know that!
Loran: They are.
O’Neill: Somebody buried those bodies!

Loran: I can go with you?
O’Neill: Sure.

O’Neill: You like ice cream?
Loran: What’s ice cream?