Stargate SG-1 Season 5

Red Sky


Fred Applegate

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O’Neill: Okay. What was that?
O’Neill: Carter?
Carter: I don’t know, sir. The margin of error in calculating planetary shift used to cause the rough ride but we fixed it.
O’Neill: Carter?
Carter: We did have to override some of the dialing protocols to get a lock. I’ll check the dialing computer when we get home.

Elrad (Fred Applegate) about Teal’c: He is an enemy of the gods.
O’Neill: Not anymore. Thor loves this guy.
Elrad: You know of Thor?
O’Neill: Oh yeah. He’s a buddy.

Elrad: You must forgive Malchus. He has a suspicious nature, and we have never before been visited by elves.
O’Neill: Elves?
Elrad: You travel by way of the gods. You say you know them well.
Jackson: In Norse mythology, Freyr was the ruler of the elves. They could either bring good or bad tidings.
Elrad: We certainly hope you come to wish us well. {the sun and sky turn red}

O’Neill: Carter, what just happened?
Elrad: The Eye of Odin grows dim.
Carter: Some sort of shift in the light frequency.
O’Neill: Good. I thought I was having a stroke.

Malchus: You did this!
O’Neill: What?
Elrad: Be calm!
Malchus: Is it true?
O’Neill: No. Is it?
Carter: I don’t know, sir.

O’Neill: Daniel, let’s see if these folks have got an Asgard phone.

Elrad: Malchus and I were about to go to the hall, to seek Freyr’s wisdom on behalf of our people.
Jackson: Would you mind if we went with you?
O’Neill: We could put in a good word.

Carter: I’ve got a theory, sir.
O’Neill: Is it… miraculous?
Carter: Actually, it is. I think the wormhole that we used to travel here passed directly through this planet’s sun. That might be why we had a problem dialing here in the first place.
Jackson: What, we should never have connected with this planet?
Carter: Well at least not with the current planetary alignment.

Jackson: Well we’ve either made contact with the Asgard or trapped ourselves deep in a mountain of solid rock.

Freyr: It is not the Asgard’s responsibility to undo every error you make with technology that is advanced beyond your knowledge.
O’Neill: Excuse me! There is a whole planet full of people that are going to die.
Jackson: Um, this may be our mistake, but the K’Tau people depend on you. You set up their belief system. They think you’re their god and you will protect them.
Freyr: From the Goa’uld, yes.

Asgard: Colonel Jack O’Neill of Earth, welcome to the Asgard Council High Chamber.
O’Neill: Yeah, listen, thanks for seeing me on such short notice.

Carter: Sir, I’ve been thinking.
O’Neill: I’d be shocked if you ever stopped, Carter.

Malchus: Colonel.
O’Neill: Shouldn’t you be off inciting a riot?
Malchus: Look at the sky. Ragnarok grows ever closer, your machine does nothing!
O’Neill: It’s a rocket. It won’t work until we launch it. We can’t launch it until we build it.

Elrad: Please! More death serves no one.

Teal’c: The K’Tau were not convinced?
O’Neill: Nope. {to Daniel} Because you didn’t say what needed to be said.
Jackson: Well what would you have said? {Jack marches off} Wait, what are you going to say?

O’Neill: Am I having a stroke?

Carter: I’m pretty sure we didn’t do this, sir. At least not on our own.
Teal’c: The Asgard.
Carter: They said they couldn’t help.
O’Neill: Overtly.