Stargate SG-1 Season 5



Danielle Nicolet

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Carter: There’s a pulse.
Jackson: It has a heartbeat?
O’Neill: It has a heart?

Jackson: I don’t think she knows she’s a robot.
O’Neill: Okay, how is that possible?
Jackson: Well the last time your consciousness was copied into a robot you didn’t figure it out right away.

Hammond: Dr. Jackson, what have you learned?
Jackson: Well actually not much, sir. She’s kind of hard to pin down on
our conversation. Her attention wanders. It’s like she has the mind of a child. {everyone looks at Jack}.
O’Neill not paying attention: What?

Reese (Danielle Nicolet): I want to have fun. Don’t you ever have fun?
Jackson: Not as much as I’d like to.

Reese about the Replicator: Don’t be afraid. It’s just a toy.

Reese: It wasn’t my fault. The people on my planet were afraid. They wanted to destroy my toys. They wanted to destroy me. They said that my father made me wrong. They thought that I was bad.
Jackson: What did you do?
Reese: I taught my toys to make more of themselves.

Jackson: You stupid son of a bitch.
O’Neill: Hey. You’re welcome.
Jackson: You didn’t have to shoot her.
O’Neill: Yes. I did.