Stargate SG-1 Season 5

Beast of Burden


Larry Drake

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Jackson: These men, whoever they are, abducted the unas I refer to as Chaka.
Carter: That’s the one that kidnapped you.
Jackson: Same one.

Jackson: Their dress indicates pre-industrialization, but they don’t seem to have any Jaffa tattoos, so the presence of Goa’uld weaponry seem contradictory.
Teal’c: Indeed.

O’Neill: What would they want with an unas?
Jackson: I don’t know. But I’d like to find out.
Hammond: What are you suggesting?
Jackson: Well like Jack said, I’d like to find out why they want an unas.
O’Neill: For the record, I don’t care. {everyone looks at him in silence}. I care.

Jackson: I left the bait for their trap.

O’Neill: Any ideas?
Jackson: Well let’s see how far honesty gets us.
O’Neill not so sure: Okay.

Burrock (Larry Drake): No one has come through the Chappa’ai for as long as anyone can remember.
O’Neill: Well now you’ll have a story to tell your grandkids.

Burrock: It is our custom to welcome visitors with a drink. Will you join me?
O’Neill: It is our custom to drink. Of course.

O’Neill: Honesty huh?
Jackson: We’re traders.

O’Neill: Daniel. I’m not going to get into a firefight over this right now.

O’Neill: Daniel, do you want to go out and catch a couple of unas? Trade them for Chaka, is that it?
Jackson: I think you’re missing the point.
O’Neill: Am I?

Jackson: Sam, it’s Daniel. Do you read?
Carter: Daniel, you okay?
Jackson: Ah, I’ve been better.
Carter: Colonel O’Neill?
Jackson: Oh, physically fine. But I’m, I’m not expecting a birthday present any time soon.

O’Neill: What’s he saying?
Jackson: Well actually that means a lot of different things. In this particular case, I’d say, “Thank you for trying to free me. Sorry for getting you into this mess.”

Jackson: Jack, it’s not his fault.
O’Neill: Daniel, I’m chained up in a mad man’s barn with a bunch of unas. Who’s to blame is not at the top of my list of concerns… just yet.

O’Neill: Look, we’re not going to tell you anything so you might as well just let us go. We’ll go back to where we came from, you can go on doing what you do so well.
Burrock: Because now I know for certain, there is more out there.
O’Neill: Yeah, I know, the grass always looks cleaner. Fact is, there’s a whole bunch of bad guys with glowing eyes out there, and you really don’t wanna mess with them.

Burrock: Impressive weapon. But not as efficient as a fire stick. It seems to stop working after it’s been fired for a while. I assume that’s what these are for. Tell me how to make it work again.
O’Neill: Give it to me, I’ll show you.

O’Neill: You just sent them out to start a war.
Jackson: Well, it was his choice. I told them they didn’t have to kill.
O’Neill: You think he understands that?
Jackson: They know what freedom is, and they are willing to fight for it. They deserve a chance.