Stargate SG-1 Season 8



Bill Dow

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O’Neill: How was it? Was it fun?
Teal’c: Indeed. You died well in battle, O’Neill.
O’Neill: Obviously there’s something defective with this thing.

Dr. Lee: It’s just a simulation. It doesn’t have to hurt.

Dr. Lee: Hopefully the game will also extrapolate possible solutions and offer them to Teal’c. Well, I mean it’d just be fair.

Overhead: Base Auto-Destruct has been aborted.
VR Carter: We’re clear.
Teal’c: Then the threat has been eliminated. Nothing happens. The threat has been eliminated.

Dr. Lee: I don’t get it. That should be the end.
Jackson: You’re saying he should have won?
Carter: That was the conclusion of the originally programmed scenario.
Dr. Carmichael: But the chair is not disconnecting.
Dr. Lee: Yeah, and the game’s not resetting the the beginning either.
Jackson: Well that’s not fair. You can’t win a race if someone keeps moving the finish line.
Dr. Lee: He said he wanted it to be harder—more realistic.
Jackson: In reality we haven’t defeated the Goa’uld.

Carter: The game has a failsafe. All Teal’c has to do is quit.
Jackson: Yeah. Teal’c quit.

VR Jackson: Teal’c, I know this isn’t your strongest suit, but this is a really bad time for jokes.

O’Neill: You know I always thought a failsafe system was supposed to be somewhat safe. From failure.

O’Neill: Why did he kill him?
Carter: Because Daniel was a Goa’uld in the last several simulations.
O’Neill: I told you I should have gone.

Teal’c: You possess the ability to see into the future?
Jackson: Yeah, two seconds into the future. And to be honest with you it’s kinda freaking me out.