Stargate SG-1 Jack O’Neill

Season 5


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Selmak: Kree. Apophis. I am Selmak, commander of this ship.
O’Neill: Commander?
Jacob: You wanna bicker about rank now?

O’Neill: He’s lookin’ a little pissed.
Carter: We did just destroy his fleet.

O’Neill: I’m enjoying their style. Shoot first, send flowers later.

Jackson: My point is that I’m sure you did your best.
O’Neill: Apparently it wasn’t good enough.

O’Neill: I distinctly remember somebody saying, “We’re not gonna make it!” I think we made it.
Jacob: I’m sorry I overreacted. At the time it looked very much like we weren’t going to make it.
O’Neill: Yes, well. Maybe next time we’ll just
wait and see.
Jacob: And blow the last chance I might ever have to be right?

O’Neill: Whatcha got going here, Teal’c?
Apophis: Well done, Teal’c. Finally you can resume your rightful position as my first prime.

Teal’c: I have never ceased to be in the service of my god.
O’Neill: Alright. That’s sounding a little brainwashy.


Teal’c: It is good to see you, O’Neill.
O’Neill: You too.
Teal’c: You appear to be well.
O’Neill: Well. Forget appearances. The back’s gone, the knee’s shot. Forget curling.

Hammond: Master Bra’tac, before we proceed—
Bra’tac: We waste time!
Hammond: Please explain to me what you hope to achieve by depriving Teal’c of his symbiote.
Bra’tac: I hope to save him.
Jackson: By killing him.
Bra’tac: If necessary.
O’Neill: See. I think we disagree on the meaning of the word “save.”

O’Neill: You wanna go first?
Jackson: Sure. {Jackson sits there and stares and Teal’c}
O’Neill: I’ll go.
Jackson: Yep.

O’Neill: So explain this to me one more time. You honestly believe that from the moment you broke us out of that prison on Chulak you’ve been serving Apophis? Because I gotta tell ya, as your best friend—at least in this whole wide world—that makes absolutely no sense at all. I mean that would make you the most ineffective double agent in the history of double agenting.

O’Neill: Velar. Is that what he said?
Teal’c: I thought he said “velour”.
O’Neill: “Velour”. The fabric?
Teal’c: That’s what I heard him say.
O’Neill: Why would he say that?
Teal’c: I don’t know. Why would he say “velar”?
O’Neill: I don’t know!

Jackson: Woman? Did he just call me a woman?
O’Neill: Yes, I believe he did.

Carter: So is it working? Has he said anything?
O’Neill: He talked about fabric. Briefly.
Jackson: He just called me a woman.
O’Neill: So I think it’s working.

Bra’tac: The rite has succeeded. He has returned to us.
O’Neill: Ah, just out of curiosity, how do you feel about—
Teal’c: Apophis is a false god. A dead false god.
O’Neill: Good enough for me.


O’Neill: How long?
For what?
O’Neill: All of it. How long?
Jackson: Uh well. Days. Weeks. Months, maybe, of meticulous, tedious boring… you know, tediousness. Ah… I could just keeping working now. By lunch at least.

O’Neill: Carter, any idea what this thing is yet?
Carter: No sir. But the technology’s very advanced.
O’Neill: So, what? Two hours.
Carter: Very advanced.

Hammond: Until Dr. Fraiser advises otherwise, I’m ordering you to take it easy.
Carter: Take it easy?
O’Neill: Yeah. You’ve been a little tense.
Carter: Tense? Me? I’m not tense. Am I? When did you first notice?
O’Neill: As we met.

O’Neill: Take up golf. Fly a kite. Knit something.

Carter: Please don’t say “take it easy.”
O’Neill: Take care.

Jackson: How’s Sam?
O’Neill: Absolutely no evidence of her “secret friend”.
Jackson: How’s Sam?
O’Neill: Hammond recommended a psych evaluation.
Teal’c: Do you believe Captain Carter has become unstable?
O’Neill: No more than the rest of us.

O’Neill: So. Now what?
: I have read of a place where humans do battle in a ring of Jello.
O’Neill: Call Daniel.

The Fifth Man

Hammond: Report, Major.
Carter: We were attacked by several Jaffa. Lieutenant Tyler went down covering our six and Colonel O’Neill went back for him.
Teal’c: We must assemble a rescue team and return to the planet immediately, General Hammond.
Hammond: Hold on. Who’s Lieutenant Tyler?
Jackson: What do you mean, “Who’s Lieutenant Tyler”? He’s a member of SG-1.
Hammond: What?
Jackson: You assigned him yourself last month, sir.
Carter: Tyler, sir. We’ve been training him for weeks. This was his third mission.
Hammond: Major I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Tyler: What is this place?
O’Neill: I wouldn’t buy a time share but it’s defendable.

Tyler: Colonel. You could have made it to the Gate.
You came back for me.
O’Neill: What’s your point?
Tyler: I guess I’m grateful.
O’Neill: Well I wasn’t going to let you die, Lieutenant. It’s like… a ton of paperwork.
Tyler: Paperwork?
O’Neill: It’s a joke. My way of deflecting attention from my own obvious heroism. You’ll get used to it.

O’Neill: Do you know what the Goa’uld really want from us? Minnesota, that’s what. For the fishing, mostly. I’ll take you some time.
Tyler: Fishing?
O’Neill: Oh, yeah. Ask Teal’c. He can’t get enough.

Teal’c: Lieutenant Tyler is not who he appears to be.
O’Neill: I know. He told me. Stand down.

O’Neill: Where’s Tyler?
Jackson: You know, I would have asked him. But I was too busy being unconscious after he shot me with that zat you gave him, so…

Tyler: You could have escaped.
O’Neill: We don’t leave our people behind.
Tyler: But… I am not your people.
O’Neill: You could have fooled me. Actually you did fool me.

Red Sky

Rite of Passage

Cassandra: Jack calls them horses.
Carter: Yeah, well, that’s Colonel O’Neill for you.
Cassandra: He always pretends he’s not as smart as he really is.

O’Neill: I figure you fought her off the first time, I’m safer here with you.
Cassandra: She was here the whole time you’ve been back.
O’Neill: We’ll find her.
Dr. Fraiser: No, she’s right. Why did she wait until now to come after Cassandra?

O’Neill: General, with all due respect sir. It’s not like we’re negotiating with terrorists.
Hammond: It’s exactly like that, Colonel. You’re letting you emotions get in the way.
O’Neill: Yes. I am. Shouldn’t you be?

Carter: Sir, I don’t have to remind you what Cassandra has gone through because of the Goa’uld. Now if we’re going to put what we may learn or what might happen over her life—
O’Neill: It’s time to pack it in.
Jackson: I agree.

O’Neill: We’ve never dialed these coordinates before. I… sort of hope you know what you’re doing.

Beast of Burden

O’Neill: What would they want with an unas?
Jackson: I don’t know. But I’d like to find out.
Hammond: What are you suggesting?
Jackson: Well like Jack said, I’d like to find out what they want an unas.
O’Neill: For the record, I don’t care. {everyone looks at him in silence}. I care.

O’Neill: Any ideas?
Jackson: Well let’s see how far honesty gets us.
O’Neill not so sure: Okay.

Burrock (Larry Drake): No one has come through the Chappa’ai for as long as anyone can remember.
O’Neill: Well now you’ll have a story to tell your grandkids.

Burrock: It is our custom to welcome visitors with a drink. Will you join me?
O’Neill: It is our custom to drink. Of course.

O’Neill: Honesty huh?
Jackson: We’re traders.

O’Neill: Daniel. I’m not going to get into a firefight over this right now.

O’Neill: Daniel, do you want to go out and catch a couple of unas? Trade them for Chaka, is that it?
Jackson: I think you’re missing the point.
O’Neill: Am I?

Jackson: Sam, it’s Daniel. Do you read?
Carter: Daniel, you okay?
Jackson: Ah, I’ve been better.
Carter: Colonel O’Neill?
Jackson: Oh, physically fine. But I’m, I’m not expecting a birthday present any time soon.

O’Neill: What’s he saying?

Jackson: Well actually that means a lot of different things. In this particular case, I’d say, “Thank you for trying to free me. Sorry for getting you into this mess.”

Jackson: Jack, it’s not his fault.
O’Neill: Daniel, I’m chained up in a mad man’s barn with a bunch of unas. Who’s to blame is not at the top of my list of concerns… just yet.

O’Neill: Look, we’re not going to tell you anything so you might as well just let us go. We’ll go back to where we came from, you can go on doing what you do so well.
Burrock: Because now I know for certain, there is more out there.
O’Neill: Yeah, I know, the grass always looks cleaner. Fact is, there’s a whole bunch of bad guys with glowing eyes out there, and you really don’t wanna mess with them.

Burrock: Impressive weapon. But not as efficient as a fire stick. It seems to stop working after it’s been fired for a while. I assume that’s what these are for. Tell me how to make it work again.
O’Neill: Give it to me, I’ll show you.

O’Neill: You just sent them out to start a war.
Jackson: Well, it was his choice. I told them they didn’t have to kill.
O’Neill: You think he understands that?
Jackson: They know what freedom is, and they are willing to fight for it. They deserve a chance.

The Tomb

O’Neill: How hard could it be?
Jackson: It’s a dead language. I doubt anyone’s even stood here for three thousands years.
Carter: I wouldn’t be too sure about that.
O’Neill: Whatcha got there?
Carter: Empty pack of cigarettes. In Russian.

Jackson: If they went through the Gate before everyone at the Russian base was killed they could still be out there.
Carter: It’s doubtful they would have survived this long. The planet’s surface temperature averages 135 degrees fahrenheit in the shade.
O’Neill: Shade? I don’t remember shade.

O’Neill: General, you know I’m a big fan of the Russians, and international relations are a bit of a hobby of mine, however I do believe that SG-1 should handle this one. Alone.
Hammond: The decision’s been made, Colonel. They’re on their way.

Jackson: If these men disappeared ten months ago, how could one of the bodies decompose that fast?
Carter: It didn’t decompose. This skeleton’s covered in tiny teeth marks.
O’Neill: Something ate this guy?

Carter: Whatever killed the Russian soldier killed the Goa’uld as well.
O’Neill: How’d it get in there?
Carter: I don’t know.
Jackson: Better question is, where is it now?

Carter: Sir, we’ve got a problem.
O’Neill: We’ve got a lot of problems, Carter. Can you be more specific?

O’Neill: This was supposed to be a rescue mission.
Teal’c: It would appear there is no one left to rescue.
Jackson: I wouldn’t say that.

Colonel Chekhov: I trust this will have no bearing on our future participation.
O’Neill: I wouldn’t count on future participation if I were you.
Colonel Chekhov: Hm. I would.

Between Two Fires

Narim: As you know another world once destroyed themselves because we shared our technology with them. That’s why we had so strongly resisted sharing what we know with more primitive societies.
O’Neill: You know we prefer “less advanced” if you don’t mind.

Hammond: Colonel, under the circumstances—
O’Neill: If you’re going to recommend, sir, that I continue to be suspicious and skeptical…
Hammond: I wouldn’t waste my time.
O’Neill: Good thinking sir.

Hammond: What you’re sensing as trouble could be simple internal political wrangling.
O’Neill: I understand that.
Hammond: Or we could be walking into a minefield.
O’Neill: Thank you sir. These little chats of ours always bring me great joy. And serve to ease my mind.

O’Neill: Do you people practice being vague?

Hammond: As far as what you told me, there seems to be an evil conspiracy among the Tollan Curia, whose apparent goal is to give us everything we ever wanted. That makes no sense.
O’Neill: I said that.


O’Neill: Break out the fishing gear, General. Our job here is done.
Hammond: I take it your mission was successful.
Carter: In a word, sir. Yes.
O’Neill: In two words. Yes sir.

Hammond: Your initial reports said the Volians were a simple agrarian society.
O’Neill: That they are.
Jackson: They Volians introduced to another race. Friends of theirs.
O’Neill: Who, while lacking a sense of humor, make up for it in advanced technology.

O’Neill: This is what you’re wearing?
Faxon: What’s wrong with it?
Teal’c: Nothing.
Carter: You look fine.

Faxon: It looks just like—
O’Neill: Oh yeah. Just when you think you’re not in Kansas anymore… you are.

Molum: Colonel, you seem pensive.
O’Neill: No, I was just thinking.

Faxon: History will remember your contribution to this.
O’Neill: O’Neill. Two L’s.

Desperate Measures

Homeless Guy: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.
O’Neill: Why not?
Homeless Guy: I’m just a crazy guy with a shopping cart full of canes.
O’Neill: I’m just a cynical Air Force guy with a closet full of National Geographics.

Jackson: So you think Maybourne’s a fan of Gozilla movies?
O’Neill: Eh, he strikes me more as a Mothra guy.
Jackson: I don’t get it.
O’Neill: NID agents use these sites to post coded messages. If I know Maybourne, he’s keeping tabs on his old buddies.
Jackson: Okay, what kind of message do you want to send?
O’Neill: Make it, “Hutch, we need to talk.” Sign it Starsky. He’ll understand.

Maybourne: Hi Jack. Don’t turn around. {Jack turns around}
O’Neill: Harry. Where’ve you been? You never write, you don’t call. I have a gun.
Maybourne: So do I.
O’Neill: I’m just trying to protect you. I’m a wanted criminal, it’s your duty to arrest me.
Maybourne: Always thinking of the other guy. How’d you find me?
O’Neill: Played a lot of hide-and-seek as a kid.

Maybourne: Geez, Jack. You’re stealing my routine.
O’Neill: Consider it an homage.

Maybourne: You gonna turn me in?
O’Neill: Actually that overwhelming desire to shoot you is coming back.

Maybourne: You know we make a pretty good team, Jack.
O’Neill: Shut up.
Maybourne: I’m just saying, if you ever get tired of the SGC you could make more money than you ever dreamed of.
O’Neill: Hey. G Gordon. Don’t give me another reason to shoot you.

O’Neill: You alright?
Carter: Yeah. Very dramatic. Thank you.
O’Neill: You bet.

Wormhole Extreme

Jackson: Well that looked… familiar.
O’Neill: I don’t see it.

Martin: Okay, fine. I’m an alien. Whatever.
O’Neill: They are aliens too. They’re from your planet.
Martin: Okay, that is the stupidest act four opening ever.

Dr. Tanner: Colonel, please. You know as well as I do they’re never going to leave us alone. There’s nothing for us here. It’s time for us to go.
O’Neill: You officially owe me one.
Alien: What about Martin?
Teal’c: I believe Martin Lloyd has chosen a new path.
Martin: We’re gonna win an Emmy for this! … Visual effects category.

Proving Ground

O’Neill: Okay. So we’re all dead, and there’s an armed Goa’uld on the loose. I got a problem with that. Anybody else got a problem with that?

O’Neill: What’s your excuse?
Satterfield (Grace Park): I didn’t believe Dr. Jackson was the Goa’uld.
Carter: Why not, Sattefield?
Satterfield: I don’t know, ma’am. It was just my instinct.
Jennifer Hailey (Elisabeth Rosen): She thinks he’s cute.

O’Neill: Okay, so one of your team members distracted you into getting shot by the enemy and you want to poke holes in the training scenario.
Elliot (Courtenay Stevens): It wasn’t a fair test.
O’Neill: There’s such a thing as overthinking a situation, Lieutenant. When you’re dealing with what we deal with, you’ve got to think on your feet and think fast. These and other clichés will be available to you all for one more day of training with me. After that, you’ll either be assigned to an SG team. Or not. Dismissed.

Carter: You have to admit he’s got leadership potential.
O’Neill: Do I?
Carter: Grogan. He’ll make a fine addition to an SG team one day.
O’Neill: He’ll make a fine target. He’s good at getting shot.
Carter: Okay, Satterfield’s bright.
O’Neill: I give her high marks for her… high marks. But I’d never go into combat with her.
Carter: And there’s Hailey.
O’Neill: Oh yeah. Four foot nine fighting machine.

Carter: Think back to when you were their age.
O’Neill: I was never their age.

O’Neill: You left one of your team members behind. That is one thing I will not tolerate, Lieutenant.

Elliot: You’re injured. You’re going to need help.
O’Neill: This is not an exercise.
Elliot: No sir, it’s a foothold situation. And from what we just saw it looks like it’s already reached outside the SGC. You need our help.
O’Neill: Forgive my bluntness, Lieutenant, but I was just about to fail you. I’m not sure I want your help!
Elliot: Can’t speak to that, sir. But at the moment we’re all you’ve got.

Elliot: Looks like their leader is Dr. Jackson.
O’Neill: I always knew he wanted that office.

O’Neill: Well if he knows it’s an exercise he won’t show it. However he did appear to enjoy shooting me.

48 Hours

Hammond: Where’s Teal’c?
O’Neill: I don’t know, sir. He was right behind me.

Hammond: Go home.
O’Neill: I’m all right, sir. Just got five minutes of quality sleep.
Hammond: Everything that can be done is being done.
O’Neill: You know this wouldn’t be happening if he had followed orders. It’s that damned Jaffa revenge thing.
Hammond: Get some rest, Colonel. That’s an order.

Harry Maybourne (Tom McBeath): Hi Jack.
O’Neill: You rat bastard!
Maybourne: Hey hey hey. Take it easy.
O’Neill: I’m so gonna kick your ass!
Maybourne: There’s people watching.
O’Neill: I don’t care!
Maybourne: It wasn’t me. It didn’t shoot you, Jack.
O’Neill: I trusted you!
Maybourne: Come on, would I come back here like this if I’d done it?
O’Neill: You might!

Maybourne: If you need me I’m at the Accent Inn checked in under the name “Cassidy”.
O’Neill: David or Shawn?
Maybourne: Butch.

O’Neill: You know Simmons says you’re the one who sullied the good name of the NID.
Maybourne: You believe that?
O’Neill: No.
Maybourne: trust me, Jack. I know him well. I’m the one who recruited him.

O’Neill: Hey. You sure you want to be in there for this.
Siler: Not really, sir.
O’Neill: I wasn’t talking to you!

Carter: Teal’c, as far as you know what just happened?
Teal’c: I have my revenge. Tanith is dead.
O’Neill: That’s nice. I’m happy for you.


O’Neill: It’s always “suicide mission this, save the planet that.” Nobody just stops by to say “hi” anymore.

Ren Au: The deaths of Kronos and Apophis created a power vacuum that the remaining System Lords have been trying to exploit. Over the past seven months they have suffered heavy losses and expended an enormous amount of resources fighting amongst themselves.
O’Neill: Let the good times roll.
Ren Au: Unfortunately, the good times may be coming to an end. They declared a truce. And now it looks as if they’re going to have a meeting to discuss the establishment of a new order.
Hammond: So you want to stop them?
Ren Au: Quite the opposite actually. We want them to meet. It will give us the rare opportunity to strike against all of them at once.
Carter: You’re talking about taking out the entire Goa’uld leadership?
Ren Au: We are.
O’Neill: Welcome to the dark side.

Jackson: So how are you gonna get me in?
Jacob: Yu will be among the System Lords attending.
Carter: I thought you said he was going in as a slave.
Jacob: The System Lord Yu.
Carter: Little joke there.
O’Neill: Funny!

O’Neill: Why do I get the feeling there’s something you’re not telling us?
Jacob: Oh, Jack.

Carter: What are you doing?
Ren Au: I’m cutting power to the base. The energy signature would give away our position. Now they’ll have to resort to random bombardment.
O’Neill: Well that’s encouraging.

Ren Au: We will die before we give up its secrets.
O’Neill: You know, we really need to come up with a new strategy. One that does not include us dying.

Last Stand

O’Neill: How do we know it’s working?
Carter: I guess if someone comes to rescue us.

Fail Safe

O’Neill: I’ve seen this movie. It hits Paris.

O’Neill: …and after that I kind of lost my temper.
Hammond: What exactly does that mean?
Jackson: Let’s just say Jack made a reference to Freyr’s mother.
Hammond: We’ll discuss your diplomatic shortcomings later.

O’Neill: “Assume there isn’t one” what?
Carter: Recall device.
O’Neill: The X-301? That was you guys?
Tech Guy: Well you have to admit it performed beautifully right up to the point where you and Teal’c were sent into deep space.

Tech Guy 2: I think I speak for about six billion people when I say, “good luck.”
Carter: You too. {they go to leave}
O’Neill: I’m gonna want to talk to you guys.

Jackson: I’m confident.
O’Neill: Me too.
Teal’c: As am I.

O’Neill: What was that?
Teal’c: I’m having difficulties with the sublight engines.
O’Neill: Yes you are.

Carter: Sublight drive is down.
Teal’c: As are shields and communication.
Jackson: A lot easier to list what is working.
O’Neill: Bomb?
Carter: It’s good to go, sir. If it comes right down to it, we can detonate it right here. What’s our position?
Jackson: Well, personally, I’m against it. If you want to know where the ship is, we’re about five meters above the surface at the bottom of the crater.

O’Neill: Hey kids. How’re ya feeling?
Jackson: Not bad under the circumstances.
O’Neill: That’s great. Let’s go.

O’Neill: Oh come on! We came, we saw, we planted a bomb. We had a little fun with a meteor shower. It’s a great story. Isn’t it?

Carter: Sir, the asteroid’s core is composed almost entirely of naquadah.
O’Neill: Of course it is.

Carter: …Now find the wires leading from the timer to the detonator and cut the red one.
O’Neill: Carter. They’re all yellow.

O’Neill: You wanna ride an asteroid through Earth?
Jackson: Yeah.

O’Neill: Carter. I can see my house.

The Warrior

O’Neill: Deliverance. Do you have any idea what happened to the guys in that movie?
Bra’tac: I do not.

Hammond: Master Bra’tac, I hope your faith in this man is well-deserved.
Bra’tac: I would stake my life on it.
O’Neill: Ours too, apparently.

O’Neill about the P90: We’ve used it to win just about every skirmish we’ve had with the Goa’uld, and the Jaffa who serve them. Those of you who have gone up against us and survived—and you know who you are—you know what I’m talking about.

K’tano: I see you are one who speaks your mind, O’Neill.
O’Neill: Yes, which is why I don’t say much.

Carter: K’tano’s managed to collect Jaffa from at least six different System Lords. He must be doing something right.
O’Neill: Well they have no problem with dying. I have a problem with that.
Jackson: You have a problem with dying or you have a problem with the fact that they don’t have a problem with dying?
O’Neill: Both. I think.

O’Neill: Alright, so let me see if I get this straight. You assassinate one System Lord after another, you take all their ships and warriors—all of whom are willing to die for you—and this is different than the way things are now… How?
K’tano: The Jaffa will be free.
O’Neill: To follow you.

O’Neill: I’m not going to recommend an alliance. Not as long as he’s in charge.
Teal’c: Let us speak of this when I return, O’Neill.
O’Neill: I don’t think so. Because if you do this, I don’t think you’re coming back.


Carter: There’s a pulse.
Jackson: It has a heartbeat?
O’Neill: It has a heart?

Jackson: I don’t think she knows she’s a robot.
O’Neill: Okay, how is that possible?
Jackson: Well the last time your consciousness was copied into a robot you didn’t figure it out right away.

Hammond: Dr. Jackson, what have you learned?
Jackson: Well actually not much, sir. She’s kind of hard to pin down on
our conversation. Her attention wanders. It’s like she has the mind of a child. {everyone looks at Jack}.
O’Neill not paying attention: What?

Jackson: You stupid son of a bitch.
O’Neill: Hey. You’re welcome.
Jackson: You didn’t have to shoot her.
O’Neill: Yes. I did.

The Sentinel

O’Neill: The rat bastard.
Jackson: I thought he came across as very nice.
O’Neill: The voice behind the camera.

Lt. Kershaw: I feel better just knowing there’s an archaeologist watching our backs.
Jackson: Yeah, which end do the bullets go in again?
Col. Grieves: I’ll be happy to show you.
O’Neill: Our mission objective is to fix whatever you screwed up. If you get any ideas other than that, I’ll shoot you. Understood?

Jackson: Just out of curiosity, how many years did you promise to take off their sentence if they managed to fix this?
O’Neill: Actually they’ll get a few more years out of this.
Jackson: More?
O’Neill: They were on Death Row.

Teal’c: The Sentinel was indeed a device with great power. It would be wise to ask the Latonans to study it further.
O’Neill: Oh I think I know what they’d say.


Jackson: I’m gonna miss you guys.
O’Neill: Yeah. Me too.


Freyr: There has been an incident with the Goa’uld.
O’Neill: An incident?
Freyr: Commander Thor has been killed.

Thor: The Goa’uld are attempting to download the information stored in my pre-frontal cortex. It is only a matter of time before they break through my mental defenses.
O’Neill: Yeah well, you know. Love to help you, but we’ve got our own problems here.
Thor: I am aware of your situation. I believe I can rewrite some minor subroutines in the security protocol.
Teal’c: To what end? {the doors open}
O’Neill: Sweet.

O’Neill: Okay, next time I’m the hologram!

Osiris: Major Carter.
Carter: Osiris.
Osiris: We have Colonel O’Neill and the sholva. So that just leaves… Dr. Jackson. Where is he?
Carter: Forget it.

Teal’c: Perhaps we should take them all.
O’Neill: Here’s a thought. {he shoots the crystals}

O’Neill: Thor! Buddy!
Thor: O’Neill. You can not take me with you.
O’Neill: Why not?
Thor: The link between myself and the Goa’uld ship has not been severed. They will be able to track our position. You must leave me behind.
O’Neill: Right. That doesn’t work for me. It’s not an option, okay?

O’Neill: Any ideas?
Heimdahl: We can not risk capture. We must destroy the ship ourselves.
O’Neill: Any good ideas?