Stargate SG-1 George Hammond

Season 5


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Hammond: Master Bra’tac, before we proceed—
Bra’tac: We waste time!
Hammond: Please explain to me what you hope to achieve by depriving Teal’c of his symbiote.
Bra’tac: I hope to save him.
Jackson: By killing him.
Bra’tac: If necessary.
O’Neill: See. I think we disagree on the meaning of the word “save.”


Hammond: Until Dr. Fraiser advises otherwise, I’m ordering you to take it easy.
Carter: Take it easy?
O’Neill: Yeah. You’ve been a little tense.
Carter: Tense? Me? I’m not tense. Am I? When did you first notice?
O’Neill: As we met.

Jackson: How’s Sam?
O’Neill: Absolutely no evidence of her “secret friend”.
Jackson: How’s Sam?
O’Neill: Hammond recommended a psych evaluation.
Teal’c: Do you believe Captain Carter has become unstable?
O’Neill: No more than the rest of us.

The Fifth Man

Hammond: Report, Major.
Carter: We were attacked by several Jaffa. Lieutenant Tyler went down covering our six and Colonel O’Neill went back for him.
Teal’c: We must assemble a rescue team and return to the planet immediately, General Hammond.
Hammond: Hold on. Who’s Lieutenant Tyler?
Jackson: What do you mean, “Who’s Lieutenant Tyler”? He’s a member of SG-1.
Hammond: What?
Jackson: You assigned him yourself last month, sir.
Carter: Tyler, sir. We’ve been training him for weeks. This was his third mission.
Hammond: Major I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Carter: With or without reinforcements we are going back sir.
Hammond: The hell you are!

Hammond: I let this investigation go on long enough to make a few phone calls. I learned enough to know your orders are politically-motivated.
Colonel Simmons: Sir. I thinking you’re missing the point. I don’t care.

Rite of Passage

O’Neill: General, with all due respect sir. It’s not like we’re negotiating with terrorists.
Hammond: It’s exactly like that, Colonel. You’re letting you emotions get in the way.
O’Neill: Yes. I am. Shouldn’t you be?

Beast of Burden

O’Neill: What would they want with an unas?
Jackson: I don’t know. But I’d like to find out.
Hammond: What are you suggesting?
Jackson: Well like Jack said, I’d like to find out what they want an unas.
O’Neill: For the record, I don’t care. {everyone looks at him in silence}. I care.

The Tomb

O’Neill: General, you know I’m a big fan of the Russians, and international relations are a bit of a hobby of mine, however I do believe that SG-1 should handle this one. Alone.
Hammond: The decision’s been made, Colonel. They’re on their way.

Between Two Fires

Hammond: Colonel, under the circumstances—
O’Neill: If you’re going to recommend, sir, that I continue to be suspicious and skeptical…
Hammond: I wouldn’t waste my time.
O’Neill: Good thinking sir.

Hammond: What you’re sensing as trouble could be simple internal political wrangling.
O’Neill: I understand that.
Hammond: Or we could be walking into a minefield.
O’Neill: Thank you sir. These little chats of ours always bring me great joy. And serve to ease my mind.

Hammond: As far as what you told me, there seems to be an evil conspiracy among the Tollan Curia, whose apparent goal is to give us everything we ever wanted. That makes no sense.
O’Neill: I said that.


O’Neill: Break out the fishing gear, General. Our job here is done.
Hammond: I take it your mission was successful.
Carter: In a word, sir. Yes.
O’Neill: In two words. Yes sir.

Hammond: Your initial reports said the Volians were a simple agrarian society.
O’Neill: That they are.
Jackson: They Volians introduced to another race. Friends of theirs.
O’Neill: Who, while lacking a sense of humor, make up for it in advanced technology.

Hammond: By the way, what do our new friends call themselves?
Carter: The Aschen, sir. They’re called the Aschen.

Hammond: Dig a little deeper. Find out from the Vollians are the good neighbors they appear to be.

Hammond: You’re telling me there’s a one-in-four chance that the Aschen home world is a planet that I ordered off limits?
Walter Harriman: Yes sir.

Wormhole Extreme

Hammond: Plausible deniability. In the event of a future breach of security we’ll be able to point to this television program. That is if it stays on the air.

Proving Ground

Kerrigan: Same wager as last time, Goeorge?
Hammond: Well that’s hardly fair. These young people are up against SG-1.
Kerrigan: I’ll give you double or nothing.
Hammond: Well in that case how can I refuse?

48 Hours

Hammond: Where’s Teal’c?
O’Neill: I don’t know, sir. He was right behind me.

Hammond: So the Tok’ra intel was right. The Goa’ulds were scouting P3X-116 for a new base.
Jackson: Looks that way. What the Tok’ra didn’t tell us is that the Goa’uld in question was Tanith.

Carter: The error we’re receiving from the Gate seems to indicate that there is still an energy pattern stored in the memory buffer.
Jackson: Teal’c.
Carter: If the al’kesh crashed into the DHD on the other planet, it woul have cut off power to the outgoing Gate. The wormhole would have been severed prematurely. Now if that happened before our Gate was able to reconvert Teal’c’s energy signature back into matter…
Hammond: Teal’c is in our Stargate.
Carter: His energy signature, yes. Stored in the memory.
Jackson: Well let’s get him out.
Carter: Right now I’m not sure how. That’s not the worst problem.
Jackson: There’s worse?

Hammond: Go home.
O’Neill: I’m all right, sir. Just got five minutes of quality sleep.
Hammond: Everything that can be done is being done.
O’Neill: You know this wouldn’t be happening if he had followed orders. It’s that damned Jaffa revenge thing.
Hammond: Get some rest, Colonel. That’s an order.

Colonel Simmons (John de Lancie): I was just introducing Major Carter, and Dr. McKay. The doctor has been studying the Stargate program out of Area 51 for over a year now.
Carter: Without access to a working Gate?
Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett): I had a virtual computer model that was built when the second Gate was there.
Hammond: Well I’m sure it’s a thrill to be here to see the real thing.
McKay: Hm. Not really.
Simmons: The Pentagon feels that Dr. McKay has become the world’s foremost expert.
Hammond: Next to Major Carter.
McKay: With all due respect, Major. You spend most of your time in the field.
Hammond: Major Carter spent two years working on the Gate prior to her five years of service at the SGC. She’s the one who made this program viable.
McKay: Actually, the interface she designed is full of flaws.
Carter: Well I admit it’s not perfect, but it’s certainly—
McKay: It has caused numerous unnecessary situations, any of which could have ended in catastrophe.
Simmons: And we certainly don’t want that to happen. That’s why the doctor is here to help.
Hammond: Good. He can report to Major Carter.
Simmons: And the two of them might be able to work together to solve this problem to get Teal’c back in one piece. In the time allotted.
Carter: Excuse me? In the time allotted?
Simmons: Forty-eight hours.

Hammond: I don’t care who you are or who you work for, you will not come into my facility and dictate procedure to me.
Simmons: Oh General, don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just bringing you your orders.

Hammond: Take him away. If he resists shoot him.


Ren Au: The deaths of Kronos and Apophis created a power vacuum that the remaining System Lords have been trying to exploit. Over the past seven months they have suffered heavy losses and expended an enormous amount of resources fighting amongst themselves.
O’Neill: Let the good times roll.
Ren Au: Unfortunately, the good times may be coming to an end. They declared a truce. And now it looks as if they’re going to have a meeting to discuss the establishment of a new order.
Hammond: So you want to stop them?
Ren Au: Quite the opposite actually. We want them to meet. It will give us the rare opportunity to strike against all of them at once.
Carter: You’re talking about taking out the entire Goa’uld leadership?
Ren Au: We are.
O’Neill: Welcome to the dark side.

Fail Safe

O’Neill: …and after that I kind of lost my temper.
Hammond: What exactly does that mean?
Jackson: Let’s just say Jack made a reference to Freyr’s mother.
Hammond: We’ll discuss your diplomatic shortcomings later.

Hammond: Shouldn’t you be offworld by now?
Dr. Fraiser: I’m leaving with the next group, sir. Your name isn’t on the list.
Hammond: That’s correct.
Dr. Fraiser: May I ask why?
Hammond: If that asteroid hits, the only chance for the survival of the human race will rest with the Alpha site. We’ve limited their numbers because they’ll have limited resources.

The Warrior

Hammond: Master Bra’tac, I hope your faith in this man is well-deserved.
Bra’tac: I would stake my life on it.
O’Neill: Ours too, apparently.


Hammond: Dr. Jackson, what have you learned?
Jackson: Well actually not much, sir. She’s kind of hard to pin down on
our conversation. Her attention wanders. It’s like she has the mind of a child. {everyone looks at Jack}.
O’Neill not paying attention: What?


Carter: So what are we supposed to do, keep working like nothing happened?
Hammond: I understand how you feel.
Carter: With all due respect, sir, I don’t even understand how I feel. We didn’t even have a memorial service.
Hammond: We’re not even sure that he’s dead.