Stargate SG-1 George Hammond

Season 2


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The Serpent’s Lair

Samuels: Forgive me, sir. I know how important SG-1 is to you. But this is wishful thinking.
Hammond: So’s your plan, Colonel. That hasn’t stopped us from going ahead with it.

Hammond: Once through the Stargate, you will find yourself on the opposite side of this galaxy. A place we call “Alpha Site”. If we do not prevail, you—and those that follow—will call it home. A new colony. God speed.

Samuels: General, maybe we should consider using the Stargate as a strategic weapons platform.
Hammond: How?
Samuels: By sending a bomb to the coordinates Dr. Jackson was talking about. Or to Chulak.
Hammond: We already tried to send a team through to Dr. Jackson’s coordinates. It won’t work. And I can’t think of any military reason to wipe out the people of Chulak.
Samuels: Well sir, since I’m no longer wanted or needed here, I respectfully request permission to join one of the teams headed to the Alpha site.
Hammond: Permission denied. The idea is to send the best and the brightest, Colonel.

Bra’tac: You are Hammond of Texas.
Hammond: I am.
Bra’tac: Your warriors serve you well.

Hammond: SG-1, there’s someone who’d like to see you.
Carter: Daniel!
O’Neill: Ha ha ha! Space Monkey.

The Gamekeeper

Hammond: Sit down, Colonel.
O’Neill: I don’t think so, bucko. The jig’s up. We’re on to you.

Thor’s Chariot

Hammond: This is not our world. Is it really any of our concern?
Teal’c: The destruction of the hammer device to save my life may have caused this. If so, I am responsible.
O’Neill: General. I gave the order.
Jackson: I fired the staff at the machine.
Carter: And I… was there.

Message in a Bottle

Hammond: The NID people want to see it.
Carter: Even knowing what it’s done to the Colonel?
Jackson: Especially knowing what it’s done to the Colonel.

Carter: It won’t take us without a fight, sir.
Hammond: Damn right.


Carter: I have a hard time believing it’s one of ours. Every member at the SGC knows how important our work is.
Hammond: I agree with Captain Carter. Much more likely political.
Carter: Senator Kinsey?
O’Neill: Well if he knows, at least a dozen sycophants know.


O’Neill: General Hammond, request permission to beat the crap out of this man.

Hammond: So Teal’c isn’t going to turn into just one of those things.
Carter: No sir. He’s going to turn into a whole lot of those things.

Hammond: Maybourne has ordered the insect specimen and all related research transferred to the Area 51 facility.
Dr. Harlow: I should’ve shot him.

The Tok’ra : Part One

Hammond: You don’t think it was just a dream?
Carter: No sir. It was real. I could tell.
Hammond: You could tell.
Carter: Yes sir. I don’t know how, exactly. But I can tell.
O’Neill: So we’re supposed to buy into this… ESP or whatever it is?

Hammond: You’re more like your father than you’d like to admit.

Jacob Carter (Carmen Argenziano): There is one thing you could do for me, George.
Hammond: Anything.
Carter: Tell me what my little girl’s doing.
Hammond: Except that. You know it’s classified.
Carter: George, they’re telling me I don’t have much time left. Who am I gonna tell? God?

O’Neill: Colonel Makepeace. What are you doing here?
Makepeace: Colonel Hammond sent us to extract Captain Carter.
Carter: Why?
Makepeace: I’m afraid it’s your father, Captain. He’s in the hospital in serious condition.

The Tok’ra : Part Two

Hammond: Captain Carter, I am truly sorry about your father but I have to question the wisdom of what you’re suggesting here. From what I’ve seen, this won’t be saving his life It’ll be more like giving his body to a Goa’uld.
Carter: No sir. More like letting one share it.
Hammond: Jacob knows a lot about Earth, this would be like handing over information to the Goa’uld.
Carter: To the Tok’ra!
Hammond: Are you sure there’s a difference?
O’Neill: Oh yes, sir. There’s a difference, believe me. I won’t even pretend to understand what that is, but there is one. One minute you’re talking to a Goa’uld, the next minute you’re talking to a regular guy.

Hammond: They were holding you prisoner, Colonel. Still are holding SG-3 and the rest of your team.
Carter: Only temporarily, sir. And they thought it was to protect us as much as them.
O’Neill: Yeah, I didn’t buy that one myself, sir.


Hammond: Obviously we started our relations on the wrong foot.
O’Neill: But that’s so rare, sir.


Hammond: Do we have any idea what makes it tick?
O’Neill: That’s why we’d like to go back, sir. Carter wants to get a closer look with some of her specialized… doohickeys.
Hammond: Doohickeys.
O’Neill: I believe that’s the technical term, sir.

General, would you mind if I have Carter recheck the dialing computer. Just to see if there are any signs of anyone sneaking through the Gate covertly. Behind your back as it were, sir.
Hammond: Nothing happens regarding that Stargate without my knowing about it. If a person sneezes near it, I get a report.
O’Neill: I understand. {he turns to leave}
Hammond: Colonel. Have Carter check it anyway.

Hammond: Son, do you know what color this phone is?

The Fifth Race

Hammond: Colonel, are you sure you’re okay?
O’Neill: I am absolutely fine. There is nothing cruvis with me. {everyone looks at him} What?
Jackson: You just said there’s nothing “cruvis” with you.
O’Neill: I did not.
Jackson: Yes you did.
O’Neill: No I didn’t.
Jackson: Yes you did.
O’Neill: Didn’t.
Jackson: Did.
O’Neill: Didn’t.
Jackson: Did.
O’Neill: “Cruvis”? What is that?
Jackson: I don’t know.

Hammond: Colonel?
O’Neill: Yes sir?
Hammond: What are you doing?
O’Neill: I don’t know, sir. You know me and computers.

Hammond: Colonel! I’m just supposed to let you go?
Jackson: He’s already gone, General. I don’t think we have much of a choice.

A Matter of Time

Hammond: Why would their code be coming through so slow?
Carter: I don’t know, but if we don’t open the iris—
O’Neill: The next thud we hear will be Henry Boyd’s team.

Hammond: What am I looking at?
O’Neill: That’s a black hole, sir.

Carter: Sir, by some fluke of Stargate technology, we are witnessing something that the laws of physics say we can’t possibly witness.
O’Neill: We are witnessing good men die in slow motion, Captain.
Carter: You’re right, sir.
Hammond: Shut it down.


Jackson: As I’ve been trying to tell the General and the good doctor here, I am not Machello. I am Daniel Jackson.
O’Neill: Here we go.
Jackson: I realize what I look like. But I’m telling you, that machine somehow switched us.
Fraiser: He, ah, knows a lot about Daniel.
Jackson: Ask me anything. Something only Daniel would know.
Carter: Okay. Who’s Cassandra?
Jackson: She’s a twelve-year-old girl we found abandoned on P8X-987.
O’Neill: P8X— ?
Carter: 987.
O’Neill: Alright, lucky guess.
Hammond: Where was the Stargate found?
Jackson: At a dig in Giza.
O’Neill: Alright, describe for me the dress your sister wore last week when I took her out.
Jackson: I don’t have a sister, Jack, and if I did, I wouldn’t let you near her.
Hammond: Okay, let’s assume you are Daniel Jackson. Then who the hell did we send home?

Hammond: How did it go, Colonel?
Teal’c (in O’Neill): It did not go well, General Hammond.
O’Neill (in Teal’c): Ya think?

Serpent’s Song

O’Neill: General Hammond, Apophis. Apophis, General Hammond.
Hammond: We’ve met.

O’Neill: I say we beat whatever information we can out of old snake boy, and pen that Gate and toss him back to the sharks.
Hammond: Not so fast, Colonel. He’s essentially a prisoner of war. That gives him certain rights.

One False Step

Carter: UAV is a go for launch, sir.
Hammond: Launch. {it does}
O’Neill: That never gets old. I love that.


Hammond: I’d like you to take this note along with you. Keep it in your breast pocket until you get on the other side. It’s fairly self-explanatory.
Carter: Sir, is everything all right?
Hammond: Everything’s fine. Time to ship out, Captain.

Sergeant: The major wants all this stowed for transport, sir.
Hammond: What is it?
Sergeant: My orders are to forget I ever saw it, sir. So I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Hammond: Before I can even think of doing what’s asked of me in the note, I need to know who you are. And who gave it to you.
Carter: Oh my god. My name is Samantha Carter and you gave me the note, sir. Sir, before we left General Hammond gave me a note and told me to keep it in my vest pocket until I got to the other side.
Hammond: It’s addressed to me. In my handwriting.
O’Neill: What’s it say?
Hammond: “Help them”.

Carter: Then you’ve been waiting for this to happen.
Hammond: Ever since we met. I almost didn’t let you go.
Carter: But if you didn’t, you would have changed your own history.
Hammond: It’s going to be a long debriefing, people. We’ll start in one hour.
O’Neill: Yes sir.
Hammond: Oh by the way, Colonel. With interest, you owe me five hundred thirty-nine dollars and fifty cents.
O’Neill: Yes sir.

Out of Mind

Dr. Fraiser: It’s okay, it’s okay. You’re in the SGC, Teal’c.
Hammond: Good to have you back, Teal’c.
Teal’c: General Hammond. Where is the rest of SG-1?
Hammond: Good question. We were hoping you could tell us.

Teal’c: General Hammond, I will not remain idle while my friend may be in danger on this planet.
Dr. Fraiser: Teal’c, you’ve been unconscious for three weeks.
Teal’c: That is not possible. My symbiote would have awakened me long before the period of three weeks.
Dr. Fraiser: You were barely alive, Teal’c. You had substantial internal injuries.
Hammond: Dr. Fraiser spent most of the three weeks at your side. I’m convinced it was her refusal to give up that kept you alive.
Teal’c: I am in your debt, Dr. Fraiser.

Teal’c: General Hammond, I hereby respectfully inform you that I must take my leave of the SGC.

Teal’c: I have learned much from you, General Hammond. For that I thank you.
Hammond: I’ve learned a lot from you too, Teal’c. So we’re even on that count. Take care of yourself.