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The End of Time (Part One)


Alexandra Moen  Allister Bain  Bernard Cribbins  Claire Bloom  David Harewood  Jacqueline King  John Simm  June Whitfield  Karl Collins  Lawry Lewin  Paul Kasey  Simon Thomas  Sinead Keenan  Teresa Banham  Timothy Dalton  Tracy Ifeachor

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The Narrator: It is said that in the final days of Planet Earth, everyone had bad dreams. To the west of the north of that world, the human race did gather. In celebration of a pagan rite to banish the cold and the dark. Each and every one of those people had dreamt of the terrible things to come. But they forgot. Because they must. They forgot their nightmares. Of fire and war and insanity. They forgot. Except for one…

The Woman (Claire Bloom): They call it the Legend of the Blue Box.
Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins): Never been in here before. I’m not one for churches. Too cold.
The Woman: This was the site of a convent. Back in the 1300s. It’s said a demon fell from the sky. Then a man appeared. A man in a Blue Box. They called him the sainted physician. He smote the demon and then disappeared.
Wilfred Mott: There’s a bit of a coincidence.
The Woman: It’s said there’s no such thing as coincidence. Who knows. Perhaps he’s coming back.
Wilfred: Oh. That would make my Christmas.

The Doctor: Ah! Now, sorry. There you are. So. Where were we? I was summoned, wasn’t I? And Ood in the snow, calling to me. Well I didn’t exactly come straight here. Had a bit of fun, you know. Travelled about, did this and that. Got into trouble, you know me. It was brilliant. I saw the Phosphorus Carousel of the Great Magellan Gestalt. Saved a planet from the Red Carnivorous Morg. Named a galaxy Allison. Got married. That was a mistake. Good Queen Bess. And let me tell you, her nickname is no longer… ahem. Anyway. What d’you want?
Ood Sigma (Paul Kasey): You should not have delayed.
The Doctor: Last time I was here you said my song would be ending soon. And I’m in no hurry for that.
Ood Sigma: You will come with me.
The Doctor: Hold on. Better lock the TARDIS. {uses a remote} See, like a car. I locked it like a car. Like…. It’s funny. No? Little bit. Blimey, try to make an Ood laugh.

The Doctor: So how old are you now, Ood Sigma? {he sees their world} Ah. Magnificent! Oh come on, that is. Splendid. You’ve achieved all this in how long?
Ood Sigma: One hundred years.
The Doctor: Then we’ve got a problem. Because all of this is way too fast. Not just the city, I mean your ability to call me. Reaching all the way back to the 21st century. Something’s accelerating your species way beyond normal.
Ood Sigma: And the mind of the Ood is troubled.
The Doctor: Why? What’s happened?
Ood Sigma: Every night Doctor. Every night we have bad dreams.

Ood Sigma: Sit with the Elder of the Ood and share the dreaming.
The Doctor: So. Right. Hello.
Ood Elders: You will join…

Ood Elder: He comes to us. Every night. I think all the peoples of the universe dream of him now.
The Doctor: That man is dead.
Ood Elder: There is yet more. Join us. Events are taking shape. So many years ago and yet changing the now. There is a man, so scared.
The Doctor: Wilfred! Is he alright? What about Donna? Is she safe?
Ood Elder: You should not have delayed. For the lines of convergence are being drawn across the Earth. Even now, the King is in his Counting House.
The Doctor: I don’t know who they are.
Ood Elder: And there is another. The most lonely of all. Lost and forgotten.
The Doctor: The Master’s wife.
Ood Sigma : We see so much but understand so little. The woman in the cage, who is she?
The Doctor: She was— It wasn’t her fault. She was— The Master, he’s a Time Lord like me. I can show you. The Master took the name of Saxon. He married a human. A woman called Lucy. And he corrupted her. She stood at his side while he conquered the Earth. I reversed everything he’d done so it never even happened. But Lucy Saxon remembered. I held him in my arms, I burned his body. The Master is dead.
Ood Elder: And yet, you did not see.
The Doctor: What’s that? {in the past a woman picks up the ring} Part of him survived. I have to go!
Ood Elder: But something more is happening Doctor. The Master is part of a greater design. Because a shadow is falling over creation. Something vast is stirring in the dark. The Ood have gained this power to see through time because time is bleeding. Shapes of things once lost are moving through the veil. And these events from years ago threaten to destroy this future and the present and the past.
The Doctor: What do you mean?
Ood Elder: This is what we have seen, Doctor. The darkness heralds only one thing: the end of time itself.

Ood Elder: Events that have happened are happening now.

Governor (Teresa Banham): Mrs. Saxon. Let me introduce myself. I’m your new governor. I’m afraid the previous governor met with something of an accident. Which took quite some time to arrange. Miss Trefusis, if you will prepare. You kept your silence well, Mrs. Saxon. Your trial was held in secret with no jury. So no one knows who Harold Saxon was. Where he came from. Why you killed him. {to the guards} Make her kneel. There are those of us who never lost faith. And in his wisdom, Harold Saxon prepared for this moment. He knew that he might die and he made us ready. Tonight, Mrs. Saxon, he returns.

Governor: As it was written in the secret books of Saxon, these are the potions of life.
Lucy Saxon (Alexandra Moen): Listen to me, whatever he told you, you’ve got no idea what you’re doing.
Governor: Miss Trefusis, the catalyst.
Lucy: What are you doing? Leave me alone! Don’t!
Governor: You were Saxon’s wife. You bore his imprint. That’s what we needed. The final biometrical signature.
Lucy: You can’t bring him back. You can’t! I’m begging you! Stop this now before it’s too late!
Governor: We give ourselves that Saxon might live!
Lucy: Can’t you see?! He lied to you! His name isn’t even Harold Saxon!
Governor: And this was written also! For his name is The Master!
The Master (John Simm): Never never never dying. Never dying! Never dying!

The Master: Oh! Lucy. Sweet Lucy Saxon. My ever faithful. Did the widow’s kiss bring me back to life.
Lucy: You’re killing them!
The Master: Oh let them die. They’re just the first. The whole stupid stinking
human disgrace can fall into the pit. Can’t you hear it, Lucy? The noise! The drumbeat! Louder than ever before! The drums. The never-ending drums. Oh, I have missed them.
Lucy: But no one knew you better than I did. I knew you’d come back. And all this time
your disciples have prepared. But so have we!
The Master: What are you doing?
Lucy: The secret books of Saxon spoke of the potions of light. And I was never that bright. But my family had contacts. People who were clever enough to calculate the opposite.
The Master: Don’t you dare! I’m ordering you, Lucy. You will obey me!
Lucy: ‘Til death do us part, Harry! {she flings the potion into him}
The Master: No!!

Joshua Naismith (David Harewood): I think we might be in luck, darling. It’s the footage from Broadfell Prison the night it burnt down. Take a look at this.
Abigail Naismith (Tracy Ifeachor): Someone survived. Do you think it’s him? Oh that would be such a Christmas present.
Joshua Naismith: You just leave it to Daddy.

Joshua Naismith: Ladies and Gentlemen, it seems help is at hand. Christmas is cancelled. Prepare the gate.

Wilfred: Paratroop One to Paratroop Two. We are mobilized. I repeat, we are mobilized. Rendezvous 1300 hours. Over and out.

Wilfred: Right. He’s tall and thin. Wears a brown suit. Maybe a blue suit. He’s got a long brown coat. Modern sort of hair. All sticky-uppy. Alright? Oh and on page two be on the alert for a police box. Exactly like the old ones.
Minnie (June Whitfield): I got locked inside one of them. August bank holiday 1962.
Winston: Were you misbehaving, Minnie?
Minnie: I certainly was. Wah hey.

Winston (Allister Bain): Who is he then? This Doctor?
Wilfred: I can’t tell you that, I swear. Yeah, but answer me this: you’ve been having bad dreams, all of you? Dreams you can’t remember. Yeah. Well that’s why we need him. We need The Doctor. More than ever.

The Doctor: Please, let me help! You’re burning up your own life force.

Wilfred: Oh my gosh, Doctor. You’re a sight for sore eyes.
The Doctor: Out of my way!
Winston: Did we do it? Is that him?
Wilfred: Tall and thin. Big brown coat.
Minnie: The Silver Cloak. It worked. ‘Cause Will phoned Nettie, who phoned June. And her sister lives opposite Broadfell and she saw the police box and her neighbor saw this man heading east!
The Doctor: Wilfred, have you told them who I am? You promised me.
Wilfred: Nah, I just said you were a doctor, that’s all. And might I say, sir, it is an honor to see you again. {he salutes}
Minnie: But you never said he was a looker. He’s gorgeous!

The Doctor: I’m really kind of busy you know.
Minnie: Oh it won’t take a tic. Keep smiling.
The Doctor: Is that your hand, Minnie?
Minnie: Good boy. {she pats him on the bum}

Wilfred: We had some good times, didn’t we though? I mean all those Atmos things and planets in the sky and me with that paint gun. {The Doctor just stares at him} I keep seeing things, Doctor. I… This face at night.
The Doctor
: Who are you?
Wilfred: I’m Wilfred Mott.
The Doctor: No. People have waited hundreds of years to find me and then you manage it in a couple of hours.
Wilfred: Well I’m just lucky I suppose.
The Doctor: No, we keep on meeting, Wilf. Over and over again like something’s connecting us.
Wilfred: What’s so important about me?
The Doctor: Exactly. Why you? {he pauses} I’m going to die.
Wilfred: Well, so am I one day.
The Doctor: Don’t you dare.
Wilfred: Alright, I’ll try not to.

The Doctor: But I was told. “He will knock four times.” That was the prophecy. Knock four times and then…
Wilfred: Yeah but I thought… when I saw you before you said that your people could change, like your whole body.
The Doctor: I can still die. If I’m killed before regeneration then I’m dead. Even then. Even if I change, it feels like dying. Everything I am dies. Some new man goes sauntering away. And I’m dead.

Wilfred: I’m sorry but I had to. Look, can’t you make her better?
The Doctor: Stop it.
Wilfred: No, but you’re so clever. Can’t you bring her memory back? Look. Just go to her now. Go on. Just run across the street. Go up and say hello.
The Doctor: If she ever remembers me her mind will burn and she will die.

Donna to the policewoman: Don’t you touch this car!
The Doctor watching: She’s not changed.
Wilfred: Oh. There he is. Shawn Temple. They’re engaged. Getting married in the Spring.
The Doctor: Another wedding.
Wilfred: Yeah.
The Doctor: Hold on, she’s not going to be called Noble-Temple. It sounds like a tourist spot.
Wilfred: No it’s Temple-Noble.
The Doctor: Right. Is she happy? Is he nice?
Wilfred: Yeah, he’s sweet enough. He’s a bit of a dreamer. Mind you he’s on minimum wage. She’s earning tuppence so all they can afford is a tiny little flat. And then sometimes I see this look on her face. Like she’s so sad. And she can’t remember why.
The Doctor: She’s got him.
Wilfred: She’s making do.
The Doctor: Aren’t we all.

Wilfred: How ’bout you? Who’ve you got now?
The Doctor: No one. Travelling alone. I thought it would be better. But I did some things, it went wrong. I need— {he starts to cry}
Wilfred: Oh my word. I—
The Doctor: Mm. Merry Christmas.
Wilfred: Yeah. And you.

The Doctor: Look at us.
Wilfred: Don’t you see? You need her, Doctor. I mean, look, wouldn’t she make you laugh again? Good ol’ Donna.

The Narrator: And so it came to pass that the players took their final places. Making ready the events that were to come. A madman sat in his empire of dust and ashes. Little knowing of the glory he would achieve. While his savior looked upon the wilderness in the hope of changing his inevitable fate. Far away, the idiots and fools dreamt of a shining new future. A future now doomed to never happen. As Earth rolled onwards into night the people of that world did sleep. And shiver. Somehow knowing the dawn would bring only one thing. The Final Day.

The Master: I had estates. Do you remember my father’s land back home? Pastures of red grass stretching far across the slopes of Mount Perdition. We used to run across those fields all day. Calling up at the sky. Look at us now.
The Doctor: All that eloquence. But how many people have you killed?
The Master: I am so hungry.
The Doctor: Your resurrection went wrong. That energy, your body’s ripped open. Now you’re killing yourself.
The Master: That’s human Christmas out there! They eat so much. All that roasting meat, cakes and red wine. Hot fat blood food. Pots and plates of meat and flesh… and grease and juice. And baking burnt sticky hot skin. So hot!
The Doctor: Stop it!
The Master: —Slice. It’s mine it’s mine it’s mine it’s mine! To eat and eat and eat and eat!

The Doctor: What if I ask you for help? There’s more at work tonight than you or me.
The Master: Oh yeah?
The Doctor: I’ve been told something is returning.
The Master: And here I am.
The Doctor: No, something more.
The Master: But it hurts!
The Doctor: I was told the end of time—
The Master: It hurts, Doctor. The noise. The noise in my head, Doctor. 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4. Stronger than ever before. Can’t you hear it?
The Doctor: I’m sorry.
The Master: Listen listen listen listen. Every minute, every second, every beat of my hearts. There it is, calling to me. Please listen.
The Doctor: I can’t hear it.
The Master: Listen. {he shows him} What?
The Doctor: I heard it. But there’s no noise. There never has been. It’s just your insanity. What is it? What’s inside your head?
The Master: It’s real. It’s real!

The Master: All these years you thought I was mad. King of the Wasteland! But something is calling me, Doctor. What is it? What is it? What is it?!?

Sylvia Noble (Jacqueline King): Oh now that’s lovely. Look at that. Absolutely beautiful! “Love from Donna.” Did you keep the receipt?
Donna: Yes I did. Come on, Gramps. You’ve been a right misery ever since you got up. D’you like it then? The book?
Wilfred: Joshua Naismith. I mean what did you get me this for?
Donna: I d’know. I just saw it in the shop and thought of you. It just felt like the sort of thing you should have.

Shaun Temple (Karl Collins): Hi hi! Here are the presents. I’m sorry, I couldn’t afford much. But not for long. Not if President Obama ends the recession tonight.

The Woman appears instead of the Queen’s speech
The Woman: Events are moving, Wilfred.
Wilfred: Eh?
The Woman: Faster than we thought.
Wilfred to the family: Can you see that?
Donna: Frankly I’d tell Her Majesty it’s time for trouser suits.
Wilfred: No no no. That’s not the Qu—.
The Woman: Only you can see. Only you stand at the Heart of Coincidence.
Wilfred: Why? What have I done?
The Woman: You’re an old soldier, sir. Only you were too late. The war was won and passed you by.
Wilfred: I did my duty.
The Woman: You never killed a man.
Wilfred: No I didn’t. No I did not. No. But don’t say that like it’s shameful.
The Woman: The time will come when you must take arms.
Wilfred: Who are you?
The Woman: Tell The Doctor nothing of this. His life could still be saved. So long as you tell him nothing.

The Doctor: I lost him. I was unconscious. He’s still on Earth—I can smell him—but he’s too far away.
Wilfred: You can’t park there! What if Donna sees it?
The Doctor: You’re the only one, Wilf. The only connection I can think of. You’re involved. If I could just work out how. Tell me, have you seen anything? I don’t know, anything strange? Anything odd?
Wilfred: Well there was this—
The Doctor: What is it? Tell me!
Wilfred: Well there it was— ah, it’s nothing.
The Doctor: Think think think. Maybe something out of the blue. Something connected to your life. Something!
Wilfred: Donna was a bit strange. She had a funny little moment this morning and all because of that book.
The Doctor: What book?

Wilfred: His name’s Joshua Naismith.
The Doctor: That’s the man. I was shown him by the Ood.
Wilfred: By the what?
The Doctor: By the Ood.
Wilfred: What’s the Ood?
The Doctor: They’re just the Ood. But it’s all part of the convergence. Maybe… maybe touching Donna’s subconscience. Oh she’s still fighting for it even now. The Doctor-Donna.

Donna: Bit old for hide-and-seek.

Sylvia: Stay right where you are.
The Doctor: You can’t come with me.
Wilfred: Well you’re not leaving me with her.
Sylvia: Dad!
The Doctor: Fair enough.

Sylvia yelling at the TARDIS: Come back here! Come back here, I said! Come back!
Donna: Are you shouting at thin air?
Sylvia: Yes. Possibly. Yes.

The Doctor: Ah. Right. Yes. Bigger on the inside. Do you like it?
Wilfred: I thought it’d be cleaner.
The Doctor: Cleaner?! I could take you back home right now.
Wilfred: Listen Doctor. If this is a time machine, that man you’re chasing. Why can’t you just pop back to yesterday and catch him?
The Doctor: I can’t go back inside my own timeline. I have to stay relative to the Master within the causal nexus. Understand?
Wilfred: Not a word.
The Doctor: Welcome aboard.
Wilfred: Thank you.

The Master seeing the gate: Woah. That’s not from Earth.
Naismith: And neither are you. A perfect combination don’t you think?

Rossiter (Lawry Lewin): Who the hell is he? What if he finds out? “An expert,” they said. Well what sort of expert? Who is he?!
Addams (Sinead Keenan): I don’t know! According to the records Harold Saxon was Prime Minister of this… stupid country. I am choking in this thing! I’m sorry. {she switches off the human disguise} Oh, by the saints, that’s better. Oh! These people are so… flat.
Rossiter: But what do we do? We were so close. We almost had it working.
Addams: What if this visitor is some sort of genius? Well think about it. We’re hijacking this project. Maybe we can use him too. Harold Saxon—or whatever he is—might be exactly what we need.

Naismith: The Gate was found inside a spaceship buried at the foot of Mount Snowden. It was moved to an institute known as Torchwood. But when Torchwood fell…. Let’s just say I acquired it.
The Master: I like you.
Naismith: Thank you.
The Master: You’d taste great.

Naismith: We calculate that if this device can be fully repaired by your good self it can restore the body forever. Hence its given title. The Immortality Gate. Because that’s what I want. Not for me, but for my daughter. I want her never to die. My gift to her. She will be immortal.
Abigail: Abigail. It means “bringer of joy.”

The Doctor: You should stay here.
Wilfred: Not bloody likely.
The Doctor: And don’t swear.

The Doctor: Nice gate.
Wilfred: Hello! Oh, sorry.
The Doctor: Don’t try calling security or I’ll tell them you’re wearing a shimmer. ‘Cause I reckon anyone wearing a shimmer doesn’t want the shimmer to be noticed or they wouldn’t need a shimmer in the first place.
Addams: I’m sorry. What’s a “shimmer”?
The Doctor sonicing her: Shimmer!
Wilfred: Oh my lord. She’s a cactus.

Naismith: Now. Please don’t imagine I’m a slave driver. We can resume work on Boxing Day, Mr. Saxon.
The Master: My name is The Master. {he brings the Gate online}
Naismith: Oh, excellent. Excellent! Mr. Danes.
Mr. Danes
(Simon Thomas): The visitor will be restrained.
The Master: What? But I repaired it.
Naismith: I’m not an idiot. Don’t let that man anywhere near it.

Rossiter: What are you doing here?
The Doctor: Shimmer! {he sonics Rossiter} Now tell me quickly what’s going on. The Master. Harold Saxon. Skeletor! Whatever you’re calling him. What’s he doing up there?

Wilfred: So that thing’s like a sick bed, yeah?
Addams: More or less.
Wilfred: Well pardon me for asking, but why’s it so big?
The Doctor: Oh. Good question! Why’s it so big?
Addams: It doesn’t just mend one person at a time.
Rossiter: That would be ridiculous.
Addams: It mends whole planets.
The Doctor: It does what?
Addams: It transmits the medical template across the entire population.

The Master: Homeless was I. Destitute and dying. Well look at me now.

The Doctor: I can’t turn it off.
The Master: That’s because I locked it, idiot.

The Master: Fifty seconds and counting.
The Doctor: To what?
The Master: Oh ho ho. You’re gonna love this.

The Doctor: What is it? Hypnotism? Mind control? You’re grafting your thoughts inside them. Is that it?
The Master: Oh no, that’s way too easy. No no no. They’re not going to think like me. They’re going to become me.

Donna: They’ve changed. Granddad. It’s like… like this sort of thing happened… before. My head! Oh my head!

Wilfred: Doctor! She’s starting to remember! {to The Master} What is it? What have you done, you monster?!

The Master: Breaking news: I’m everyone. And everyone in the world is me.

The Master: The human race was always your favorite, Doctor. But now there is no human race. There is only the Master Race.

The Narrator (Timothy Dalton): And so it came to pass. On Christmas Day. That the human race did cease to exist. But even then the Master had no concept of his greater role in events. For this was far more than humanity’s end. This day was the day upon which the whole of creation would change forever. This was the day the Time Lords returned. For Gallifrey!
Time Lords: For Gallifrey!
Lord President: For victory!
Time Lords: For victory!
Lord President: For the end of time itself!
Time Lords: For the end of time itself!