Doctor Who Series 2

Fear Her


Abdul Salis  Abisola Agbaje  Nina Sosanya  Tim Faraday

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The Doctor: It only seems like yesterday a few naked Greek blokes were tossing a diskus about, wrestling with each other in the sand and the crowds stood about— No wait a minute. That was Club Med.

The Doctor: Hm. Tickles.
Father (Tim Faraday): What’s your game?
The Doctor: My… um. Snakes and Ladders. Quite good at squash, reasonably. I’m being facetious, aren’t I? There’s really no call for it.

Rose: Aren’t you a beautiful boy!
The Doctor: Thanks. I’m experimenting with back-combing {notices Rose talking to the cat}. Oh.

The Doctor: I’m not really a cat person. Once you’ve been threatened by one in a nun’s wimple, it kind of takes the joy out of it.

The Doctor: Hello. I’m the Doctor and this is Rose. Can we see your daughter?
Trish (Nina Sosanya): No, you can’t.
The Doctor: Okay. Bye!

Trish: What the hell was that?
Rose: Drawing. Face of a man.
Trish: What face?
Rose: Best not.
Trish: What have you been drawing?
Chloe (Abisola Agbaje): I drew him yesterday.
Trish: Who?
Chloe: Dad.
Trish: Your dad? But he’s long gone. Chloe, with all the lovely things in the world, why him?

The Doctor: There’s no one to turn to. Because who’s gonna believe the things you see out of the corner of your eye? No one. Except me.
Trish: Who are you?
The Doctor: I’m help.

The Doctor: Ionic energy. Chloe’s harnessing it to steal those kids and place them in some kid of holding pen made up of ionic power.
Rose: And what about the Dad from Hell in her wardrobe?
Trish: How many times do I have to tell you? He’s dead.
Rose: Well he’s got a very loud voice for a dead bloke.

The Doctor: If living things can become drawings then maybe drawings can become living things.

Rose: But maybe that’s why Chloe feels so alone. ‘Cause she has all these terrible dreams about her dad, but she can’t talk to you about them.
The Doctor: Her and the Isolus… two lonely kids who need each other.
Rose: And it won’t stop, will it, Doctor? It’ll just keep pulling kids in.
The Doctor: It’s desperate to be loved. It’s used to a pretty big family.
Rose: How big?
The Doctor: Say around… four billion?

Rose: I’ve got cousins. Kids can’t have it all their own way. That’s part of being a family.
The Doctor: What about trying to understand them?
Rose: Easy for you to say. You don’t have kids.
The Doctor: I was a dad once.
Rose: What did you say?

The Doctor: Everything’s coming up Doctor!

Kel (Abdul Salis): You just took a council axe from a council van and now you’re digging up a council road! I’m reporting you to the council!
Rose: It went for the hottest thing in the street. Your tar!
Kel: What is it?
Rose: It’s a spaceship. Not a council spaceship, I’m afraid.

Isolus: I can go home. Goodbye, Chloe Webber. I love you.

Kel: We did it! {he hugs an excited Rose} What was it you did?

Kel: Maybe he’s gone somewhere.
Rose: Who’s gonna hold his hand now?

The Doctor: I cannot stress this enough. Ballbearings you can eat—masterpiece!

Rose: You know what? They keep on trying to split us up but they never ever will.
The Doctor: Never say never ever.
Rose: Nah, we’ll always be okay, you and me. Don’t you reckon Doctor?
The Doctor: There’s something in the air. There’s something coming.
Rose: What?
The Doctor: A storm’s approaching.