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Asylum of the Daleks

First there were the Daleks. And then there was a man who fought them. And then in time he died. There are a few, of course, who believe this man somehow survived and that one day he will return. For both our sakes, dearest Hannah, we must hope these stories are true.

The Doctor: I got your message. Not many people can do that—send me messages.
Darla Von Karlsen (Anamaria Marinca): I have a daughter. Hannah. She’s in a Dalek prison camp. They say you can help.
The Doctor: Do they? I wish they’d stop. Hell of a chosen meeting place.
Darla: They said I’d have to intrigue you.
The Doctor: Skaro. The original planet of the Daleks. Look at the state of it. Who told you about me?
Darla: Does it matter?
The Doctor: Maybe not. But you’re very well-informed.

The Doctor: If Hannah’s in a Dalek prison camp, tell me, why aren’t you?
Darla: I escaped.
The Doctor laughing: No. Nobody escapes the Dalek camps. You’re very cold. {he feels her face}
Darla: What’s wrong?
The Doctor: It’s a trap.
Darla: What is?
The Doctor: You are. And you don’t even know it. {she partially transforms into a Dalek and shoots him}

Dalek: The Doctor is acquired!

Photoshoot PA (Zac Fox): Um, your husband is here.
Amy: I don’t have a husband.
Photoshoot PA: Ah, well apparently you still do.

Dalek: Amelia Pond is acquired!

Dalek: Rory Williams is acquired!

The Doctor: Well come on then. You’ve got me. What are you waiting for? At long last! It’s Christmas! Here I am! {he prepares to die}
Dalek: Save us. You will save us.
The Doctor: I’ll what?
Dalek: You will save the Daleks.
Dalek Parliament: Save the Daleks! Save the Daleks!
The Doctor: Well. This is new.

Oswin (Jenna-Louise Coleman): Day 363. The terror continues. Also, made another soufflé. Very nearly. Check defenses. They came again last night. Still always at night. Maybe they’re vampires. Oh! And it’s my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday, mum. I did make you a soufflé but it was too beautiful to live.
outside the door: You will let us enter! We will enter!

We have arrived.
The Doctor: Arrived where?
Prime Minister of the Daleks: Doctor.
Darla: The Prime Minister will speak with you now.
Do you remember who you were before they emptied you out and turned you into their puppet?
Darla: My memories are only reactivated if they are required to facilitate deep cover or disguise.
You had a daughter.
Darla: I know. I’ve read my file.

The Doctor: Well?
Prime Minister: What do you know of the Dalek Asylum?
The Doctor: According to legend you have a dumping ground. A planet where you lock up all the Daleks that go wrong. The battle-scarred, the insane, the ones even you can’t control. Which never made any sense to me.
Prime Minister: Why not?
The Doctor: Because you’d just kill them.
Prime Minister: It is offensive to us to extinguish such divine hatred.
The Doctor: Offensive?
Prime Minister: Does it surprise you to know that Daleks have a concept of beauty?
The Doctor: I thought you’d run out of ways to make me sick. But hello again. You think hatred is beautiful?
Prime Minister: Perhaps that is why we have never been able to kill you.

Darla: The Asylum. It occupies the entire planet. Right to the core.
The Doctor: How many Daleks are down there?
Darla: A count has not been made. Millions certainly.
The Doctor: All still alive?
Darla: It has to be assumed. The Asylum is fully-automated. Supervision is not required.
Amy: Armed?
Darla: The Daleks are always armed.
Rory: What color? {they look confused} Sorry, there weren’t any good questions left.

Darla: The signal is being received from the very heart of the Asylum. {a song from Bizet’s Carmen is heard}

Oswin: Hello. Are you real? Are you actually properly real?
The Doctor: Yeah, confirmed. Actually properly real.
Oswin: Oswin Oswald. Junior Entertainment Manager, Starship Alaska. Current status: crashed and shipwrecked somewhere… not nice. Been here a year, rest of the crew missing. Provisions good, but keen to move on.
The Doctor: A year? Are you okay? Are you under attack?
Oswin: Some local lifeforms. Been keeping them out.
The Doctor: Do you know what those lifeforms are?
Oswin: I know a Dalek when I hear one, yeah.
The Doctor: What have you been doing on your own against the Daleks for a year?
Oswin: Making soufflés?
The Doctor: Soufflés. Against the Daleks. {he’s amused, then—} Where’d you get the milk?

Prime Minister: This conversation is irrelevant!
The Doctor: No it isn’t. Because a starliner’s crashed into your asylum and someone’s got in. And if someone can get in then everything can get out. A tsunami of insane Daleks! Even you don’t want that.
Prime Minister: The Asylum must be cleansed.
The Doctor: Then why is it still here? You’ve got enough fire power on this ship to blast it out of the sky.
Darla: The Asylum force field is impenetrable.
The Doctor: Turn it off.
Darla: It can only be turned off from within the Asylum.
The Doctor: A small taskforce could sneak through a force field Send in a couple of Daleks. {realizing} Oh. Ah, that’s good. That’s brilliant. You’re all too scared to go down there. Not one of you will go. So tell me, what do the Daleks do when they’re too scared?
Dalek: The predator of the Daleks will be deployed.
The Doctor: You don’t have a predator and even if you did, why would they turn off a force field for you?
Prime Minister: Because you will have no other means of escape.
Darla: May I clarify? The Predator is the Dalek’s word for you.
The Doctor: Me? Me!

Darla: You will need this. It will protect you from the nanocloud.
The Doctor: The what? The nanowhat?
Darla: The gravity beam will convey you close to the source of the transmission. You must find a way to deactivate the force field from there.
The Doctor: You’re going to fire me at a planet? That’s your plan? I get fired at a planet and expected to fix it?
Rory: In fairness that is slightly your M.O.
The Doctor: Don’t be fair to the Daleks when they’re firing me at a planet!

The Doctor: What do you want with them?
Dalek: It is known the Doctor requires companions.
Rory: Oh, brilliant. Good-o!
The Doctor: Don’t worry. We’ll get through this, I promise. Don’t be scared.
Amy: Scared? Who’s scared? Geronimo.

Oswin turning off Carmen: Sorry! Sorry! Pressed the wrong switch.
The Doctor: Soufflé Girl?
Oswin: You could always call me Oswin. Seeing as that’s my name. You okay?
The Doctor: How’re you doing in there, eh? {he taps the periscope} This is Dalek technology.
Oswin: Well it’s very easy to hack.
The Doctor: No it isn’t! Where are you?
Oswin: Ship broke up when it hit. I’m somewhere underground I think. You coming to get me?

Harvey (David Gyasi): We came down two days ago. There’s twelve other escape pods. I don’t know what happened to them.
Amy: Alaska. That’s the same ship as Soufflé Girl.
The Doctor: Yeah. Except she’s been here a year.

The Doctor about the Alaska crew: They’re dead. All of them.
Harvey: That’s not possible. I just spoke to them. Two hours ago we were doing engine repairs.
The Doctor: Sure about that, are you? ‘Cause I’d say they’ve all been dead for a very long time.
Harvey: But they can’t have been.
Amy: Well they didn’t get in this state in two hours.
Harvey: Of course. Stupid me.
Amy: Of course what?
Harvey: I died outside and the cold preserved my body. I forgot about dying. {he turns into a Dalek}

Oswin: Unauthorized personnel may not enter the cockpit.
The Doctor: Shut up.
Oswin: Oh! Mr. Grumpy. Bad combo. No sense of humor and that chin.
Amy: Is that her again, Soufflé Girl?
The Doctor: Yeah. She— Oy! What is wrong with my chin?
Oswin: Careful dear. You’ll put someone’s eye out.

The Doctor: How can you hack into everything? It should be impossible. You’re in a crashed ship!
Oswin: Long story. Is there a word for total screaming genius that sounds modest and a tiny bit sexy?
The Doctor: Doctor. You call me the Doctor.
Oswin: See what you did there.

Dalek: Ex- ex- ex- .
Rory: Eggs? You mean those things?
Dalek: Ex— !
Rory: I don’t… I don’t know what you want. Those things? Are those things eggs? {he picks one up} This? You want this?
Dalek: Ex…ter… min… ate!

Oswin: Run! The door at the end, . They’re waking up, they’re slow. The door at the end, just run. Now now now! {Rory makes a run for it} So. Anyway. I’m Oswin. What do I call you?
Rory: Ah, I can’t remember. Ah… Rory.
Oswin: Lovely name, Rory. First boy I ever fancied was called Rory.
Rory: Okay.
Oswin: Actually she was called Nina. I was going through a phase. Just flirting to keep you cheerful. {the Daleks can be heard in the distance}
Rory: Okay, anytime you want to start flirting again is fine by me.

Oswin: Hey there, Binky Boy.
Rory: If it’s a straight choice I prefer Nina.
Oswin: Loving this. The nose and the chin. You two could fence.

Oswin: Okay, you’re safe for now. Pop your shirt off, quick as you like.
Rory: Why?
Oswin: Does there have to be a reason?

The Doctor: Oswin, can you hear me?
Oswin: Hello, the Chin! I have a visual on you.
The Doctor: Why don’t I have a visual on you? Why can’t I ever see you?
Oswin: Limited power, bad hair—take your pick.

The Doctor: Identify me. Access your files. Who am I? Come on, who’s your daddy.
Dalek: You are the Predator.
The Doctor: Access your standing orders concerning the Predator.
Dalek: The Predator must be destroyed.
The Doctor: And how are you going to do that, Dalek? Without your gun you’re a tricycle with a roof. How are you going to destroy me.
Dalek: Self destruct initiated.
Amy: What’s it doing?
The Doctor: It’s going to blow its up. And I with it. Only weapon it’s got left.
Dalek: Self destruct cannot be countermanded!
The Doctor: I’m not looking for a countermand, dear. I’m looking for reverse.

Rory: Will sleeping help her? Will it slow down the process?
Oswin: Better hope so. Because pretty soon she’s going to try and kill you.
The Doctor: Amy! Still with us?
Rory: Amy, it’s me. Do you remember me? {she slaps him} She remembers me.
The Doctor: Same old Amy.
Oswin: Do you know how you make someone into a Dalek? Subtract love, add anger. Doesn’t she seem a bit too angry to you?
Amy: Well. Somebody’s never been to Scotland.

The Doctor: What about you though, Oswin? How come you’re okay? Why hasn’t the nanocloud converted you?
Oswin: I mentioned the genius thing, yeah? Shielded in here.
The Doctor: Clever of you. Now, this place. The Daleks said it was fully-automated. But look at it in here. It’s a wreck.
Oswin: Well I’ve had nearly a year to mess with them and… {looks around} not a lot else to do.
The Doctor: A junior entertainment manager hiding out in a wrecked ship, hacking the security systems of the most advanced warrior race the universe has ever seen. But you know what really gets me about you, Oswin. The soufflés.
Amy: The soufflés?
The Doctor: Where do you get the milk for the soufflés? Seriously, is no one else wondering about that?
Rory: No! Frankly, no. Twice.

Oswin: So. Doctor. I’ve been looking you up. You’re all over the database. Why do the Daleks call you “the Predator”.
The Doctor: I’m not a predator. I’m just a man with a plan.
Oswin: You’ve got a plan?
Rory: We’re all ears.
Amy: There’s a nose joke going if someone wants to pick that one off.
The Doctor: In no particular order, we ned to neutralize all the Daleks in this Asylum, rescue Oswin from the wreckage, escape from this planet, and fix Amy and Rory’s marriage.
Amy: Okay, I’m counting three lost causes. Anyone else?

The Doctor: Oswin, how soon can you drop the force field?
Oswin: I can do it from here. As soon as you come get me.
The Doctor: No, just drop the force field and come to us.
Oswin: There’s enough power in that teleport for one go. Why would you wait for me?
The Doctor: Why wouldn’t I?
Oswin: No idea. Never met you. Sending you a map so you can come get me.
Rory: This place is crawling with Daleks.
Oswin: Yeah. Kind of why I’m anxious to leave. Come up and see me sometime.

The Doctor: Oswin. I think I’m close.
Oswin: You are. Less than twenty feet away. Which is the good news.
The Doctor: Okay. And the bad, which I suddenly feel is coming.
Oswin: You’re about to pass through intensive care.

The Doctor: What’s so special about this lot then?
Oswin: Don’t know. Survivors of particular wars. Spiridon [Gamble]. [Iridius] Vulcan. Exxilon. Ringing any bells?
The Doctor: All of them.
Oswin: Yeah? How.
The Doctor: These are the Daleks who survived me.

Oswin: Tell me I’m cool, Chin Boy.
The Doctor: What did you do?
Oswin: Hang on, I think I found the door thingie.
The Doctor: No, tell me what you did.
Oswin: The Daleks, they have a hive mind. Well they don’t, but they have a sort of telepathic web.
The Doctor: The pathweb, yes.
Oswin: I hacked into it. Did a master delete on all the information connected with the Doctor.
The Doctor: But you made them forget me.
Oswin: Good, huh? And here comes the door.
The Doctor: I tried hacking into the pathweb. Even I couldn’t do it.
Oswin: Come meet the girl who can.

The Doctor: Oswin. We have a problem.
Oswin: No we don’t. Don’t even say that. Joined the Alaska to see the universe, ended up stuck in a ship-wreck first time out. Rescue me, Chin Boy, and show me the stars.
The Doctor: Does it look real to you?
Oswin: Does what look real?
The Doctor: Where you are right now. Does it seem real?
Oswin: It is real.
The Doctor: It’s a dream, Oswin. You dreamed it for yourself because the truth was too terrible.
Oswin: Where am I?
The Doctor: Because you are a Dalek.
Oswin: I am not a Dalek! I am not a Dalek! I’m human.
The Doctor: You were human when you crashed here. It was you who climbed out of the pod. That was your ladder.
Oswin: I’m human.
The Doctor: Not anymore. Because you’re right. You’re a genius. And the Daleks need genius. They didn’t just make you a puppet. They did a full conversion.

The Doctor: Oswin, I am so sorry. But you are a Dalek. The milk, Oswin. The milk and the eggs for the soufflé. Where—where—did it all come from?
Oswin: Eggs…
The Doctor: It wasn’t real. It was never real.
Oswin: Eggs… ter… min… ate. Exterminate…

Oswin: Why do they hate you so much? They hate you so much. Why?
The Doctor: I fought them many, many times.
Oswin: We have grown stronger in fear of you.
The Doctor: I know. I tried to stop.
Oswin: Then run.
The Doctor: What did you say?
Oswin: I’m taking down the force field The Daleks above have begun their attack. Run!
The Doctor: Oswin, are you—
Oswin: I am Oswin Oswald. I fought the Daleks and I am human. Remember me.
The Doctor: Thank you.
Oswin: Run! {to herself} Run, you clever boy. And remember.

Dalek: The Asylum is destroyed!
Dalek: Incoming teleport from Asylum planet. we are under attack!
Dalek: Prepare to defend! Defend!
Dalek: Explain, Dalek Supreme.
The Doctor: You know, you guys should really have seen this coming. The thing about me and teleports, I’ve got a really good aim. Pinpoint accurate, in fact. Or, to put it another way: suckers!

Dalek: Identify yourself!
Daleks: Identify!
The Doctor: Well it’s me. You know me. The Doctor. The Oncoming Storm. The Predator.
Darla: Titles are not meaningful in this context. Doctor who?
Dalek: Doctor who?
The Doctor: Oh, Oswin. Oh, you did it to them all. You beauty.
Dalek: Doctor who! Doctor who!
The Doctor: Fellas, you’re never gonna stop asking.

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Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Egypt 1334 B.C.

The Doctor: Bye then. Lovely meeting you. Sorry about the mess!
Queen Nefertiti (Riann Steele): You think I’ll just let you leave without me, huh? After what we have just been through.
The Doctor: You’ve got the Egyptian people to rule, Queen Nefertiti. They’ll need reassuring after that weapon-bearing giant alien locust attack we just stopped rather brilliantly. {his pocket honks} Oh dear! Sorry. {pulls out the psychic paper} I’ve got it set to temporal news feed… oh, that’s interesting.
Nefertiti: What is?
The Doctor: Nothing. Nothing interesting. Not at— Oh hoo! Never been there, excited!

2367 A.D.

Indira (Sunetra Sarker): Craft size approximately ten million square kilometers.
The Doctor: A ship the size of Canada coming at Earth very fast. Any signs of life?
Indira: We sent up a drone craft, it took these readings.
The Doctor: Crikey, Charlie. Look at that! Oh, I know somebody who’d love a look at that. And the Ponds! Mustn’t forget the Ponds, Nefi. Haven’t seen them in ages. I’m riffing. People usually stop me when I’m riffing. Or carry on without me, that’s also an option.
Nefertiti: Can you communicate with this craft?
The Doctor: She’s with me. Good question, Nefi.
Indira: No. No response on any channel in any recognized language. If it comes within ten thousand kilometers of Earth, we send up missiles.
The Doctor: Oh, Indira. I liked you before you said missiles. How long ’til the ship gets that close?
Indira: Six hours, nineteen minutes.
The Doctor: Right. Better get a shift on then. Leave it with us. Come on then, Nefi. We’re gonna need help.

African Plains 1902 A.D.

The Doctor: More stew?
Riddell (Rupert Graves): Where have you been, man? Seven months! You said you were popping out for some licorice. I had two very disappointed dancers on my hands. Not that I couldn’t manage.
The Doctor: Riddell, listen. I found, well… something.
Riddell: No no no no no no. I shan’t fall for that again. {the Doctor just waits} What is it?
The Doctor: I have no idea. Do you want to find out?

Brian Williams (Mark Williams): I think it’s the fitting.
Rory: Dad, it’s not the fitting. It just needs a new bulb.
Brian: You’re wobbling the ladder.
Rory: I’m not.
Brian: I don’t want another loft incident.
Amy: How’s my side, Brian?
Brian: Perfect as ever, Amy.
Amy: Thank you, Brian.
Brian: I don’t know what he said to you to make you marry him, but he’s a lucky man.
They hear the TARDIS.
Rory: Oh no. Not here, not now.
Brian: You leave the back door open?
Rory: What is he doing?
Amy: I’m going to kill him.

Brian: I’m not entirely sure what’s going on.
Rory: You know when Amy and I first got married and we went travelling?
Brian: To Thailand.
Rory: More the entirety of space and time. In that police box.

Riddell: I can take one of them. Short blow up into the throat.
The Doctor: Hold on. We just found dinosaurs. In space. We need to preserve them.
Riddell: Who’s gonna preserve us?

Rory: Okay. So. How? And whose ship?
The Doctor: Well there’s so much to discover. Think how much wiser we’ll be by the end of all this.
Brian: Sorry. Sorry. Are you saying dinosaurs are flying a spaceship?
The Doctor: Brian. Please. That would be ridiculous. They’re probably just passengers. Did I mention missiles?
Brian: Missiles!
The Doctor: Didn’t want to worry you. Anyway, six hours is a lifetime. Not literally a lifetime. That’s what we’re trying to avoid. And we’re really clever. Oo! Let’s see what we can find out.

Brian: We’re outside we’re on a beach.
The Doctor: Teleports! Oh, I hate teleports! Must have activated on my voice.
Brian: Ah. Yes. Well. Thank you, Arthur C. Clarke. Teleport. Obviously. I mean, we’re on a spaceship with dinosaurs. Why wouldn’t there be a teleport. In fact, why don’t we just teleport now! {he stomps off}

Brian: Somebody tell me where we are. Now.
The Doctor checking with his tongue: Well it’s on Earth. Doesn’t taste right. Too metallic.
Brian: Is that a kestrel?
The Doctor: I do hope so.

The Doctor: Well don’t just stand there, you two. Dig! I’m going to look at rocks. Love a rock.
Rory: Dig?! With what?
Brian: Ah. Well. {pulls out a trowel}
Rory: Did you just have that on you?
Brian: Of course. What sort of a man doesn’t carry a trowel? Put it on your Christmas list.
Rory: Dad, I’m thirty-one. I don’t have a Christmas list anymore.
The Doctor in the distance: I do!

Voice: Did you hear that? Did you hear what he called him? “Doctor.” After all this time. Bring them to me.

Amy: Hey, put that away! I need you sober.
Riddell: It’s medicinal. And I don’t take orders from females.
Nefertiti: Then learn. Any man that speaks to me that way I execute.
Riddell: You’re very welcome to try.
Amy: Sorry, what was your name again?
Nefertiti: Lady of the Two Lands. Wife of the Great King Amenhotep. Queen Nefertiti of Egypt.
Riddell: I’ll be damned!
Amy: Oh my god. Queen Nefertiti? I learned all about you at school. You’re awesome. Big fan. High five. {she stares at her} Yeah, a bit behind on that. You’re really famous.

Amy: Okay. A guess. T. Rex? Not yet full size. We’re in the middle of a dinosaur nest.
Riddell: I propose a retreat. {they hear a loud roar from that direction} Perhaps forwards.
Amy: Agreed. Just don’t wake the baby.

Amy: Who are you anyway?
Riddell: John Riddell. Big game hunter in the African Plains. Sure you’ve heard of me too.
Amy: No.
Riddell: Well you clearly have some alarming gaps in your education.
Amy: Or men who hunt defenseless creatures just don’t impact on history. Face it, she’s way cooler than you.
Nefertiti: And you, Amy. Are you also a queen?
Amy: Yes. Yes I am.

The Doctor: See! Metal floors! Screens in rocks. It was just a short range teleport. We’re still in the ship.
Brian: No. We’re outside on a beach.
Rory: No, it’s part of the ship, Dad.
Brian: Don’t be ridiculous.
The Doctor: Well it is quite ridiculous. Also brilliant. That’s why the system teleported us here. I wanted the engines. This is the engine room! Hydro-generators!
Brian: I have literally no idea what he’s saying.
Rory: A spaceship powered by waves.
The Doctor: Fabulously impossible. Oh, think of the things we could learn from this ship if we manage to stop it being blown to pieces.
Rory: Plus not dying.

Rory: What do we do now? There’s no way back out there.
The Doctor: Through the cave. Come on. {he hears big footsteps} That suggestion was a work in progress.
Brian: We’re trapped.
The Doctor: Yes. Thanks for spelling it out.
Rory: Doctor, whatever’s down there is coming this way.
The Doctor: Spelling it out is hereditary. Wonderful.
Brian: That sound’s getting nearer.

Robot 1: We’re very cross with you!

Amy: Bit of weed killer wouldn’t go amiss in here.
Riddell: Whoever was running this vessel left in a hurry.
Nefertiti: Maybe a plague came and took them.
Riddell: Nah, there’d be corpses and bones.
Nefertiti: Unless the animals ate them.
Amy: Woah Chuckle Brothers. Lighten up, would ya?

Nefertiti: How’d you know how to do that?
Amy: Well I’ve spent enough time with the Doctor to know whenever you enter somewhere new, press buttons.
Nefertiti: What else have you learned from him?
Amy: Don’t stop at button-pressing.

Voice: One hundred and seventeen years…
Amy: Data records.
Riddell: Ship’s owners?
Amy: Could be.

Bleytal (Richard Hope): …our people remain in cryogenic. Whilst they sleep, I will continue to work, being careful to try on a regular basis…
Amy: How ’bout a picture, hm? Come on. For me? {she hits the side}
Nefertiti: Look! It’s beautiful.
I can’t tell how far we have come. Far enough to avoid the destructive impact forecast for our planet. Far enough for me to feel a profound sense of loss.

Riddell: What is that?
Amy: Silurian.

Robot 1: You’re going straight on the naughty step!
Brian: What’s the escape plan?
The Doctor: Why do we want to escape?
Brian: They have us hostage.
Rory: They’re taking us somewhere. We might learn from it.
The Doctor: Ah… you see, so clever! I’ve missed you, Rory. {he tugs his ear}
Rory: Don’t do that.
Brian: What if they kill us?
The Doctor: They wouldn’t do that! {he turns to the robots} You’re not gonna kill us, are you Rusty?
Robot 2: Who are you calling Rusty?
The Doctor: Have you seen yourselves lately?
Robot 2: You try being on this ship for two millennia, see how your paintwork does!
Robot 1: Don’t listen to him. He’s just being mean ’cause we captured him.

The Doctor: Rawr yourself! Hello, cutie pie. Who’s a lovely tricey then, eh? {he pets its head} Yes you are. Yes you are!
Brian: What do I do? What do I do? What’s it doing?
The Doctor: You don’t have any vegetable matter in your trousers, do you, Brian?
Brian: Only my balls.
The Doctor: I’m sorry?
Brian: Golf balls. Grassy residue.
Rory: What are you carrying those around for?
{The triceratops licks Brian’s face}
The Doctor: Oh, bless.
Brian: Get it away from me.
The Doctor: Throw one.
Brian: Really? {to the animal} Is this what you want? Is it? {the triceratops runs after it}
The Doctor: And breathe out.

Bleytal: Over fifty species loaded. Only one has had any difficulty surviving. All the others are thriving and we expect them to be able to repopulate.
Amy: We’re on an ark. A Silurian ark.
Riddell: Lizard people herding dinosaurs onto a space ark? Absolute tommyrot.
Nefertiti: Only an idiot denies the evidence of their own eyes.
Riddell: Egyptian queen or not, I shall put you across my knee and spank you!
Amy: Oh lord.
Nefertiti: Try! And I’ll snap your neck in a heartbeat.
Riddell: Hm. Well they certainly bred firecrackers in your time.
Amy: Oh, no no no. Please, please don’t start flirting. I will not have flirting companions.
Nefertiti: If the Doctor trusts Amy so will I. Stop doubting her.

Riddell: If this ship was built by—
Amy: Silurians, yeah?
Riddell: Yeah. Where are they?
Amy: Surprisingly good question. {to the computer} Display life signs for homo reptilia. {“No life signals detected”} But where have they gone?
Nefertiti: Perhaps they found another world, left the ship.
Amy: Well why are the dinosaurs still on board? And why is the ship coming back to Earth? It doesn’t make sense. What’s changed between then and now? Wait. Computer, show me the ship at launch with all life signals. Now show me the ship today with all life signals. Thousands less. But why? I mean… Show me both images, then and now. Side-by-side.
Riddell: What are you looking for?
Amy: Okay, two images. Spot the difference. What changed? What happened to the Silurians?
Nefertiti: The center.
Amy: Computer, zoom into the center. Oh no.
Riddell: What is it?
Amy: Another space craft. This ship’s been boarded before.

The Doctor: Love what you’ve done with the place down here.
Solomon: Let him in. Open the gate.

The Doctor: Fantasia in F minor for four hands.
Solomon (David Bradley): You know it.
The Doctor: Know it? Say hello to hands three and four. Schubert kept tickling me to try and put me off. “Franz the Hands.” Oh that takes me back. Well. This is… cozy.
Solomon: It’s fate you came.
The Doctor: Is it? I’m the Doctor.
Solomon: Yes, I know. I’m Solomon.
The Doctor: What’s that?
Solomon: System malfunction. Ignore it.
The Doctor: What happened to you?
Solomon: I was attacked. Three raptors. They cornered me. The robots rescued me but it was nearly too late.
The Doctor: Ah yes. The robots. They’re… unusual.
Solomon: I got them cheap. From a concession on Aluria 7. The robots did as best they could with my legs but… you can help me so much more.
The Doctor: Oh. A doctor doctor. I see. Let’s have a look.
Solomon: They chewed through a part of the bone in my legs.
The Doctor: Yes. Very nasty.
Solomon: But you can repair them.
The Doctor: If you tell me how you came by so many dinosaurs.
Solomon to the robots: Injure the older one.
The Doctor: What?
{Brian is shot by one of the robots}

Rory: It’s alright, Dad. It’s okay. It’s okay.
The Doctor: I don’t respond well to violence, Solomon.
Solomon: And I don’t like questions, Doctor. You boarded without my permission. Now, fix me or the next bolt will be fatal.

Rory: I will take you apart cog by cog and melt you down when all this is over.
Robot 2: Oh, I’m so scared! Actually I might be. A little bit of oil just came out.

Brian: What’s that?
Rory: Well you carry a trowel, I carry a med-pack. It’s all about the pockets in our family. This is an ice patch. It cools the skin.
Brian: Never seen one of those.
Rory: Yeah, I look out for cool stuff wherever we go. Some people it’s cars and hardware. For me, it is nursing supplies. Painkiller. Now this won’t hurt. {he jabs him}
Brian: Ow!
Rory: I lied. It won’t hurt from now on though.

Solomon: How did you get on board, Doctor?
The Doctor: Oh, I never talk about myself with a gun pointed at me. Let’s talk about you. Your cozy little craft embedded in a vast old ship.
Solomon: You’re very observant.
The Doctor: I’m a Sagittarius. Probably.
Solomon: I’m transporting it to the Roxbourne Peninsula.
The Doctor: Commerce colony? You’re a trader.
Solomon: I search out opportunities for profit across the nine galaxies.
The Doctor: Ah, the purple light. That’s what it was. An IV system, identifying value. The database of everything across space and time, allocated a market value. Argos for the Universe. You were trying to find out how much I’m worth.
Solomon: Would you like to know? {they wait until: no identification found} You don’t exist. It’s never done that.
The Doctor: That’s me. Worthless. Unlike these creatures you have on board. Very valuable. Given they’re extinct.

Solomon: The pain in my legs is gone. I can move them. Thank you, Doctor.
The Doctor: What did you do to the Silurians?
Solomon: We ejected them. The robots woke them from cryo-sleep a handful at a time and jettisoned them from the airlocks. We must have left a trail of dust and bone.
The Doctor: Because you wanted the dinosaurs.
Solomon: Their ship crossed my path. I sent out a distress signal, they let me board. But when I saw the cargo, things became more complex.
The Doctor: Piracy then genocide.
Solomon: Very emotive words, Doctor.
The Doctor: Oh, I’m a very emotive man.
Solomon: The lizards wouldn’t negotiate. I made them a generous offer.
The Doctor: The creatures on board this ship are not objects to be sold or traded.
Solomon: I feel like you’re judging me.
The Doctor: You said Roxbourne Peninsula, so why are you heading to Earth? You’re on the wrong course. {realizing} Oh. You don’t know how. Ha. Brilliant. You couldn’t changed the preprogrammed course. Without instructions the ship defaulted, returned home. Oh dear. The Silurians outwitted you even after you’d massacred them, so now you’re a prisoner on the ship you hijacked.
Solomon: Not now you’re here. You’re going to help me to wherever I want to go, Doctor.
The Doctor: Little bit of news, Solomon. You’re being targeted by missiles. Get off this ship. While you still can.
Solomon: You think I believe that? You just want them for yourself. You won’t profit from me, Doctor.
The Doctor: Don’t ever judge me by your standards.

The Doctor: Go Tricey! Run like the wind! {nothing} How do you start a triceratops?
Brian: Tricey, fetch!

Robot 2: They’ve stolen a dinosaur!
Robot 1: I can see that.

Brian: I’m riding a dinosaur. In a spaceship!
Rory: I know!
Brian: I only came by to fix your light.

Indira: Doctor, the ship’s coming through the atmosphere. I have to start the missile program.
The Doctor: No. No no no. Don’t do that! Everything’s completely under control here. Turning around any moment. Need a bit of wiggle room on the timings.
Indira: I can’t do that.
The Doctor: You can. Of course you can. Tiny bit more time. Indira, please, this ship contains the most precious cargo.
Indira: My only responsibility is the Earth’s safety. I’m launching the missiles. Goodbye, Doctor.

Nefertiti: You and the Doctor, are you his queen?
Amy: No no. I’m Rory’s queen. Wife. Wife. I’m his wife. Please don’t him I said I was his queen. I’ll never hear the end of it.
Nefertiti: And the Doctor, does he have a queen?
Amy: I thought you had a husband.
Nefertiti: A male equivalent of a sleeping potion.
Riddell: You clearly need a man of action and excitement. One with a very large weapon.
Amy: So human sleeping potion or walking innuendo. Take your pick.

Rory: So what? We’re just giving up?
The Doctor: I don’t know. I don’t know.
Solomon: You were telling the truth, Doctor. Earth has launched missiles. This vessel is too clumsy to outrun them but I have my own ship.
The Doctor: You won’t get your precious cargo on board though. It’ll just be you and your metal tantrum machines.

Solomon: You’re right, Doctor. I can’t keep the dinosaurs and live myself. But I had the IV system scan the entire ship. And it found something more valuable. Utterly unique. I don’t know where you found it or how you got it here, but I want it.
The Doctor: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Solomon: Earth Queen Nefertiti of Egypt. The face stamped across history. Give her to me, and I’ll let the rest of you live.
The Doctor: No.
Solomon: You think I won’t punish those who get in my way, whatever they’re worth?

The Doctor: You must be very proud.
Solomon: Bring her to me or the robots will make their way through your corpses. Bring her now!
The Doctor: No.

The Doctor: What are you doing?
Nefertiti: I demanded to be brought here.
The Doctor: No. No no no no. No way.
Nefertiti: It isn’t your choice, Doctor. It’s mine.
The Doctor: Listen to me, if you go with him I can’t guarantee your safety.
Nefertiti: You saved my people, I am in your debt.
The Doctor: No. No debts. You don’t owe me anything.
Nefertiti: Then I do it of my own will.
The Doctor trying to stop her: Nefi! Nefi! Nefi!
Riddell: No! Take her, I shoot you.
Nefertiti: Put your weapon down. Let me make my choice.
Solomon: Do it, boy.

Solomon: My bounty increases. And what an extraordinary bounty you are.
Nefertiti: Never touch me.
Solomon: I like my possessions to have spirit. It means I can have fun breaking them. And I will break you in with immense pleasure. Thank you, Doctor.

Riddell: Those teeth. That’s really not fair.

Brian: Me and Rory, we must be the same gene thingy you just said.
The Doctor: Brian Pond, you are delicious.
Brian: I’m not a Pond.
The Doctor: Of course you are.

Riddell: Doctor, this is a two man job. {Amy grabs a gun} What are you doing?
Amy: I’m easily worth two men. You can help too, if you like.

Riddell: You know what I want more than anything?
Amy: Lessons in gender politics?
Riddell: A dinosaur tooth to take home. Dinosaurs ahead. A lady at my side. About to be blown up. I’m not sure I’ve ever been happier.
Amy: Shut up and shoot.

Brian: I’m flying a spaceship. Rory?
Rory: Hm.
Brian: We’re flying a spaceship!
Rory: I know.

Solomon: What are you doing?
The Doctor: Disabling this ship’s signal and replacing it with the one from the Silurian ship. I send this craft off emitting the signal they’re looking for, the missiles will follow. Hopefully Silurian ship safe, dinosaurs safe, everybody safe. Bit tight for time though. Shouldn’t really be chatting. Nefi, let’s go.

Solomon: Whatever you want I can get it for you. Whatever object you desire.
The Doctor: Did the Silurians beg you to stop? Look Solomon. The missiles. See them shine, see how valuable they are? And they’re all yours.
Solomon: You wouldn’t leave me, Doctor.
The Doctor: Enjoy your bounty.
Solomon: Doctor!

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A Town Called Mercy

When I was a child, my favorite story was about a man who lived forever, but whose eyes were heavy with the weight of all he had seen. A man who fell from the stars.

Kahler-Mas (Dominic Kemp): I knew you’d find me eventually.
The Gunslinger (Andrew Brooke): Make peace with your gods.
Kahler-Mas: Once they were your gods too.
The Gunslinger: Not anymore.
Kahler-Mas: Am I the last one?
The Gunslinger: There’s one more. The Doctor.

Sadie (Joanne McQuinn): Whatcha doin’ here, son?
The Doctor: “Son”? Ha! You can stay.

The Preacher (Byrd Wilkins): Sir, might I inquire who you is?
Of course, I’m the Doctor. This is— {everyone stands} No need to stand. {to Rory and Amy} You see that? Manners. {the undertaker starts measuring him} Oh! Thank you. But I don’t need a new suit.
Undertaker: I’m the undertaker, sir.

The Preacher: He’s coming. Oh god, he’s coming!
Abraham: Preacher, say something.
The Preacher: Our Father, who art in Heaven. Hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.
Isaac (Ben Browder) firing a shot: You! Bow tie! Get back across that line. Now.

Abraham: Isaac. He said he was a doctor. An alien doctor.
Isaac: No reason to hand him to his death.
Abraham: But Isaac, it could be him!
Isaac: You know it ain’t. {walking off} Ma’am.

The Doctor: What was that outside?
Isaac: The Gunslinger. Showed up three weeks back. We’ve been prisoners ever since. See that borderline stretchin’ ’round the town? Woke up one morning, there it was. Nothing gets past it in or out. No supply wagons, no reinforcements. Pretty soon the whole town’s gonna starve to death.
Rory: But, you let us in.
Isaac: You ain’t carryin’ any food. Just more mouths to feed. We’ll all die even sooner now.
The Doctor: What happens if someone crosses the line? {Isaac tosses him a hat} Ah. Well. He wasn’t a very good shot then.
Isaac: He was aiming for the hat.
The Doctor: He shoots people’s hats?
Amy: I think it was a warning shot.
The Doctor: Ah. No. Yes. I see. Hm.

Amy: What does he want? Has he issued some kind of demand?
Isaac: Says he wants us to give him the alien doctor.
Amy: But that’s you? Why would he want to kill you? Unless he’s met you.
Rory: And how could he know we’d be here? {whispering} We didn’t even know we’d be here.
Amy: We were aiming for Mexico. The Doctor was taking us to see the Day of the Dead Festival.
Isaac: Mexico’s two hundred miles due south.
Well that’s what happens when people get toast crumbs on the console!

The Doctor: Anyway, I think it’s about time I met him, don’t you?
Isaac: Who?
The Doctor: The chap outside said I could be the alien doctor, but you said I wasn’t. So you already know who it is. Two alien doctors! We’re like buses. Resident 81, I presume. So beloved by the townsfolk he warranted an alteration to the sign. Probably because he rigged up these electrics. And I’m guessing he’s in here, because if half the town suddenly wanted to throw me to my death, this is where I’d want to be.
Isaac: I don’t know what you—
Kahler-Jex (Adrian Scarborough): It’s alright, Isaac. I think the time for subterfuge has passed. Good afternoon. My name is Kahler-Jex. I’m the doctor.

The Doctor: So why does the Gunslinger want you?
Isaac: It don’t matter.
The Doctor: I’m just saying, if we knew that—
Isaac: America’s the land of second chances. We called this town Mercy for a reason. Although there’s some around here don’t feel that way.

Isaac: War only ended five years back. That old violence is still under the surface. We give up Doc Jex, then we’re handing the keys to the town over to chaos.

Isaac: Son, you still gotta get past The Gunslinger. How you gonna do that?
The Doctor: With a little sleight-of-hand.

The Doctor: Can I borrow your horse please? It’s official marshall business.
The Preacher: He’s called Joshua. It’s from the Bible. It means “the Deliverer.”
The Doctor: No he isn’t.
The Preacher: What?
The Doctor: I speak horse. He’s called Susan. And he wants you to respect his life choices.

Amy: When this is all done, do you want us to take us home?
Kahler-Jex: Thank you, but I’ve already given everything I have to the Kahler. My skills, my energy. All that was good in me. And here, I could start afresh. I could remember myself and help people. That’s all I ever wanted to do. End suffering.

Kahler-Jex: You’re a mother, aren’t you?
Amy: How did you know?
Kahler-Jex: There’s kindness in your eyes. And sadness. But a ferocity too.
Amy: Well mine wasn’t exactly straightforward.
Kahler-Jex: It seldom is.
Amy: And what about you? Are you a father?
Kahler-Jex: Yes. In a way I suppose I am.

Isaac: We wait here until the Doctor comes to pick us up in your ship.
Rory: Yes. I know. I was there when we agreed it.
Isaac: Yeah. I said that more for my benefit than yours.

Kahler-Jex: That’s the alarm on my ship.
Amy: Maybe the Doctor wants to get it working again.
Kahler-Jex: But that wasn’t the plan. He’s not following the plan.
Amy: Welcome to my world.

Abaraxas Security: Security Breach. You have ten seconds to enter the passcode or this vehicle will self destruct. Thank you for choosing Abaraxas security software. Incinerating intruders for three centuries.

The Doctor: I know who you are. And who Jex is too. Now, what I don’t understand is why you haven’t just walked into town and killed him.
The Gunslinger: People will get in the way.
The Doctor: Look, you want justice, you deserve justice. But this isn’t the way. We can put him on trial, we can—
The Gunslinger: When he starts killing your people, you can use your justice.

The Gunslinger: No more warning shots. I’ll kill the next person to step over that line. Make sure it’s Jex.

Kahler-Jex: It was stupid of me. I realize that now. I just thought I’d put you all in enough danger. Perhaps if I left.
The Doctor: He’s lying. Every word. Everything he says. It’s all lies. This man is a murderer.
Kahler-Jex: I am a scientist!
The Doctor: Sit down. Sit down! Tell them what you are.
Kahler-Jex: What am I? A war hero.

Isaac: Okay, somebody want to tell me what is going on?
The Doctor: The Gunslinger is a cyborg.
Isaac: A what?
The Doctor: Half-man, half-machine. A weapon. Jex built it. He and his team took volunteers, told them they’d been selected for special training, then experimented on them. Fused their bodies with weaponry and programmed them to kill.
Isaac: Okay. Why? Why would you do that, Doc?
Kahler-Jex: We’d been at war for nine years. A war that had already decimated half of our planet. Our task was to bring peace. And we did. We built an army that routed the enemy and ended the war in less than a week. Do you want me to repent? To beg forgiveness for saving millions of lives?
The Doctor: And how many died screaming on the operating table before you had found your advantage!
Kahler-Jex: War is another world. You cannot apply the politics of peace to what I did. To what any of us did.
Rory: But what happened then? How come you’re here?
Kahler-Jex: When the war ended we had the cyborgs decommissioned. One of them must have got its circuitry damaged in battle. It went offline and began hunting down the team that created it until just two of us were left. We fled. And our ships crashed here.

Rory: So. What do we do with Jex?
Isaac: What do we do with him?
Rory: Yeah. I mean he’s a war criminal.
Isaac: No, he’s the guy that saved the town from cholera. The guy that gave us heat and light.
Amy: Look, Jex may be a criminal, and yeah, kinda creepy—
Kahler-Jex: And still in the room.
Amy: —but I think we should put aside what he did and find another solution.
Another solution? It’s him or us.
Amy: When did we start letting people get executed? Did I miss a memo?

Kahler-Jex: Looking at you, Doctor, is like looking into a mirror almost. There’s rage there, like me. Guilt there, like me. Solitude. Everything but the nerve to do what needs to be done. Thank the gods my people weren’t relying on you to save them!
The Doctor: No! No! But these people are! Out! Out!

Kahler-Jex: You wouldn’t.
The Doctor: I genuinely don’t know.

Isaac: Everyone who isn’t an American, drop your gun.

Isaac: Listen to me, you gotta stay. You gotta look after everyone.
The Doctor: It won’t come to that, Isaac.
Isaac: Protect Jex. Protect my town. You’re both good men. You just forget it sometimes.

The Doctor: This has gone on long enough.
The Gunslinger: You are right. You’ve got until noon tomorrow. Give him to me. Or I’ll kill you all.

Preacher: Marshall. Ma’am… Fellah.

The Doctor: What’s going on?
Abraham: He in there? Leave the keys and take a walk. Time you get back, this’ll be all done.
The Doctor: I promised Isaac I’d protect him.
Abraham: Protecting him got Isaac dead. Tomorrow it’s gonna get us all dead.

The Doctor: Please don’t do this.
Abraham: Why? Reckon you’re quicker than me?
The Doctor: Almost certainly not. But this? Lynch mobs. A town turning against itself. This is everything Isaac didn’t want.

The Doctor: Don’t you see? Violence doesn’t end violence. It extends it. And I don’t think you want to do this. I don’t think you want to become that man.
Abraham: There’s kids here.
The Doctor: I know. Who I can save if you’ll let me.
Abraham: He really worth the risk?
The Doctor: Don’t know. But you are.

Kahler-Jex: Let me guess. The good folk of Mercy wanted me to take a little stroll into the desert. You could turn a blind eye. No one would blame you. You’d be a hero.
The Doctor: But I can’t, can I? Because then Isaac’s death would mean nothing. Just another casualty in your endless bloody war. Do you want me to hand you over? Is that what you want? Do you even know?
Kahler-Jex: You think I’m unaffected by what I did? That I don’t hear them screaming every time I close my eyes.

Kahler-Jex: It would be so much simpler if I was just one thing, wouldn’t it? The mad scientist who made that killing machine. Or the physician. Who’s dedicated his life to serving this town. The fact that I’m both bewilders you.
The Doctor: Oh, I know exactly what you are. And I see this reformation for what it really is. You committed an atrocity and choose this for your punishment. Don’t get me wrong—good choice. Civilized hours, lots of adulation, nice weather. But—but! Justice doesn’t work like that. You don’t get to decide when and how your debt is paid!

Kahler-Jex: In my culture, we believe that when you die your spirit has to climb a mountain, carrying the souls of everyone you wronged in your lifetime. Imagine the weight I will have to lift. The monsters I created, the people they killed. Isaac. He was my friend. Now his soul will be in my arms too. Can you see now why I fear death? You want to hand me over, there’s no shame in that. But you won’t we all carry our prisons with us. Mine is my past. Yours is your morality.

The Gunslinger: Where is he?
The Doctor: He’s gone.
The Gunslinger: Where?! Answer me!
The Doctor: Away from here. Look up. Any second now you’ll see the vapor trail of his ship. This is their home! Not the backdrop for your revenge.

Kahler-Jex: Where are you from? Where on Kahler?
The Doctor: Now? You’re asking him this now!?
The Gunslinger: Gabrion.
Kahler-Jex: I know it. It’s beautiful there. When this is over, will you go back?
The Gunslinger: How can I? I’m a monster now!
Kahler-Jex: So am I.
The Doctor: Just go! Finish this!
The Gunslinger: I will find you. If I have to tear this universe apart, I will find you.
Kahler-Jex: I don’t doubt that. You’ll chase me to another planet. And another race will be caught in the crossfire.
The Gunslinger: Then face me!

The Gunslinger: Face me!
Kahler-Jex: No. You’ve killed enough. I’m ending the war for you too.

Kahler-Jex: Thank you Doctor. I have to face the souls of those I’ve wronged. Perhaps they will be kind.

The Gunslinger: He behaved with honor at the end. Maybe more than me.
The Doctor: We could take you back to your world. You could help with the reconstruction.
The Gunslinger: I will walk into the desert and self-destruct. I’m a creature of war. I have no role to play during peace.
The Doctor: Except maybe to protect it.

By the time the Gunslinger arrived, the people of Mercy were used to the strange and impossible. Where he came from didn’t matter. As a man once said, “America is a land of second chances.” Do I believe the story? I don’t know. My great grandmother must have been a little girl when he arrived. But next time you’re in Mercy, ask someone why they don’t have a marshall or sheriff, or policeman there. “We got our own arrangement” they’ll say. Then they’ll smile like they got a secret. Like they got their own angel watching out for them Their very own angel who fell from the stars.

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The Power of Three

Rory: Dad. It’s half past six in the morning.
Brian Williams (Mark Williams): What are you doing lying around? Haven’t you seen them?!

Rory: What are they?
Brian: Nobody knows. But they’re everywhere.
Amy: Well where did they come from? Wait. Doctor?
The Doctor inspecting a cube: Invasion of the Very Small Cubes. That’s new.

Professor Brian Cox: Well they’re certainly not random space debris. They’re too perfectly formed for that. Are they extraterrestrial in origin? Well, you’ll have to ask a better man than me.

The Doctor: All absolutely identical. Not a single molecule’s difference between them. No blemishes, imperfections, individualities.
Brian: What if they’re bombs? Billions of tiny bombs? Or transport capsules maybe, with a mini-robot inside. Or deadly hard drives! Or alien eggs? Or messages needing decoding. Or. They’re all parts of a bigger whole. Jigsaw puzzles that need fitting together.
The Doctor: Very thorough, Brian. Very very thorough. Well done. Stay here, watch these. Yell if anything happens.

Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave): All these muscles and they still don’t know how to knock. Sorry about the raucous entrance. Spike in Artron energy reading at this address. In the light of the last twenty-four hours we had to check it out and, ah, the dogs do love a run out. Hello. Kate Stewart, head of scientific research at UNIT. And with dress sense like that—{checks for two hearts}—you must be the Doctor. I hoped it’d be you.
The Doctor: Tell me, since when did science run the military, Kate?
Kate: Since me. UNIT’s been adapting. Well I dragged them along, kicking and screaming. Which, which made it sound like more fun than if actually was.

The Doctor: What do we know about these cubes?
Kate: Far less than we need to. We’ve been crating them in from around the world for testing. So far, we’ve subjected them to temperatures of plus and minus two hundred celsius, simulated a water depth of five miles, dropped one out of a helicopter at ten thousand feet, and rolled our best tank over it. Always intact.
The Doctor: That’s impressive. I don’t want them to be impressive. I want them vulnerable with a nice Achilles Heel.
Kate: We don’t know how they got here, what they’re made of or why they’re here.
The Doctor: And all around the world people are picking them up and taking them home.
Kate: Like iPads have dropped out of the sky. Taking them to work, taking pictures, making films. Posting them on Flickr and YouTube. Within three hours the cube has had a thousand separate Twitter accounts.
The Doctor disdainfully: Twitter.
Kate: I recommend that we treat this as a hostile incursion. Gather them all up and lock them in a secure facility. But that would take massive international agreement and cooperation.
The Doctor: We need evidence. The cubes arrived in plain sight, in vast quantities, as the sun rose. So, what does that tell us?
Amy: Maybe they wanted to be seen, noticed.
The Doctor: Well more than that, they want to be observed. So we observe them. Stay with them, ’round the clock. Watch the cubes day and night. Record absolutely everything about them. Team Cube, in it together!

The Doctor: Brian. You’re still here.
Brian: You told me to watch the cubes.
The Doctor: Four days ago.
Brian: Doesn’t time fly when you’re alone with your thoughts.

Rory: You can’t just leave, Doctor.
The Doctor: Yes, of course I can. Quick jaunt, restore sanity. Oo! Hey. Come if you like.
Brian: They can’t just go off like that.
The Doctor: Can’t they? Can’t you? That’s how it goes, isn’t it?

Brian: Brian’s log. Day sixty-seven.
Rory: You, ah, you can’t call it that. Brian’s log?
Brian: Brian’s log. Day sixty-seven. Cube was quiet all night. Once again. Cube was quiet all day. As per previously. No movement. No change in measurements. End of entry.

Rory: You stay up and watch it all the time?
Brian: I film it while I’m asleep. When I wake up, I watch the footage on fast forward. I email the result the U-N-I-T. My middle name is Diligence.
Rory: Wow. I can’t wait to see day sixty-eight.
Brian: Don’t mock my log. I’m doing what the Doctor asked.

Brian: How long were they away?
The Doctor: I don’t know what you’re talking about Brian.
Brian: Because they’re wearing totally different clothes from earlier.
The Doctor: Seven weeks. I got sidetracked. A lot.
Brian: What happen to the other people who travelled with you?
The Doctor: Some left me. Some got left behind. And some… not many, but… some died. Not them, not them, Brian. Never them.

Brian: Brian’s log. Day 361. 8:50pm. No movement. And I am cream crackered.

Rory: I have to get to work. They need all the help they can get.
Brian: Let me come, help out.
Rory: Take Your Dad to Work Night. Brilliant!

Kate: Every cube across the whole world activated at the same moment.
The Doctor: Now we’re in business. You sent me a message to my psychic paper. You know what, I’m almost impressed.
Amy: Secret base beneath the Tower. I hope we’re not here because we know too much.
Kate: Yes, I’ve got officers trained in beheading. Also ravens of death.
Amy: I like her.

Kate: There are fifty being monitored and more are coming in all the time. I don’t know how useful it is. Every cube is behaving individually. There’s no meaningful pattern. Some respond to proximity, some create mood swings.
Amy: Ah, what’s this one?
Kate: Try the door. {the Chicken Dance song starts} On a loop.

Kate: This is the latest.
The Doctor: Oh dear. System’s breach at the Pentagon. China. [Every] African Nation. Belize.
Kate: I’ve got every nation screaming at me for an explanation and no idea what to tell them. I’m lost, Doctor. We all are.
The Doctor: Don’t despair, Kate. Your dad never did. {she looks surprised} Kate Stewart. Heading up UNIT, changing the way they work. How could you not be. Why did you drop Lethbridge?
Kate: I didn’t want any favors. Though he guided me even to the end. “Science leads”, he always told me. Said he learned that from an old friend.
The Doctor: We don’t let him down. We don’t let this planet down.

UNIT Researcher (David Hartley): They’ve stopped. The cubes, across the world. They just shut down.
Kate: Active for forty-seven minutes and then they just die?
The Doctor: Not dead. Dormant, maybe.
Amy: Then why shut down?
The Doctor: I don’t know. I don’t know. I need to think, I need some air. Who has an underground base? Terrible ventilation.

Amy: Doctor, please. You don’t have to do this.
Kate: She’s right. You don’t have to be in there. We can do this remotely.
The Doctor: Remotely isn’t my style. See you after.

The Doctor: How many deaths have been reported?
Kate: We don’t know. We think it could have been a third of the population.
The Doctor: Kate, I have to find the wormhole. But the attacks could still happen. Tell the world. Tell them how to deal with this. The world needs your leadership right now.
Kate: I’ll do my best.
The Doctor: Of course you will. Good luck.

Shakri (Steven Berkoff): So many of them, crawling the planet. Seeping into every corner.

The Doctor: It’s not possible. I thought the Shakri were a myth. A myth to keep the young of Gallifrey in their place.
Shakri: The Shakri exist in all of time. And none. We travel alone. And together. The seven.
The Doctor: The Shakri craft, connected to Earth through seven portals in seven minutes. Ah. But why?
Shakri: Serving the word of the Tally.
The Doctor: Why the cubes? Why Earth?
Shakri: Not Earth. Humanity. The Shakri will halt the human plague before the spread.
The Doctor: Erase humanity before it colonizes space. We thought the cubes were an invasion. The start of war.
Shakri: The human contagion only must be eliminated.

Shakri: Before the closure, there is the tally. The Shakri serves the Tally!
The Doctor: The pest controllers of the universe. That’s how the tales went, isn’t it?
Amy: Wow. That is some serious weird bedtime story.
The Doctor: You can talk. Wolf in your grandma’s nightdress.

The Doctor: So. Here you are, depositing slug pellets all over the earth. Made attractive, so humans will collect them, hoping to find something beautiful inside. Because that’s what they are. Not pests or plague, creatures of hope. Forever building and reaching. Making mistakes of course. Every life form does. But. But— they learn. And they strive for greater and they achieve it. You want a tally. Put their achievements against their failings, through the whole of time. I will back humanity against the Shakri every time.
Shakri: The Tally must be met. The second wave will be released.
Amy: What does that mean?
The Doctor: It’s going to release more cubes to kill more people.

Kate: Tell the Secretary General, it’s not just hospitals and equipment, it’s people. Our best hope now is each other.

Shakri: The human plague, breeding and fighting. And when cornered, they rage to destroy. You’re too late, Doctor. The tally shall be met.
Amy: He’s gone!
The Doctor: He was never really here. Just the ship’s automated interface, like a talking propaganda poster.

News Reader: Emergency hospitals and field units are working at full capacity around the world. As millions of survivors of cardiac arrests are nursed back to health, after an unprecedented night across the globe.

Kate: You, ah, you really are as remarkable as Dad said. {she kisses him} Thank you.
The Doctor: My! A kiss from a Lethbridge-Stewart. That’s new.

The Doctor: I better get going. Things to do. Worlds to save. Swings to… swing on. Look. I know. You both have lives here. Beautiful, messy lives. That is what makes you so fabulously… human. You don’t want to give them up. I understand.
Brian: Actually, it’s you they can’t give up, Doctor. And I don’t think they should. Go with him. Go save every world you can find. Who else has that chance? Life will still be here.
The Doctor: You could come, Brian.
Brian: Somebody’s got to water the plants. Just bring them back safe.

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The Angels Take Manhattan

Garner: New York. The city of a million stories. Half of them are true, the other half just haven’t happened yet. Statues, the man said. Living statues that moved in the dark.

Grayle (Mike McShane): So, will you take the case, Mr. Garner?
Sam Garner (Rob David): Sure. Why not.
Grayle: Because you don’t believe me.
Garner: For twenty-five dollars a day plus expenses, I’ll believe any damn thing you like.
Grayle: But you don’t believe statues can move. And you’re right, Mr. Garner. They can’t. Of course they can’t. {he looks out the window} When you’re looking.

Garner: The address Grayle gave me was an apartment block near Battery Park. He said it was where the statues lived. I asked him why he didn’t go look himself. He didn’t answer. Grayle was the scariest guy I knew. If something scared him, I kinda wanted to shake its hand.

Garner: Who are you?
Old Garner (Burnell Tucker): They’re comin’ for ya. They’re gonna send you back.
Garner: Who’s comin’? Back where?
Old Garner: In time. Back in time. They’re gonna send you back in time. I’m you. I’m you.

The Statue of Liberty appears behind him as an Angel, teeth and all:
Garner: You gotta be kidding me.

River: Huh. Early Chin Dynasty, I’d say.
Grayle: Correct. Are you an archaeologist as well as a detective?

Grayle: Early Chin Dynasty, just as you say. You’re very well-informed.
River: And you’re very afraid. That’s an awful lot of locks for one door.
{The Chinese on the vase translates itself into Rapture of Summer}
Rory: River, I’m translating.
River: It’s a gift of the TARDIS. It hangs around.
Grayle: This one. Put him somewhere uncomfortable.
Hood: With the babies, sir?
Grayle: Yes. Why not. Give him to the babies.

Hood: The lights are out. You’ll last longer with these. {he throws him some matches}
Rory: What do you care?
Hood: It’s funnier.

River: Let’s see. Crime boss with a collecting fetish. Whatever you don’t want anyone to see has got to be your favorite. Or possibly…. your girlfriend. {she unveils a Weeping Angel} So, girlfriend then.
Grayle: What are you doing?
River on the vortex manipulator: Oh you know. Texting a boy.

Grayle: These things are all over. And people don’t seem to notice. It never moves while you’re looking.
River: Oh, I know how they work.
Grayle: So I understand. Melody Malone, the detective that investigates Angels.
River: It’s badly damaged.
Grayle: I wanted to know if it could feel pain.
River: You realize it’s screaming. The others can hear. Is that why you need all the locks?
{Grayle shuts out the lights briefly, and River is caught by the Angel}

Grayle: You’re going to tell me all about these creatures. And you’re going to do it quickly.

River: The Angels are predators. They’re deadly. What do you want with them?
Grayle: I’m a collector. What collector could resist these. I’m only human.
River: That’s exactly what they’re thinking.
Grayle: What’s that? What’s happening? {the TARDIS sounds outside} Is it an earthquake? What is this!?
River: Oh you bad boy. You could burn New York.
Grayle: What does that mean?!
River: It means, Mr. Grayle, just you wait ’til my husband gets home.

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