Being Human George Sands

Series 2


Russell Tovey

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Cure and Contagion

George: I was actually looking forward to this, living with Nina. But I’m not sure even… I mean yeah, yeah, there’s moisturizer and there’s Tampax in the bathroom but it’s not like we’re having sex. We watch TV and she’s just sitting on the other— I mean if she could see the screen from the patio she’d sit there.
John: She saw you kill someone. That’s aside from all the stuff about us.

Mitchell: George why are we doing this?
George: Three times. Three times I’ve been attacked now.
Mitchell: We should let them go. {George starts upstairs.} Be careful.
George: I think I can handle her.
Mitchell: I know her. Be careful.

Mitchell: What happened?
George: She attacked me… but I managed to fight her off.
Mitchell: Yeah? You’ve got lipstick on your mouth.

Annie: Okay, shut up, I’m going to tell you. I have applied for a job!
George: As what?
Annie: Well. It’s something that I’ve always fancied.
George: Marrying Colin Firth isn’t strictly speaking a job.

George: After a life that’s been consistently violent and chaotic, you’ve nothing left to fight and nothing left to safeguard.
Mitchell: What about the vampire attacks then?
George: But you’re not the target. It’s not about you anymore, so there’s nothing left to do. You’re like a piece of, um… deadly furniture.
Mitchell: Did you just call me deadly furniture?

George: I’m not saying you should find this easy but do me a favor, Nina, and take your disdain somewhere else. Because to get that every day, to see that from someone I love, is just another punishment.

Nina: You gave it to me, George!
George: What?
Nina: In that room. You pushed me away, and you scratched me. You gave me the curse.
George: Then last night…
Nina: Was very busy. I’m a werewolf. I’m a fucking werewolf.

Daisy {about her daughter}: She had everything. Become cruel. It’s fun.
George: She’s the last person who needed you.
Daisy: What?
George: She wanted you. Ivan just wanted a portable fuck. I guess that must hurt.
Daisy: You— you don’t know what you’re talking about.
George: It’s not her fault. It’s not her fault.

Daisy: Where are you going? I could tear her throat out!
George: Go for it, but don’t imagine it’ll make her go away.

George: Not you. Don’t let me. I’ve done this to you. Not you. Not to, not to you. I’m sorry.
Nina: You didn’t know, baby. You didn’t know.

Nina: Why does this always happen when you tell a man another man is handsome?
Annie: Yea, it is possible for two men to be handsome. Three men.
Nina: Although he is really handsome.
George: Look, can we talk about something else?
Nina: I’m a werewolf.
George: I guess he’s fairly handsome.
Annie: Yes, well let’s hope he’s deaf as well.

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Serve God, Love Me and Mend

Nina: What an interesting selection of food.
George: Well I shall explain. You’ve just done the night shift so for you it’s breakfast time, but it’s two in the afternoon so technically it’s lunch. The feast before you now has been specifically designed to combine the best bits of those two meals. Eggs benedict, choc ice, can of ginger beer… cigarette.
Nina: Breakfast of Champions.
George: Which isn’t to say I approve of your smoking, I’ve just given up the fight on that one.
Nina: Besides you’ve done more to shorten my life expectancy than these ever could.

Mitchell: A dead body came into the hospital. Puncture wounds in the neck, all the blood drained. Thing is, I know him.
George: Okay, who is it?
Mitchell: One of the times I properly tried to stop drinking blood, I was living with this vampire Carl, and he helped me. He’s been clean for, I don’t know, like twenty years.
George: You… um, sorry. You lived with someone before me?
Mitchell: What? Yeah, lots of people.
George: Wha- ? Like who?
Mitchell: Vampires. People people. I don’t know.
George: People people. Oh, I see.
Mitchell: Oh god. You… don’t get all you about it. Of course I’ve lived with other people. Do you think I’ve spent the last hundred years waiting for you and your three different types of upholstery cleaner to show up? Anyway. After me, he lived with this other guy, Dan. A human. And that’s the body that came in.

Carl: You’re a celebrity, you know.
George: So people keep telling me.

Annie: Hugh? He’s like a brother to me.
George: Oh promise me you will never tell him that.
Annie: I think he’s really sweet.
George: “Really sweet”— Oh my god, why not just stab him in the face! A brother? Annie, trust me, the only man who would ever want to hear that is your actual brother.

George: I don’t want you to get hurt.
Annie: No, neither do I. But that risk it’s… it’s all part of the deal.

Annie: Are you sure about Hugh?
George: I know that look. I’ve given people that look. Usually while they’re giving that look to someone taller.

Ivan: Some say you drugged him first. Others say you begged for a place in the New World and when Herrick refused you killed him. I’ve even heard that he escaped and he’s building an army in Europe. What really happened? I’m curious.
George: He came in, I changed. I tore his head off.
Ivan: Fair enough.

Ivan: Look, I know you screwed Daisy. What did you tell her? What did you say that made her feel again?
George: It was complicated. Um, she was going to kill her daughter. And I convinced her not to.
Ivan: Hm. I wanted it to be something I could understand.

Mitchell: Carl!
George: He’s not here.
Mitchell: What? Where is he?
George: I don’t know. He’s your murdering fugitive. If you want to keep him you’ll have to look after him.

Nina: You let him out. The dead man. From the morgue.
George: We put him on a container ship to Brazil.
Nina: Of course you have, anything else would be insane.

George: You have to understand the reality we inhabit now.
Nina: A reality that includes aiding and abetting a murderer and body snatching. My god, you’ve lost your way.

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Long Live the King

As Annie pops in unannounced
George: Does a locked door mean nothing to you?

Hugh about Annie: When is she coming back?
George: Well… she isn’t.
Hugh: You spoke to her then?
George: She left a note. And it wasn’t very detailed, and the handwriting, it’s just awful.

George: You can’t go interfering with people’s lives like that.
Annie: It’s not interfering, it’s more like regime change.
George: Oh, ’cause that’s never gone wrong.

Annie: I think that we’ve all just lost sight of each other a bit. We need to team build. We need to bond.
George: I’m not going to paintball, not again. Not after last time.

Annie: Did you know that gypsies are born with six toes and that’s why they never wear flip flops?
George: I don’t think that’s actually true.

Hugh: About a year ago she just turns around and tells me that I’m just too conventional for her. That I lack imagination and passion.
George: Women. They just don’t appreciate solid, stable, reliable men.
Hugh: She even hated the way I wash up. You know, just because I like to dry, all right? And put everything away, and not leave it dripping on the rack.
George: Oh, oh! So she’d prefer lime scale on the draining board?
Hugh: Oh, I guess it could go with the coffee rings on the table.
George: Coasters! You just put one under the mug. It’s not rocket science.

Annie: She’s so not natural blonde. Bet you anything, cuffs and collar don’t match.
George: Oh. I’m not even going to ask what that means.

Annie: Your mission is to become her boyfriend but to be absolutely crap at it.
George: Well, I can’t do that.
Annie: Well of course you can! Look what a fuck up you made of your last relationship.

Annie: Okay, worst date ever.
George: That’s easy. Petra Gibbon. 2001. Kebab shop.
Annie: I can top that. 2003. Tony Slokum. We Will Rock You.
George: You win.

Kirsty: That was just amazing!
George: Clowns. So many clowns.
Annie: Kebab.
George: Are you peckish?

George: You’ve put the system back in place, haven’t you?
Mitchell: It’s the only way to control them.
George: Right. So killing’s okay again now, is it?
Mitchell: This is just the short term.
George: And the long term?
Mitchell: I’m gonna help them get off blood. It’s the only way, George! I can do this. I can persuade them.
George: Oh, so this is before or after you walk on water?

Nina: I can’t talk for very long, I’m just… I’m ringing to say goodbye properly.
George: Are you all right? Where are you?
Nina: I’m fine. Listen, there are some things I need to say to you. You
need to stop using the curse as an excuse not to live your life. You’re a wonderful man. You can make a go of things. Get a better job, get out in the world, even… find love again one day. I want you to promise me you’ll start to live your life now.
George: Are you going back? Are you going back, Nina?
Nina: George, I need you to promise me.
George: I promise you. I love you, Nina.
Nina: I love you too. I always will.
George: What are you going to do?
Nina: Something wonderful. Goodbye George.

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Educating Creature

George: Nina’s opened my eyes. It’s like she’s helped me finally figure it out. I’ve had an epiphany, Mitchell. A breakthrough. I am making—ha ha ha—a list!
Mitchell: A list?
George: Lists solve everything. You put the thing on the list, you do the thing and then you tick it off. And in that way, order is achieved. And the world becomes a better place.
Mitchell: You sure you’re okay?

George: This whole time, I haven’t really wanted to think about what happens to me during my hairy times. But as of now, I’m facing it. So. What happens to me?
Mitchell: You turn into a werewolf.
George: Uh uh. Uh huh. Yeah. And what’s a werewolf?
Mitchell: A big scary animal.
George: Exactamundo, Mitchell.The key word is animal. And what do you do with a big scary animal? You put it in a cage. Thus, I am going to buy a cage. See, and this is on my list. “Buy a cage”.
Mitchell: Yeah, a very strong cage.
George: Well that’s granted.

George: I mean, I speak a ridiculous amount of languages. I have an IQ of a hundred and fifty-six, for gods sake. Surely I can get a job that doesn’t insult my intelligence. Um, no offense.
Mitchell: Yeah, well, those thickies at the hospital are really gonna miss you, man.

Mitchell: The luck of a human. Done up in a wolf.
George: Thank you, Mitchell. {checks it off the list.} Tick! I love lists.
Mitchell: Yeah, ya do!

George: I’ve done it. I’ve put the wolf to sleep. I’m free. I don’t know what to do first.
Mitchell: Maybe take a shower.

Sam: I’ve seen your CV. You’ll be gone in six months. You must be dying of boredom.
George: No no. When you’ve lived the kind of dangerous, hair-raising life that I have, the idea of boredom just seems… really exciting.
Sam: You’ve lived a dangerous life?
George: The whole porter job? That was just a cover-up. I’m actually—
Sam: A spy.
George: Well I was going to go for superhero, but…
Sam: And what were your powers?
George: Extreme hairiness.

Annie: What’s all this?
George: Now, I’ve put them in ascending order of bowl size and intensity flavor from left to right.
Sykes: That’s very thorough of you.

George: Oo! It’s tingly.
Annie: Sorry.
George: No, that’s fine. I like it.

Sykes: Are you okay?
Annie: Um. Yeah. Yeah, but I don’t feel very well. Can we stop now?
Sykes: Of course. Thanks for all your help, George.
George: No no, that’s, um, that’s fine. I’ll, ah, I’ll just throw all of this in the bin then, shall I?!
Annie: Wow! Clearly someone’s been watching a bit too much Gordon Ramsey!

George: Did I mention I’ve been getting a little bit angry lately?
Annie: Yeah. We’ve noticed.
George: I got cocky, didn’t I? I thought I could put the wolf to sleep, like it would be that easy.
Mitchell: Oh come one, we don’t know that this has anything to do with that—
George: Yes we do. It’s like I can feel him pacing in his cage up here, and he feels cheated. He feels aggrieved because I didn’t let him out, I didn’t let him rage. And he wants to rage so very bad.

George: You tell anybody about this, I will come back and I will finish off the fucking job. Not the police. Not Sam. Not anybody. Do you understand?

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The Looking Glass

Annie as Mitchell gets hauled off: What’s he done?
George: How far back do you want to go?

George: That’s… well, three generations of women all living under the same… damp patch.

Molly: Do you like cats?
George: Yeah. I couldn’t eat a whole one though. Who am I kidding? Of course I could.

George: Hello Annie. What the fu— What is that?
Annie: A baby. It’s one of mine.
George: How long have I been gone?

Mitchell: George, you may want a normal family life, but whether you like it or not, you’re never gonna be a normal family man. You need someone who gets you. The real you.
George: Oh, and Lucy gets you, does she? She accepts you for what you are?
Mitchell: Maybe some day I’ll tell her the truth.
George: Then you’re an idiot. Relationships have secrets. No one can know every square inch of somebody else’s soul, but it doesn’t mean they’re doomed to fail.
Mitchell: No, you’re wrong. I had someone like that. Someone who knew everything about me.
George: Yes, but that was forty years ago.

Mitchell: Where will they sleep?
George: Well, um, Sam will be in with me… obviously. And Molly can have—
Mitchell: The cage?
George: No, not the cage! Forget the cage. The cage will obviously have to go.
Annie: Molly can have my room.
George: Thank you, Annie. That’s incredibly generous. Are you sure?
Annie: Yeah. Tim and I can make do down here.
George: Uh.. Tim?
Annie: My baby.
Mitchell: Annie. It’s not your baby.
Annie: Well mother’s gone AWOL and if she doesn’t come back I’m adopting him.
George: Right. Okay. It’s a bit weird. But thank you.

George: You need to move, I need to move. Give me one valid reason why we shouldn’t do it.
Sam: Money.
George: Two. Give me two valid reasons.
Sam: We hardly know each other.
George: No? Okay. My mother’s maiden name is Harriet. My internet password is password1. I’m indifferent about all competitive sports. And I prefer lager to beer. I don’t understand fishing—What is fishing?—I’m scared of cancer. I voice a bit of a critical objection to drive thru takeaways. And I lost my virginity on a canal boat in Tring.
Sam: Favorite color?
George: That would be gamboge. It’s kind of orangey-brown.

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In the Morning

Annie: Are you having a breakdown or something? Is that it?
George: No, but I think you might be.
Annie: Oh, how dare you!
George: Oh my god, did you just throw that at me?
Annie: It slipped.
George: So what are you, just flinging pottery around like a common poltergeist?
Annie: Did you just call me a poltergeist! Mitchell— Mitchell, listen to this. This is classic, this is. Go on. Say it to Mitchell, go on. Say it again, go on.
George: Would you just shut up for a millisecond? Mitchell, Sam and I are viewing a house today.
Annie: Ha! What d’you make of that?
Mitchell: He has to view houses. He’s moving out.
Annie: Right. Take his side. You two are just so… gay for each other.
George: Annie, I don’t understand. I thought you were fine with this. Come here, you big silly bear.
Annie: I was fine with “this”. When I thought “this” was a notion. But now you’re out viewing actual proper non-imaginary houses.
George: You thought it was a notion?
Annie: Yes! George, I didn’t think you would seriously go through with it. I thought the moment would just pass. You know, like when you decided you were going to wear skinny jeans.
Mitchell: Skinny jeans?
George: That was a private conversation.
Mitchell: Seriously?
George: It was a moment of madness.
Annie: No, George, this is a moment of madness! You can’t just move in with someone that you’ve just started dating. It’s—ah! Tell him, Mitchell.
Mitchell: Skinny jeans, George?
George: Oh, alright, Mitchell. Okay. Listen, where the hell were you last night?
Mitchell: I was with Lucy. We ah, finally, um, you know… Decided to, um…
Annie: Oh, this is like the problem pages of Just Seventeen. You had sex, Mitchell. Sex.
Mitchell: Yeah.
George: That’s great, Mitchell.
Mitchell: Yeah. Yeah, it kind of was, actually.
George: I’m really happy for you.
Mitchell: Oh, thanks mate.
Annie: Why don’t you two just snog each other? Just snog each other.
Mitchell: I don’t want him to go either.
Annie: Well then don’t let him.
Mitchell: We can’t keep him prisoner.
Annie: We do have a cage.
Mitchell: What?
George: Hey. We will still each other. I will visit. I will visit all the time.
Annie: It won’t be the same though, will it? Will it? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

George: I hate it when she does that.
Mitchell: She’s right though. It’s sort of… the end of an era. I’m not surprised she’s upset. This place was her home. Without us, it’s just a haunted house again.
George: Us? You’re not going anywhere, Mitchell.
Mitchell: No. I mean, not yet but I don’t know. I might have plans in the future.
George: Do these future plans include Lucy?
Mitchell: I really hope so. Yeah. Anyway, I’ll see you later, mate.

Sam: It’s available now!
George: What? Now? No, no. As in, today now? As in right here, right now?
Sam: Someone else will have moved in by the time you’ve finished that sentence. What’s the problem?
George: Don’t you think it’s a little far out?
Sam: It’s like half an hour from town.
George: Tell you what, I would really rather be a little closer to my friends.
Sam: By friends, you mean Mitchell.

George: Sorry, Sam. It’s just I have this thing. It’s planned. It’s a planned thing.
Sam: What is?
George: Um, it’s a work thing. It’s about every month or so. In Liverpool. Training.
Sam: Training? You’re a hospital porter, George.
George: Sport training.
Sam: Sport? You?
George: Yes me. Sports. What’s so? I’m on a sports team. It’s toboggan.
Sam: Did you just say toboggan?
George: Yep. Yes I did.
Sam: Right. So you and Mitchell, you toboggan. In Liverpool.
George: Yep. We are tobogganists.

Annie: What are you looking for?
George: The bloody phone charger.
Annie: Oh, that’s in the oven.
George: Really? Alright. Cheers…. What?
Annie: When you said you were viewing houses I started to hide your stuff.
George: Why?
Annie: I thought the more of your stuff I hid then the longer it would take you to leave.
George: Right. How much stuff are we talking about, Annie?

Annie: George. Sorry about earlier. It’s just, I like it. The three of us. It’s us against the world.
George: But I don’t want to be against the world anymore! It gets so tiring, I want to be part of it. We’re all so scared of what might happen out there, and huddled together in this little house somehow makes us less afraid. But you know what? I am ready to be scared. I can’t let this thing own me anymore. {he leaves}.
Annie: You might have a point, George.

George: “So. Your table is almost completed.” Yeah. If you say so.

Molly: Don’t hurt her. Or if you have to hurt her, do it once. Do it now. Leave.
George: Molly—
Molly: My dad hurt her. He told lies too.
George: I would never hurt your mum, Molly. It’s just, I have this secret, which means sometimes I have to distance myself and I’m worried that if she finds out she won’t want me anymore. She’ll think that I’m…
Molly: What?
George: A freak.

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Sam: You know, it’s like you’re still there. sat in that house with Mitchell, watching The Real Hustle, surrounded by cups of cold tea. It’s like you’re hedging your bets.
George: I’m not! But I can’t just abandon— I still have commitments, Sam.
Sam: I’m not asking you to abandon anything. I’m asking you to stop giving mixed signals. You know, I know things between us have happened really quickly but that’s what you wanted. You set the speed, not me. You’re making me nervous now, George. Waiting for the other boot to drop.

Nina: Hi. You look well. I saw your cage. What a great idea. I can’t believe we didn’t think of it before, so…. Um, Annie told me you’ve, ah, you’ve started seeing someone. She said you’re living together?
George: You told me to move on.
Nina: I know, I’m not… I think it’s good. You must be very happy.
George: What are you doing here?
Nina: I came to see you.
George: Yeah, you’ve seen me.
Nina: Okay, I appreciate you’re angry.
George: Who’s angry?
Nina: I’m sorry I left—
George: I’m not mad. It’s the best thing you ever did.
Nina: I just needed some time.
George: Yeah. I gathered that from the letter. Frankly I’m surprised you didn’t dump me by text.
Nina: George, you turned me into a werewolf. Taking the moral high ground about anything feels kind of ridiculous.
George: So that’s why you’re here. You weren’t sure I felt guilty enough.
Nina: Okay, this has gone completely, this is just… I’ve met some people. They might have a cure.
George: For what?
Nina: Cystitis. What do you think? They knew about us, about werewolves. They have done for a long time—
George: What did you tell them?
Nina: I haven’t told them anything! Christ, do you think I—
George: Who the fuck are these people?
Nina: It was Mr. Kemp who first approached me. He’s a priest. He was a priest
George: Oh, hang on, no. This is about religion.
Nina: There’s a scientist too. Professor Jaggat.
George: Right, so we have a defrocked priest and a mad scientist. Nope. No alarm bells ringing so far.
Nina: George—
George: So this cure, how does it work? Oh my god. This is our first conversation. You disappear for weeks and we’re talking about this.
Nina: They have a facility. That’s where I’ve been. And in it, there’s this chamber that… Look, just meet them. They can explain it better than me.
George: I’m not going to meet them.
Nina: Why not?
George: Because it’s insane.
Nina: Three years ago, if someone had told you about werewolves and vampires and ghosts, what would you have said?
George: This is different.
Nina: How?
George: There isn’t a cure.
Nina: Then we walk away.
George: Fine. Right. Yes, okay, yeah. I’ll meet him, this priest. But what he’s doing—the hope he’s giving you—is cruel.
Nina: Yeah okay, I get it. So later today. Two o’clock only to meet him.
George: Yeah. Two is fine. Back here.
Nina: George. It’s good to see you.

George: Nina’s back.
Mitchell: Get out of here. How is she?
George: She’s weird. She’s met these people and they reckon they can cure her.
Mitchell: How’s that?
George: Oh wait for it, one’s a priest.
Mitchell: You’re fucking joking.
Annie: Kept that quiet. I made her toast and everything.

George sitting down on Mitchell’s bed: Oof! Gross. Yeah, his name’s called Jaggat. He’s probably from the Pond Clinic. Oh stick around, the vicar’s coming over at two.
Annie: What, he’s coming over here? You’re going to meet him?
George: Too right. They’re exploiting her. They’re exploiting her shock. No, I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.
Annie: Mm. Well I’ll lurk in the kitchen, ’cause I am not missing this.

George: What about you? Any word from Lucy?
Mitchell: No. Her flat’s all locked up. Hey, remember when you said I’d be an idiot if I told her what I was?
George: Sorry Mitchell.
Mitchell: It’s okay. I’ll see you guys later.

George: No, you get back and get in the— Get in the kitchen!
Annie: Father Ted won’t even be able to see me.
George: Yes, but I will. And I will giggle. And Nina will. And she will get snippy.
Annie: No!
George: Oh god.
Annie: You can’t say that. George you cannot say not.
George: Shut your mouth, Annie, actually. You’re being incredibly rude.

Nina: George, this is Mr. Kemp.
George: Alright.
Kemp: It’s an honor to meet you.
George: If you’d like to go through please. {Annie giggles and Nina looks a bit snippy.}

George: So. You know why we’re this way.
Kemp: You’re possessed.
George: I’m possessed?
Kemp: By Satan.
George: Okay. Thank you so much for coming.
Nina: George—
George: I knew this was a waste of time. We’re possessed? That’s your explanation?
Kemp: And how would you explain it?

Kemp: In our facility we have a decompression chamber into which we would place you, or Nina, on the night of a transformation. The room is then pressurized to negate the tidal effect of the full moon. The wolf is not allowed to manifest. It becomes weaker. It dies.
George: Does it work?
Kemp: You would be the first.
George: Right. Right. So it’s less of an exorcism, it’s more like vivisection.

George: Do you really believe what we are could be explained by religion?
Nina: You do.
George: What?
Nina: You call our condition a curse. Why is a curse easier to believe than a possession?
Kemp: Nina’s right, George. You can’t cherry pick the aspects of faith that appeal to you. If you believe in God’s miracles you must believe in Satan’s.
George: Yeah, I don’t believe in Satan.
Kemp: Then you’re an idiot! Evil exists. And so do monsters. No one knows that better than us.
George: Nah. Sorry. Still don’t buy it. Just because something can’t be explained doesn’t mean it becomes yours. You don’t have a cure. There isn’t a cure.

George: You know what I find most amazing? Is that you believe it. You, of all people.
Nina: Really? ‘Cause what I can’t understand is why you’re being such a dick.

George: I have my cure. Everything is under control now, thank you.
Nina: The cage is damage limitation, that’s all.
George: You make it sound like it’s a bad thing.
Nina: Look, they are offering back our lives.
George: Oh really? I didn’t realize I was lacking one. I have a job, friends, a girlfriend who won’t leave—
Nina: So do it for her.
George: What do you mean?
Nina: You had the situation under control. How’d that work out for you?

George: It’s important for me to know that you know that I am a constant now in your life and in Molly’s life. I want to send out a message. “This is who I’m with now!”. Which is why I also think we should get married.
Sam: You’re not serious.
George: Well yeah, as long as I’m back at the old house by eight it should be fine.
Sam: About getting married!
George: Yes. Never been more sure.

George: We can’t carry on.
Sam: What did you say?
George: Who was I trying to kid? What did I think would happen? We were so eager to feel normal and needed, we filled in the rest. We pretended.
Sam: Is that what you really think?
George: This isn’t the life I get now. This is something that happens to other people. You’re wonderful. She’s wonderful.

Annie: George. Hi.
George: Hey.
Annie: What’re you doing?
George: I’m going to that place, that facility Nina was talking about. I’m going to try that cure.
Annie: But you said that there wasn’t a cure. That belongs with the house.
George: Maybe not, but we have a responsibility to try.
Annie: Is it safe?
George: Safer than not going. We’re monsters, Annie. Immersing ourselves in humanity is deceptive and it’s dangerous, and the sooner we’re away from other people, the better.
Annie: Then I’m coming with you.
George: What? Why?
Annie: Keep an eye on you. God knows what those people might do to you.
George: Annie, he’s a Catholic priest.
Annie: Exactly.

Mitchell: Ah no, not him again. I thought he moved out! He’s always fucking here.
George: Oh god. Are you drunk? I hate it when you’re drunk. Listen, I need to tell you something important and you’ll probably want to have a wrestle, but, uh, listen. I’m going to that place with Nina and the priest and Professor Jaggat.
Annie: And I’m going to go with him.
George: Yeah. So, ah—
Mitchell: Good. Piss off. ‘Cause I’m getting really sick of your dog hairs on my clothes.
George: Mitchell.
Mitchell: George, get out of here now.
George: What’s going on?

Mitchell: Please. Just
take my keys and get out.
George: Mitchell, what’s happening?
Mitchell: George, please!
George: Mitchell, what’s going on?!
Mitchell: Nothing. It’s all good, Georgie. It’s all good.

Mitchell: George, you’re my friend right?
George: Always.
Mitchell: Whatever you are when you leave that place. Stay out of the cities. The cities won’t be safe for much longer.

Annie: We’re not coming back here again, are we?
George: Of course we are. Come on, Annie, please. It’ll be fine.

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All God’s Children

Annie: Do you know what the weird thing is?
Psychic: Annie says, “Do you know what the weird thing is.”
George: For the eighteenth time, I can hear her. {to Annie} So none of this is the weird thing?
Annie: They can’t see me—the weird Bible guys. Only you two, Mr. Kemp and Nina know I’m here.

Annie: So. Looks like we found Mitchell’s girlfriend.
George: Yeah. Small world.
Annie: Why do you think she didn’t tell him that she had all this going on?
George: Doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence, does it. This place is doing my head in. All the medical tests, religious talks. Do you know, I’m not even allowed protein.
Annie: You’re kidding.
George: No. No dairy or meat. Apparently they’re worried it will strengthen the demon.
Annie: Demon!
George: It’s not funny.
Annie: So then why are you here?
George: Since I gave Nina… since… Since Nina got the curse she’s asked me for nothing except this. So it doesn’t really matter what I believe.
Annie: You gonna see it through?
George: I will see you later.
Annie: George. I’m worried about Mitchell. When we left him, he was—
George: He was drunk. That’s all, Annie.
Annie: He wasn’t drunk. You know he wasn’t drunk. What the hell had happened? What’s he done?

George: You make me nervous. It’s like all my senses are telling me you’re dangerous.
Lucy: I am.
George: Excuse me?
Lucy: But not to you. They’re not your senses. There’s a… creature inside of you—I know Kemp calls a demon—but it looks at me through your eyes and it knows what I am going to do.
George: It’s funny. Because it feels like it’s me.
Lucy: I want to help you. I want to do good work.

Nina: Why did you even come here? Was it guilt? Obligation?
George: You know why. I thought maybe they had a cure.
Nina: Exactly! A cure for this hell we’re in and three days later you want to leave. I just, I don’t—
George: I’m frightened.
Nina: The risks are minimal. They’ve told you.
George: I’m frightened… it will work. Two years ago I was given the world’s best excuse not to get involved. You said as much yourself when you rang me. Do you remember?
Nina: I said you should stop using the curse as an excuse not to live.
George: All this time I have been dreaming of a life without this, and that it might happen… The thought of it, it’s so exquisite. It’s so terrifying.
Nina: When I found out what you were… suddenly it all made sense, you know? I’ve never exactly been, um, lucky in love, but if this works we’ll have nothing left to hide behind, it will just be you and me. And we’ve never even met before. My god, George, you think you’re scared?
George: You really thought that? Nina, you are worth a thousand of me.
Nina: Just the one’ll do. So what happens now?
George: I stay.

George: What the hell are you doing? I just rang home to see if there was a message from Mitchell and I got your suicide note.
Annie: Ah.
George: Is that why you’re here? Is it? You want Father Lurch to exorcise you?
Annie: No, I wanted to keep an eye on you as well.
George: Did you know about this?
Psychic: Uh, yeah.
George: Oh right, so you tell him and not us.
Annie: You would have tried to stop me.
George: Uh, yeah. Too bloody right! No, I’m sorry I’ve already lost one best friend this week, I’m not losing another.

George: What if I stayed? I mean, the way I am.
Annie: No. You’ve got Nina now.
George: I’m just saying. What if?

George: Just one more day—one more day. That’s all I’m asking. I understand what you’re saying, I really do understand. But please—please don’t do anything until we’ve spoken. I love you, you know?
Annie: Yeah. I love you too. Oh shut up.
George: You shut up.
Annie: You shut up. {she grabs his hand.}
George: What is it?
Annie: I don’t know, it’s weird. But I feel very frightened.

Nina: We can play I Spy.
George: Oh no…
Nina: I spy with my little eye…
George: Please. Please, don’t do this—
Nina: Live with it, it’s happening. I spy with my little eye something beginning with…
George: God, you are beautiful.
Nina: W. Can’t say walls.
George: Do you know we’d never have met if it weren’t for this?
Nina: W. And you can’t say wall.
George: Oh, I don’t know. Weird Christians. I give up.
Nina: Writing.
George: Writing?
Nina: Over there. Can’t read it from here. {George goes to investigate.} Oof. Nice ass.
George: Yeah, I’m aware of that. Thank you.

George, all the werewolves die

Nina: So. What’s it say? George? George?
George: Get up.

Nina: George, we should find Annie and go.
George: Something’s going on. {looking at the cameras} Ah shit. There’s a body in the bathroom.

Nina: Come on, there’s nothing you can do for her.
George: No. He’s here. Mitchell.
Nina: What? Who?
George: He’s here somewhere. I need to find him

Kemp: It’s true! I killed her! Your friend. I threw her over to the other side. {Mitchell attacks} Did you feel her go? Hm? Did you hear her scream as she was ripped from this world? I want you to know pain. Like the families of your victims, I want you to know grief and rage! As I did.
Mitchell: I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna rip your head off.
Kemp: I’m ready to meet my maker. Are you ready to meet yours?
George: Mitchell! Mitchell, stop!
Mitchell: He killed her, George! He took her away from us!
George: She wouldn’t want this, you know she wouldn’t!
Mitchell: Leave now, or I swear to god you’ll be next.
George: I have lost too much today.
Mitchell: Get out of here, George!
George: I’m not going to lose you too.
Mitchell: I’ll kill him! And I’ll kill you.
George: No, you won’t.
Mitchell: You don’t know what I’ve done.
George: You’re still in there somewhere.
Mitchell: They killed her!
George: And this is how you’re going to honor her! If you want to kill, if you want to rip away every last shred of humanity, then fine! But don’t you dare do it in Annie’s name! They’re monsters! Not us!
Mitchell letting Kemp go: Fuck! Fuck!
George: Mitchell, give me your hand. Mitchell. Come on. Take my hand. Let’s just go.
Mitchell: We lost her.
George: I know. But I got you back.

George: What’s this? “God’s Blueprint by Professor Lucy Jaggat”. […] Are you hoping she included our address and telephone number?
Nina: Just trying to get inside her head, George.

George: For the rest of my life, bad plumbing will make me think of her.
Mitchell: Why haven’t you asked me?
George: Asked you what?
Mitchell: About what happened before you left the house. About what I did in the facility.
George: I don’t want to know. I don’t want to look and think…. I can’t be your confessor, Mitchell, I can’t. Not now. I need you too much.

Mitchell: You’re better than this, Nina.
Nina: They started it. They set the agenda. Why is it always down to the victims to do the right thing?
George: ‘Cause there has to be a difference between us and them.
Nina: There is. We’re weaker.

Mitchell: Thanks.
George: I haven’t forgiven Lucy. I’m just saying I don’t think we should kill her. Don’t go thinking I’m your ally in this, Mitchell.

George: Please. Please don’t hurt her.
Kemp: The dog. It begs.

George: If you want to kill someone, then you kill me.
Kemp: Oh be reassured. Tonight I will spill every drop of your black blood. And I will start with her.

George: Oh my— that was Annie! What’s that? Nina, I thought it didn’t work.
Nina checking the plug: No, it doesn’t.

Annie: Can you hear me?
Mitchell: Yeah, we can hear you and see you.
Annie: Are you guys safe now?
George: Yeah. You saved us.
Mitchell: Annie, are you okay?
Annie: Yeah. It’s just a bit complicated. Um, I miss you.
Mitchell: Oh, we miss you too, Annie.
George: What’s it like there?
Annie: We wait. We wait. We each have a number and we wait for someone to call our number and then we move to another room and we wait there. But then… then one of us disappears and we talk, and we’re not allowed to talk about them. And there are bells and there are buzzers and whistles… we had to fill in this form and the people… the people behind the doors, they whisper. I don’t know what we’re waiting for to happen, but sometimes I wish it would just, just happen. We’re frightened of what it might be and… they’re really angry with me for getting Kemp, ’cause they said there isn’t a form for that. Oh god, um, I have to go. {she starts to fade} Please, don’t forget me, will you?

George: What happens now, Mitchell? What do we do?
Mitchell: We’re gonna get her back.

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