Being Human John Mitchell

Series 2


Aidan Turner

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Cure and Contagion

Mitchell: George why are we doing this?
George: Three times. Three times I’ve been attacked now.
Mitchell: We should let them go. {George starts upstairs.} Be careful.
George: I think I can handle her.
Mitchell: I know her. Be careful.

Ivan: Oh, mate, you look awful.
Mitchell: You just smacked me in the face!
Ivan: Oh, I think you know what I mean. So it’s true then? You’re clean.
Mitchell: Yes. You should try it.
Ivan: Oh, yes, and maybe one day I could look like shit too.

Mitchell: Let me make this clear, an attack on him is an attack on me. You meet anyone, you tell them that. And tell them to hide. We go back to the shadows where we were. The revolution has been cancelled.

Mitchell: What happened?
George: She attacked me… but I managed to fight her off.
Mitchell: Yeah? You’ve got lipstick on your mouth.

Mitchell: You can’t get a job, Annie.
Annie: But who would know? I’m visible now, I’m solid.
Mitchell: You’re not solid, you’re squishy. What about when people touch you?
Annie: What kind of a pub do you think it is, Mitchell?

Mitchell: Did that just happen?
George: I think it’s a good thing she’s moving on.
Mitchell: No, you’re right. The disembodied spirit of a dead woman is getting a job in the service industry. What could possibly go wrong?

George: After a life that’s been consistently violent and chaotic, you’ve nothing left to fight and nothing left to safeguard.
Mitchell: What about the vampire attacks then?
George: But you’re not the target. It’s not about you anymore, so there’s nothing left to do. You’re like a piece of, um… deadly furniture.
Mitchell: Did you just call me deadly furniture?

Lucy: Last night I got home and my goldfish was gone. No body, no note, nothing. So… no, I’m really not okay.
Mitchell: Do you have a cat? ‘Cause, well, chances are that’s what ate the goldfish.
Lucy: I don’t, but if I did I think I would have made that connection.

Nina: You knew.
Mitchell: Not for sure. Not ’til now.

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Serve God, Love Me and Mend

Vienna 1999

Carl: I wish you could see this.
Mitchell: We should go down there, man. Have a drink.
Carl: This is fine.
Mitchell: Oh come on! It’s the beginning of a new century.
Carl: Yeah, I saw the last one.

Mitchell: Why are you doing this?
Carl: Because it’s what you’d do for me, Mitchell.

Lucy: So that was weird.
Mitchell: I don’t know how to talk to you. I know I came on too strong the other day, but now— Oh my god, I’ve become my flatmate.

Mitchell: George around?
Nina: Upstairs. Probably making me a mix tape.
Mitchell: I cam imagine how hard this must be. But the stuff we can teach you, me and George.
Nina: Like sit… and fetch? Thank you, but I’m fine. Really.

Mitchell: A dead body came into the hospital. Puncture wounds in the neck, all the blood drained. Thing is, I know him.
George: Okay, who is it?
Mitchell: One of the times I properly tried to stop drinking blood, I was living with this vampire Carl, and he helped me. He’s been clean for, I don’t know, like twenty years.
George: You… um, sorry. You lived with someone before me?
Mitchell: What? Yeah, lots of people.
George: Wha- ? Like who?
Mitchell: Vampires. People people. I don’t know.
George: People people. Oh, I see.
Mitchell: Oh god. You… don’t get all you about it. Of course I’ve lived with other people. Do you think I’ve spent the last hundred years waiting for you and your three different types of upholstery cleaner to show up? Anyway. After me, he lived with this other guy, Dan. A human. And that’s the body that came in.

Mitchell: I thought we were clear, the pathologist does what he can but if it gets bumped up, you kill it.
Coroner Quinn: It doesn’t get bumped up. Herrick keeps things away from my desk.
Mitchell: Herrick’s gone. I’m handling this.
Coroner Quinn: What happened to him?
Mitchell: Politics.
Coroner Quinn: That figures. I’ve not had my envelope for six weeks now.
Mitchell: We’re in a transitional period. Even so, the deal’s—
Coroner Quinn: The deal’s off.
Mitchell: Do you want a raise? Is that what this is about?
Coroner Quinn: The deal is off.

Mitchell: You did what?
Annie: Sort of… disappeared.
Mitchell: Right. But that’s okay, because by disappeared you mean “got away.”
Annie deftly changing the subject: Oh Mitchell, have you been working out?
Mitchell: Oh, that’s just fantastic!
Annie: He was all over me! It was a reflex.

Mitchell: Nina. Don’t do this. I understand, I really do. But it’s gonna take time to adjust.
Nina: Adjust? You’ve gone native. The three of you. Maybe I’m being naive. Maybe it’s the consequence of your condition. Our condition. I don’t know. Your humanity, this thing… are you protecting it? Are you looking for it? Do you even know? Because take it from me, it’s long gone. And this house accelerates it! It’s insane here. You’ve got monsters and killers… and my god, that man! You helped him escape.
Mitchell: What have you said to George?
Nina: I’ve written him a letter.
Mitchell: Jesus, Nina. A letter?
Nina: He gets a letter. I love him. I really do. I mean sickening, stomach-turning love. Practicing my signature with his second name kind of love. But I look at him, and I want to pull chunks of flesh from his face.
Mitchell: Good luck.
Nina: You too.

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Long Live the King

Lucy: You believe in God?
Mitchell: Well I’m not any denomination really. Just, you know… help them out when they’re busy kind of thing.

Lucy: Gotta say, I’ve never seen the condition in a hospital porter before. I suppose the bad working conditions have driven you to believe in a monotheist deity.
Mitchell: That’s what happens when you haven’t got a strong trade union.

Mitchell: You know why I’m here, Chief Constable.
Chief Constable Wilson: I assume you’re the new Herrick.
Mitchell: Okay, so firstly, no. I’m not the new Herrick. This… I’m not even standing here. This is just… I’m a representative.
Chief Constable Wilson: So. Represent.
Mitchell: We have a situation.
Chief Constable Wilson: Too bloody right you do. The press are all over this. Perfect middle-class young couple engaged to be married. Why can’t you guys stick to homeless alkies?

Chief Constable Wilson: You boys have access to money, don’t you?
Mitchell: Well. We made a couple of good investments in the eighteen hundreds.

Mitchell: What about the guy in the coma?
Chief Constable Wilson: Pray for brain damage. Oh, and I’m warning you, without Coroner Quinn on board this is all academic.

Mitchell: Listen to me. The killing has to stop. Things have changed. The old system that allowed you to kill, that doesn’t exist anymore. The world we knew—the world you came into—that’s gone. And you have to accept that.
Cara: So what are we supposed to do?
Mitchell: Go clean. Renounce blood.

Mitchell: Do you people have any fucking idea who I am? My name is John Mitchell. And I’ve killed more people than you’ve met. If I can do it, so can you.

Mitchell: You will not feed. And if anyone—anyone—steps out of line, I’ll kill ’em myself.

Wilson: There’s still the death of the girlfriend we need to deal with. And for that we need Quinn.
Mitchell: He won’t cooperate!
Wilson: Yeah. Me and Herrick always had our doubts about him. Here. {He hands him some paper.} Give him this.
Mitchell: What is it?
Wilson: Leverage!

Mitchell: If we’re exposed there will be huge suffering on both sides. History has shown that.
Quinn: No, history has shown us that the end never justifies the means. That’s always the road to hell.

Lucy: Are you asking me out in a mortuary?
Mitchell: Well we did meet in a toilet, so.

George: You’ve put the system back in place, haven’t you?
Mitchell: It’s the only way to control them.
George: Right. So killing’s okay again now, is it?
Mitchell: This is just the short term.
George: And the long term?
Mitchell: I’m gonna help them get off blood. It’s the only way, George! I can do this. I can persuade them.
George: Oh, so this is before or after you walk on water?

Mitchell: This isn’t a fucking show!
Daisy: Justice has to be seen to be done, Mitchell. Or what’s the point? Do it properly, you’ll never have to do it again.

Mitchell: Cara’s been executed.
All: The king is dead, long live the king!

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Educating Creature

George: I mean, I speak a ridiculous amount of languages. I have an IQ of a hundred and fifty-six, for gods sake. Surely I can get a job that doesn’t insult my intelligence. Um, no offense.
Mitchell: Yeah, well, those thickies at the hospital are really gonna miss you, man.

Mitchell: What part of “no blood” did you not understand?
Campbell: No no no. This is different. She wants to be fed on.
Mitchell: Excuse me?
Campbell: We found her online. On an emo message board. There are dozens of ’em. They talk about vampires and there’s all this bonkers self-harm stuff. It gets really dark. Anyway, they love the idea of being drunk from. It’s a kind of groupie thing. Isn’t that better?
Mitchell: No, Campbell! It’s not better. Get her out of her, will ya?
Campbell: Sorry. {Emo Girl whispers to Campbell} She says can she have her bus fare home then?
Mitchell: For fuck’s sake.

Ivan: Well. That was a very creative reinterpretation of the rules.
Mitchell: There aren’t rules. There’s one rule.
Ivan: That’s addicts for you, always looking for little loopholes.

Ivan: Please don’t say you got that idea from me.
Mitchell: You should be pleased.
Ivan: Pleased? Don’t be fucking ridiculous. It’s like when they dress up those bears and make them dance for the tourists in Istanbul. Have you ever seen that?
Mitchell: No, I can’t say I have.
Ivan: This great big mountain of power and fury, done up in a fez and a waistcoat, and all the time just waiting for it to wake up, realize what it is and tear someone’s throat out.
Mitchell: Did you ever actually see it happen?
Ivan: Yeah, yeah, I did. Horrific. I mean I’ve got photos if you want.

George: I’ve done it. I’ve put the wolf to sleep. I’m free. I don’t know what to do first.
Mitchell: Maybe take a shower.

Ivan: That was a good meeting. Another seven on board.
Mitchell: Yeah.
Ivan: Oh by the way, we’re gonna need more tea and biscuits.
Mitchell: Yeah, having you as a poster boy hasn’t hurt, has it?
Ivan: I swear, I’m going to be giving out autographs soon. It’s like being in a fucking boy band.
Mitchell: The thought of you in a boy band is disturbing on so many levels.

Mitchell: Do you know how many people are in that room because of you? If you quit—
Ivan: I am not gonna quit!
Mitchell: So what are you saying?
Ivan: I may be many things, Mitchell, but I am a man of my word. I will stand in that room and talk about how brave and strong we all are, how this is a fight that we can win. I will do that for as long as you need me to, but I cannot do it dry.
Mitchell: Do you have any idea what you’re asking me to do?
Ivan: I could say the same to you.

Ivan in a thick Russian accent: So, do you have the package?
Mitchell: Do you thinks that’s funny?
Ivan: Well, you know, I’m just trying to lighten the mood. So why do I suddenly feel like a turd in a swimming pool.
Mitchell: Just answer me this, did you ever actually think you could go dry or was it just another one of your games?
Ivan: I thought I could do it. I thought I was powerful enough. I was wrong. Okay? You know, Mitchell, eventually it just makes children of us all.

Mitchell: Don’t kill her, Ivan. Do you hear me?
Ivan: Oh, you’re the boss.
Mitchell: And don’t tell anyone.
Ivan: How many do you have now? How many vampires are not drinking right now because of us? We are saving lives, Mitchell.
Mitchell: Yeah. I’m a fucking hero. Enjoy your meal.

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The Looking Glass

London, 1969

Herrick: Morning soldier.
Mitchell: Where are we?
Herrick: London.
Mitchell: How did we end up here?
Herrick: What, you don’t remember the party? The four-hour drive. The… girls.
Mitchell: Come on, let’s get out of here.
Herrick: Well I can’t leave the place looking like this.
Mitchell: Don’t other people take care of this kind of thing?
Herrick: Back in Bristol, sure.
Mitchell: What, there’s no vampires in London?
Herrick: Yeah, but their head guy and I, we don’t, um… I sort of killed his mum. Anyway, there’s bound to be a bucket and some Fairy liquid under the sink. Um, do what you can.
Mitchell: You want me to do it?
Herrick: Yeah, I’ve got to find the car. I have a vague recollection of parking it on a bridge. Um, I’ll meet you out front in an hour.
Mitchell: Alright.

Mitchell: If I take my hand away, are you going to scream?
Girl: I don’t care about the milk. Keep it.
Mitchell: You just keep your mouth shut and I’ll be gone before you know it. Is there another way out of here?
Girl: What have you done?
Mitchell: Is there another way out of here?
Girl: You mean like a secret tunnel that connects to the sewage system?
Mitchell: Yeah.
Girl: No.
Mitchell: Are you gonna cause me a problem?
Girl: That depends. Are you gonna hurt me?
Mitchell: Right now I’d say it’s about fifty-fifty.

Girl: What happens now?
Mitchell: We wait.

Policeman: You! Get up!
Mitchell: It’s the library books, isn’t it?

Mitchell: Morning.
George: Hey, are you okay?
Mitchell: Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?
George: Uh, well I don’t know. Maybe the Storm Troopers dragging you out of bed in the middle of the night?
Mitchell: It’s mistaken identity.

Mitchell: Campbell, you gotta stick it out. It happens. It’ll keep happening. But then it stops.
Campbell: This happened to you too?
Mitchell: Yeah. In glorious technicolor.

Girl: Why did you do it? You must have had a motive. No one kills without a motive. You didn’t even know those girls, did you?
Mitchell: I didn’t need to know them. They were in a bar, they were up for a party and now they’re dead. Tomorrow I won’t even remember what they looked like.
Girl: I don’t believe you. Even if you said you enjoyed it, it would make more sense.

Girl: So how many people have you killed?
Mitchell: Dunno. It’s hard to say. More than a hundred, less than a thousand.

Girl: No remorse? Or does this make it easier to do it? This—what is it—this role you play?
Mitchell: Why couldn’t I have taken a mute hostage?
Girl: That was my last question.
Mitchell: Yeah. It makes it easier, okay?
Girl: So it’s an act.
Mitchell: You said no more questions.
Girl: That wasn’t a question.
Mitchell: Why are you being like this?
Girl: Oh, so you can ask questions?
Mitchell: You’re a funny little thing, you know that?

Girl: I’m not scared of you. Maybe that’s why I’m being like this. At least not as scared as I probably should be.
Mitchell: Yeah. You should be terrified.
Girl: I should be married to David Bowie.
Mitchell: You should be begging for fucking mercy.
Girl: Is that what they did?
Mitchell: Look, whatever your name is—
Girl: You want me to tell you my name?
Mitchell: I want you to shut up!
Girl: I can tell you my name. It’s—
Mitchell: Shut up!
Girl: I still don’t understand why you do it.
Mitchell: It’s complicated.
Girl: Take your time. I’m tied to a bookshelf.
Mitchell: Seriously, do you never stop?
Girl: You know what else I think? No one’s even asked you this before.
Mitchell: I had to kill them, okay? I didn’t have a choice!
Girl: That’s the first thing you’ve said I actually believe. You have to kill them. You don’t really want to.

Mitchell: George, you may want a normal family life, but whether you like it or not, you’re never gonna be a normal family man. You need someone who gets you. The real you.
George: Oh, and Lucy gets you, does she? She accepts you for what you are?
Mitchell: Maybe some day I’ll tell her the truth.
George: Then you’re an idiot. Relationships have secrets. No one can know every square inch of somebody else’s soul, but it doesn’t mean they’re doomed to fail.
Mitchell: No, you’re wrong. I had someone like that. Someone who knew everything about me.
George: Yes, but that was forty years ago.

Girl: Mitchell can you do me a favor?
Mitchell: What? Don’t use my name.
Girl: Can you do it?
Mitchell: Do what?
Girl: Kill me. That’s how this ends. Can you do it? Not him, he’s…. I’d prefer you to do it if you can. Mitchell, wait! Please. This is between us. It’ll never leave this room. I know you’re not like him. You want this to end.
Mitchell: You have to feed the monster. It’s like keeping a ball in the air, if it drops…. You have to feed it because otherwise this panic creeps in. And it’s not withdrawal. It’s terror. You start seeing the faces again—you think you’ve forgotten them, but they come back. The smell of their hair, their taste on the lips. The last thing they said. The only way to stop it is to kill again. You see it’s not an addiction, it’s cowardice. It’s not being able to face the alternative.
Girl: Have you ever tried to stop? Would you like to try again?

Mitchell: Where will they sleep?
George: Well, um, Sam will be in with me… obviously. And Molly can have—
Mitchell: The cage?
George: No, not the cage! Forget the cage. The cage will obviously have to go.

Mitchell: I think it’s under control, but it’s just sleeping. This rage, this hunger, it’s in my bones and I want to stop. I’ve gone clean before. If the conditions are right and I’m in the right place. I can do it, I know I can!
Lucy: What conditions?
Mitchell: Someone to help me! Someone to change my life for. That’s what I’ve been missing all this time, is just someone to— someone like you. I can do this. One more chance is all I need. I want this so much but I can’t do it alone. Please. Please, I’m begging you. Save me.

Mitchell: Help me.
Josie: Why should I?
Mitchell: Because I can’t help myself. I don’t even know your name.
Josie: It’s Josie.

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In the Morning

George: Mitchell, Sam and I are viewing a house today.
Annie: Ha! What d’you make of that?
Mitchell: He has to view houses. He’s moving out.
Annie: Right. Take his side. You two are just so… gay for each other.

Annie: George, I didn’t think you would seriously go through with it. I thought the moment would just pass. You know, like when you decided you were going to wear skinny jeans.
Mitchell: Skinny jeans?
George: That was a private conversation.
Mitchell: Seriously?
George: It was a moment of madness.
Annie: No, George, this is a moment of madness! You can’t just move in with someone that you’ve just started dating. It’s—ah! Tell him, Mitchell.
Mitchell: Skinny jeans, George?
George: Oh, alright, Mitchell. Okay. Listen, where the hell were you last night?
Mitchell: I was with Lucy. We ah, finally, um, you know… Decided to, um…
Annie: Oh, this is like the problem pages of Just Seventeen. You had sex, Mitchell. Sex.
Mitchell: Yeah.
George: That’s great, Mitchell.
Mitchell: Yeah. Yeah, it kind of was, actually.
George: I’m really happy for you.
Mitchell: Oh, thanks mate.
Annie: Why don’t you two just snog each other? Just snog each other.

Mitchell: I don’t want him to go either.
Annie: Well then don’t let him.
Mitchell: We can’t keep him prisoner.
Annie: We do have a cage.
Mitchell: What?
George: Hey. We will still each other. I will visit. I will visit all the time.
Annie: It won’t be the same though, will it? Will it? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

George: I hate it when she does that.
Mitchell: She’s right though. It’s sort of… the end of an era. I’m not surprised she’s upset. This place was her home. Without us, it’s just a haunted house again.
George: Us? You’re not going anywhere, Mitchell.
Mitchell: No. I mean, not yet but I don’t know. I might have plans in the future.
George: Do these future plans include Lucy?
Mitchell: I really hope so. Yeah. Anyway, I’ll see you later, mate.

Lucy: You have killed people.
Mitchell: Not anymore.
Lucy: Not anymore? Do you know how insufficient that sounds? You have killed people.
Mitchell: You can be my salvation.
Lucy: I don’t think so.
Mitchell: Don’t say that.
Lucy: It’s your world, Mitchell. It’s in every cell. You can’t just change.
Mitchell: I can.
Lucy: You’re not strong enough. It finds you. It always finds you.
Mitchell: Not this time.
Lucy: Why? What’s so different this time?
Mitchell: I have you. It’s a struggle. I can’t lie, it’s always a struggle. But I can do this.
Lucy: How?
Mitchell: I leave them.
Lucy: They’ll follow you.
Mitchell: I’ll tell them I’m finished with them. I’ll tell all of them.
Lucy: When?
Mitchell: What?
Lucy: When will you tell them?
Mitchell: I’ll call a meeting tomorrow night at the funeral parlor.

Ivan: Look, this was your plan and, you know, it’s working. Everyone’s on the wagon—
Mitchell: Yeah.
Ivan: Well aside from me, obviously. But I’m, you know, a Special Needs. Why do you want to throw it away?
Mitchell: I don’t want to throw it away. I want to pass it over. I want someone else to take the reigns. Someone, you know, intelligent and capable and… disinterested.
Ivan: Oh my good god, no.
Mitchell: Just hear me out.
Ivan: I’m not ready for that kind of responsibility.
Mitchell: Ivan, you’re two hundred and thirty-seven years old. When do you think you’re going to be ready?

Ivan: Mitchell, at the moment I’m keeping my excesses in check as a favor to you and because it amuses me. But, um, you have no idea of the effort that that entails. Now I can’t lead, not even by example. I am just one step away from wiping out an entire branch of Argos.
Mitchell: Then this will be ideal. It’ll give you something to focus on. You know, this is the problem with vampires. Too much fucking introspection! Jesus.
Ivan: Mitchell, you’re going to find someone else, mate.
Mitchell: Ivan, I’ve met someone. I can’t be with her and be part of this. I know it’s a big ask. I know it’s a huge favor, but I can’t… She’s my way out of this chaos. This could be my last chance and if I get… Oh, forget it! It doesn’t matter.
Ivan: You should have said it was about love. I get it now. We all lead long and appalling lives. But I have my Daisy. Everyone deserves a Daisy. So. After you.

Mitchell: This has been a really, a really interesting journey. But tonight marks the end of the journey for me. But I’ll be leaving you in the capable hands of—
Ivan throwing Mitchell to the floor: Get down!

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Mitchell: Daisy?
Daisy: How did you get out?
Mitchell: Ivan saved me. He saved me, Daisy.

Daisy: You watch the news much?
Mitchell: No. Not really.
Daisy: All over the world you’ve got these pockets of vampires. Some in hiding, some with arrangements like you had here. But things have started to shift. You notice how there’s been lots of accidents lately? Gas explosions, buildings collapsing. They’re fighting back.
Mitchell: They?
Daisy: Humans.
Mitchell: That’s what Herrick was always talking about. Survival of the fittest. Look, it comes down to this, right? There’s always gonna be someone with a bigger stick.

Daisy: I’m going to track down everyone who knew, and I’m going torture them. I’m going to find who did this, I’m going to kill them.
Mitchell: Daisy! Daisy, wait. Listen, it was the police. I know it was. There’s no need to look for anyone else.
Daisy: I want to hear it from them.
Mitchell: Okay. I know who we’ve got to talk to.

George: Nina’s back.
Mitchell: Get out of here. How is she?
George: She’s weird. She’s met these people and they reckon they can cure her.
Mitchell: How’s that?
George: Oh wait for it, one’s a priest.
Mitchell: You’re fucking joking.
Annie: Kept that quiet. I made her toast and everything.
Mitchell: So what, it’s all like tambourines and shit, is it?
George: Oh no. They’ve got a scientist.
Mitchell: Oh well. If they’ve got a scientist.

Annie: Hang on, wait. Aren’t you worried? These people know he’s a werewolf.
Mitchell: Just because someone knows what you are doesn’t mean they’re a threat, Annie. He’ll be fine. I mean they sound pretty harmless, don’t they? A scientist and that. Right, I’m off. {to George} Are you going to be okay?
George: Hm. I guess. What about you? Any word from Lucy?
Mitchell: No. Her flat’s all locked up. Hey, remember when you said I’d be an idiot if I told her what I was?
George: Sorry Mitchell.
Mitchell: It’s okay. I’ll see you guys later.

Mitchell: I tried explaining to her. I said, he’s not the guy. Sure he’d have known about it, and helped cover it up. What you want to do is, you want to focus your energy on whoever organized it. So we came to a compromise. You tell me who was behind it and we go and annoy them. Daisy, ease up a smidge there, sweetheart.
Daisy loosening her grip: Sorry.
Mitchell: What’d you say, fella?
Quinn: It wasn’t us.
Mitchell: Eh eh! Wrong answer. ‘Cause you signed off on the cause of death.
Quinn: What else could I to do? None of us knew what had happened. The remains came in, we knew what they were. But all we could do was react. There was no warning.

Quinn: She came to my office a few weeks back. Said she had this bonkers idea I was working for vampires and didn’t like it. She told me not to worry. Said they’d got a plan. She’d find out where the vampires were gathering, and there was going to be a fire.
Mitchell: What was her name?
Quinn: She only told me her first name.
Mitchell: Tell me now.
Quinn: Lucy.

Mitchell: For years I protected humanity. I wanted to join them and they do this? You’re right Daisy. We’re under attack. You want retaliation? I’ll show you retaliation.

Mitchell: I should never have told her about me. She’s not coming back.
Daisy: I forgive you. It’s not your fault. You weren’t to know. What do we do now? Bonnie and Clyde?
Mitchell: We find Lucy.
Daisy: I don’t think she wants to be found.
Mitchell: She told me once that she prayed at the hospital chapel, so I’ll go speak to the chaplain. Give him a fright.
Daisy: What if he doesn’t know?
Mitchell: Well then, one by one we’ll kill everyone in the world ’til we find her.
Daisy: Sounds fun. But just the two of us, that could take a while.
Mitchell: No. There’s someone else.

Annie: Hey.
Mitchell: It’s the ghost.
Annie: Did you have a friend over?
Mitchell: I kissed you once, do you remember?
Annie: Yeah. Sort of.
Mitchell: You know, sometimes I can hear you moving about in a different room and.. I just think about your body under those clothes. I think about your skin.
Annie: What? Mitchell, stop it! Shut up.
Mitchell: Do you want to kiss me again? Do you want to kiss me?

Mitchell: Ah no, not him again. I thought he moved out! He’s always fucking here.
George: Oh god. Are you drunk? I hate it when you’re drunk. Listen, I need to tell you something important and you’ll probably want to have a wrestle, but, uh, listen. I’m going to that place with Nina and the priest and Professor Jaggat.
Annie: And I’m going to go with him.
George: Yeah. So, ah—
Mitchell: Good. Piss off. ‘Cause I’m getting really sick of your dog hairs on my clothes.
George: Mitchell—
Mitchell struggling: George, get out of here now.
George: What’s going on?
Mitchell: Please. Just
take my keys and get out.
George: Mitchell, what’s happening?
Mitchell: George, please!
George: Mitchell, what’s going on?!
Mitchell: Nothing. It’s all good, Georgie. It’s all good.

Mitchell: George, you’re my friend right?
George: Always.
Mitchell: Whatever you are when you leave that place. Stay out of the cities. The cities won’t be safe for much longer.

Chaplain: I could save you.
Mitchell: Excuse me?
Chaplain: I saw you in the hospital. The way George looked at you when you were dying. This isn’t that man.
Mitchell: I don’t get saved.
Chaplain: Well I don’t hand out the contact details of my parishioners.

Chaplain: George risked his life to save you. Why?
Mitchell: Tell me where she is.
Chaplain: What was it about you that he thought was worth saving!
Mitchell: I’ll kill you, you bastard!
Chaplain: That man is still in there somewhere. You have to find him! Because whoever you are, I will tell you nothing! Whoever you are, you stay away from here! Whoever you are, you stay away from Lucy Jaggat.
Mitchell: What did you say?
Chaplain: Just… just leave her alone.
Mitchell: Did you say Jaggat?

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All God’s Children

Mitchell: Why did you say “still alive”? Was there anything you said to me—anything you did—that wasn’t a lie?
Lucy: I had to win your confidence.
Mitchell: We had sex.
Lucy: I had to win your confidence.
Mitchell: Why?
Lucy: The three of you, you erase everything. Science, faith. We go back to the year dot with you. My god, to study that. To understand a fraction of what you mean to the world.
Mitchell: And how does blowing up a building full of vampires fit in with that?
Lucy: We got sidetracked.
Mitchell: Sidetracked?
Lucy: There was a parade of bodies coming into the hospital, Mitchell. We were supposed to just sit there and watch?
Mitchell: It was under control.
Lucy: Yeah. Yeah, clearly.

Mitchell: So you took it upon yourselves to do a bit of ethnic cleansing.
Lucy: Don’t you dare! Don’t you fucking dare try to legitimize—
Mitchell: You betrayed me.
Lucy: Please don’t tell me that’s what this is all about. You just killed how many of my people? And all because I hurt your feelings?
Mitchell: How many have you killed?
Lucy: The werewolves are sick. There is evil in them. Everything we have done has been to try and help them.
Mitchell: That’s very noble, but did it ever occur to you that if you started pre-ordering body bags then maybe it was time to stop?

Mitchell: If this was just a science project, then why focus on us?
Lucy: The three of you living together like that, it frightened us. We didn’t know what you were planning.
Mitchell: We weren’t planning anything. We just wanted to be left alone.
Lucy: You don’t get to be left alone! You don’t get a life and lovers and hope! You are poisonous! You are wearing other people’s clothes. You are not human.
Mitchell: You have such a redundant view of the world. God made man in His own image. What if that included His rage? And His spite. And His indifference. And His cruelty. What if God made us too? We’re all his children, you see. God’s a bit of a bastard. Look at us both. Covered in other people’s blood and talking about morality. But there’s one difference between me and you. You had a choice.

Kemp: It’s true! I killed her! Your friend. I threw her over to the other side. {Mitchell attacks} Did you feel her go? Hm? Did you hear her scream as she was ripped from this world? I want you to know pain. Like the families of your victims, I want you to know grief and rage! As I did.
Mitchell: I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna rip your head off.
Kemp: I’m ready to meet my maker. Are you ready to meet yours?

Mitchell: I’ll kill him! And I’ll kill you.
George: No, you won’t.
Mitchell: You don’t know what I’ve done.
George: You’re still in there somewhere.
Mitchell: They killed her!
George: And this is how you’re going to honor her! If you want to kill, if you want to rip away every last shred of humanity, then fine! But don’t you dare do it in Annie’s name! They’re monsters! Not us!
Mitchell dropping Kemp: Fuck! Fuck!
George: Mitchell, give me your hand. Mitchell. Come on. Take my hand. Let’s just go.
Mitchell: We lost her.
George: I know. But I got you back.

Three Weeks Later

Mitchell: Why haven’t you asked me?
George: Asked you what?
Mitchell: About what happened before you left the house. About what I did in the facility.
George: I don’t want to know. I don’t want to look and think…. I can’t be your confessor, Mitchell, I can’t. Not now. I need you too much.

Mitchell: Are you here on your own? What happened to Kemp?
Lucy: I don’t know. That day after you left, it was insane. All the alarms were…
Mitchell: How did you find us?
Lucy: Nina’s been looking for me. She’s left a bit of a paper trail. I’d already been to your old house. It was all locked up.
Mitchell: Yeah, we can’t go back there.
Lucy: But we’re not in a position to hurt you anymore. It’s over. There isn’t even a “we” now anyway.
Mitchell: We can’t go back there because it was Annie’s house and we lost her.

Mitchell: Do you have any idea what you’ve done to me? What you’ve started? I should rip you apart with my hands. I have to live with what I’ve done. I think you should too.
Lucy: Mitchell, I need to see Nina and George.
Mitchell: In terms of good ideas that’s up there with the chamber.

Nina: Tell me about it. I’ve got one of your books. Six hundred pages of utter bullshit.
Lucy: Did you keep the receipt? I can get your money back.
Nina: Is that sarcasm? Is she giving us sarcasm now? Christ, Mitchell, why haven’t you just—
Mitchell: What? Killed her?
Nina: Yeah.

George: Do you trust her?
Mitchell: I believe she wants to make amends.
Nina: She must have been some lay.
Mitchell: You think that’s what this is about?
George: What else are we supposed to think, Mitchell? Lucy’s dangerous. Why have you invited her back into our lives like this?
Mitchell: Hold on a second here. It was inch-high private eye that lead her here.
Nina: I wanted to protect our friend.
Mitchell: You think I don’t?

Mitchell: Thanks.
George: I haven’t forgiven Lucy. I’m just saying I don’t think we should kill her. Don’t go thinking I’m your ally in this, Mitchell.

Mitchell: Why did you come here?
Lucy: I betrayed my lover. I betrayed my faith. I don’t know who I am anymore.
Mitchell: I guess you’re a monster. Just like us.

Annie: Can you hear me?
Mitchell: Yeah, we can hear you and see you.
Annie: Are you guys safe now?
George: Yeah. You saved us.
Mitchell: Annie, are you okay?
Annie: Yeah. It’s just a bit complicated. Um, I miss you.
Mitchell: Oh, we miss you too, Annie.

George: What happens now, Mitchell? What do we do?
Mitchell: We’re gonna get her back.

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