Law and Order and Final Meals


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A few random nuggets from this weekend. First, I was grocery shopping at Lund’s and came out to put my groceries in the car. I noticed an SUV parked in a handicapped spot and a policey-looking guy getting out of it.

Then I heard a “Good!” coming from the direction of the Salvation Army guy out front. Turns out the cop was ticketing a vehicle parked in the handicap parking spot with no tags on it.

Which I’ve never seen happen before. It warmed me heart.

I was watching Oz last night when Groves is electrocuted. And was thinking what I’d choose for my last meal. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Dino’s gyros and spanakopita
2. Pad thai from Sawatdee
3. White chicken chili from me
4. Something from Da Afghan
5. Sushi