Stardust and Channel 23


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I was contemplating interesting Minneapolis locations, and it struck me that I work right across the street from one of my favorites: Stardust Bowling.

24 hours, 7 days a week bowling. But they don’t have a website. All I could find was James Lilek’s overview of the place, and various “Minneapolis Hot Spots” listings.

The TV show “Let’s Bowl” on Comedy Central is filmed there. Alledgedly, anyway. It’s basically People’s Court with bowling. We’d come out of work and there’d be a camera crew and a huge line of people queued up to get in. Took me a bit before I figured out what was going on.

I caught the show a couple time on local Channel 23 before Comedy Central picked it up, but could never remember out when it was on, so I wasn’t a regular viewer. Which is the exact same thing that happened with Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (originally 2000) when it was on Channel 23. I’d catch the tail end of it, laugh like crazy, and promptly forget to watch it the next week.