I love Lake.


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We went to It’s Greek to Me for lunch and took Lake Street back to the office and I gave my car mate a driving tour of the street:

“That used to be the Sears Building (not literally, but it’s the tallest building on Lake and used to be Sears), that’s the saddle shop, that’s where I went to junior high, that’s where a cop was shot, there used to be a carnival there, that used to be a whore house, that’s where I went to high school…”

Good times.

Random history: Lake Street became Lake Street because the soldiers from Fort Snelling would walk along the river, and take the route from the river in a straight line to the Native people who lived along the lake. That’s why the largest and most popular cemetary was the one on Lake and Cedar (Pioneers and Old Soldiers Cemetery). It’s also why there’s still a saddle shop as well.