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More and more often these days, as it gets dark out, little black shapes… or bugs, or some other unearthly forms have started flitting around my apartment, just out of my field of vision. I know they’re there! But when I turn to catch them they’re suddenly gone! I’m starting to go crazy because I just can’t catch them. And they’re skulking in the corners of my apartment, mocking me constantly. I’m starting to sleep with all the lights on, if I sleep at all.

Actually, I just really need to replace my contacts and/or clean them better every night. Or at the very least not sleep with them in.

In unrelated news, it is Birthday Week at Planet Claire. I’m not throwing a party (as my mom sarcastically suggested) but I am updating some spots around here that have been languishing in obscurity. And I found some previous index pages from the site. Some of my old slogans:

“Yet another entirely pointless website in a sea of entirely pointless sites lurking online” (the very first)

“The logical alternative to a bowflex infomercial” (christened by a long-absent early rant reader)

“A web site that illustrates my huge need for validation” (I added the “may or may not” a little later)

although “In Retrograde since 2000” is currently the only one appearing on t-shirts.