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So I am attempting to post by sending an email. We’ll see how far that goes.

Anyway. Happy Memorial Day Weekend. I am spending my time split between working and family stuff (out-of-town-family stuff). However I’m not having much luck so far.

First, I went out to see what was available for FireWire drives for a client of mine who needs one and the only successful part of that mission netted me underwear.

For some reason this has happened more than once: go shopping for computer stuff, come home with underwear. It’s quite odd, really.

Then I came home and tried to work but was so sleepy I took a nap instead. Ramona joined me, of course. Because for a cat, any time is a good time to nap really.

So now I’m up again and writing this instead of working. I’ll eventually get something done.

A few tidbits:

1. I was in line at the store and this woman in front of me (actually she was maybe 22) had this box with her that she had apparently received in the mail. I was about to go find another place to pay for my goods because that box signals all sorts of lengthy explanations, discussions and calls to managers. But I stayed put.

Turns out, the woman had bought a pair of Crocs (Dumbest. Shoes. Ever.) and wanted to return them. Which wasn’t a big deal until I eavesdropped enough to realize that she had bought them from the Crocs online store and was trying to return them at Macy’s.

On what planet does that make any damn sense? Certainly not mine. Because most companies aren’t going to say “What? You spent actual money someplace else and now want to give us what you bought from them and get money from us? Sure! How about a complimentary pedicure while you wait?”

The crazier thing was that the salesperson wasn’t sure what to do and did have to call a manager to check if she could take back the shoes. Further proof of my theory that most people working in retail are taught not to think for themselves.

2. I was in the car with some relatives a few weeks ago–consisting of my mom, my aunt and uncle, and two younger cousins (aged 5 and 11). We were discussing where to go for lunch. The five year old thought KFC would be a good idea (since they got it as a treat sometimes when they were on vacation). The eleven year old, testing his boundaries and parents’ patience, suggested we go to Hooters.

His dad chimed in first, and said that they wouldn’t be going to Hooters anytime soon and that if he was trying to be funny it certainly wasn’t the appropriate place for it (what with us in the car). His mother was just dead silent, and I couldn’t tell if she was really angry about this stunt or embarrassed or both.

After a few moments of awkward silence, she turned to her son, smiled and said, “Let’s compromise on this, honey. We’ll go to KFC for lunch. And every ten minutes or so I’ll lift up my top.”