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Aw. Now I’m getting notices from Gmail that I have requested my password be reset. Legitimate, non-phishing ones. One of my planetclaires must be trying to figure out why they can’t login to my email account.

Because it’s mine’s, bishes.

I think my planet has a birthday coming up. Hang on, lemme check. Just play the Jeopardy! waiting music in your head momentarily. I’ll be back…

June 5th. Planet Claire will eight years young on June 5th. I’m not sure what that is in planet years. But I’ll have to throw some sort of party. If someone wants to get me something, there’s that whole SUPPORT section on the site. Just sayin’. I mean, running a planet ain’t cheap.

I’m still waiting for my Economic Stimulus Check, so that may go toward keepng this planet in orbit. Although I really think this check would be more aptly named the “Stave Off Foreclosure and/or Creditors” Check. Because it seems like that’s the point where a lot of people in this country are. This money will be going to groceries and gas and rent, not toward an impromptu spending spree at Walmart.

Well hopefully not anyway. And not just because Walmart exists on one of Dante’s circles of Hell.

I did however receive another check this week. A momentous check if you will. It was my 401k which is being taken away from the clutches of the psychopaths I worked for and placed in much more capable hands (i.e. not mine. I’m no good with money).

The slightly ironic part of the whole thing: starting right after I quit, every four to six months I would receive a phone call or email from someone at my old office asking for my home address. An address which, mind you, has not changed since before I quit. So they were apparently incapable of either tracking down my address in the database (a database I helped design, mind you, so I know it was in there and easily accessible). Furthermore, they were absolutely baffled as to how to keep that information on file in HR (a department I helped organize, mind you, so I know exactly where it should have been recorded and easily accessible).

At a certain point I believe I told them I had every confidence they could find it themselves if they would only take a moment to pull their finger out of their collective ass. I should have anyway. Talk about Dante’s circles of Hell. They’re wandering somewhere around the eighth.

Anyway, the same day I got this check that officially severed the last remaining link to that hellhole, I also received a letter informing me that they had entered my address into their database.

Thanks! Thanks ever so much!

But I am done with them forever. I leave them to their avarice and greed. I hope it serves them well when they are alone in their old age.