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Well my lack of sleep finally caught up with me, smacked me on the back of the head, swore a few times (rather rudely I thought) and put me on a time out this afternoon. So today instead of working all afternoon I slept. It was a rather rainy day so it was a good time for it.

And since I promised my dear mother that I would not work at all on Mother’s Day, this weekend I am officially off.

My brain must have thought this was a lovely idea as it has apparently gone on holiday as well. Hopefully it’s someplace warm. And is planning on making it back by Monday.

So every once in awhile I wander around and see how my little planet is doing out in the world. And once in awhile I check the wildly inaccurate (for sites as small as mine) Alexa. And every time I do I am offered this awesome!! tee shirt illustrating just how small my site is. Who wants to wear a shirt that says “My site is beloved by almost no one! You should visit!’. I’m not paying for that sort of abuse.

But being that my brain is elsewhere at the moment I decided to explore the whole “tee shirt” idea a little further. Turns out you can customize them a little bit. Change a font, color, add text, etc. So here’s my next purchase:

I like it. And am almost tempted to order it just to see if it would go through or be flagged or something.


Happy Mother’s Day.

And Happy 150th Birthday to my adopted home state. It doesn’t look a day over 120.