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I can’t believe this little planet is eight years old today.

I actually registered it about a year or so after I graduated from college because I didn’t want to have a work address used for personal correspondence (see the cautionary tale Things Not to Do With Your Work Email), but I also knew my school email address would expire in a few months. Do they still do that? If you graduate does your email address eventually disappear? Or are they less strict in this day and age?

So I grabbed this domain (the .com was taken). Strangely enough, at the time I registered it there weren’t many planet claires out there. Now you do a search and they’re everywhere.

I won’t swear to it, but I think at the time my partner-in-crime was listening to a lot of B-52s and I decided to go with the name based on that. But I might be totally wrong. Eight years is a long damn time ago.

So there. Happy Birthday to Planet Claire. I’m off to go put birthday hats on Norman and Ramona.

Holy crap. You know I never even realized that Ramona is an anagram of Norman (give or take an A). And I named neither of them. How weird is that? Both that I utterly failed to notice it sooner and that it was a complete randomstance.

I’m a little spooked.