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In the past few snow-filled days I have found myself more on the road than not (thanks in no small part to being stuck in a traffic clusterfuck for four hours yesterday) and have noticed that our resident Classic Rawk! radio station has a new billboard ad campaign with such zippy slogans as

“Our Lawyer Is Always Busy”
“Not For the Faint of Heart Fart”
“We Criticize You in English”

I’m not even entirely sure what they were going for with the last one; perhaps you need to be xenophobic to get the joke. But even if you are, it’s just really not all that funny. None of them are.

But I totally get it. They want to establish that they’re hard core! They’ll make fun of you! They’ll offend you! They’re soooo crazy they’re always getting sued!

Which might be more convincing if they weren’t owned by (wait for it) Disney.

Take cover! The Mouse is coming after you. And it totally knows how to rock out to Winger.