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I have some thoughts:

One: I haven’t been writing much lately. But I think I totally made up for it with that awesome snowglobe a few posts back.

Two: I was driving down Franklin the other day. No, seriously. I was. Anyway. The old Dairy Queen that is now a non-regal frozen treat place was completely swarmed by people, movie cameras and old-timey VW buses. The place looks like it was originally in black and white, and then recolored for the Turner Movie Classics channel. And now I am curious as to what they were shooting.

Three: I was feeling mighty lonely in here until I figured out that some people are now reading this on an RSS feed. See, but when you don’t come through the site you miss all the nude pictorials in the sidebar. Just sayin’. Although you do get to see the awesome snowglobe.

Four: Spammers have apparently latched on to the idea of using pictures (or less creepy pictures anyway) in their emails. It’s like an Abercrombie ad now. Except less pornographic.

Five: I’m off to find a snazzy image to go along with this post. Aw! See what happens when I wander through my computer aimlessly? I found the original Norman photo. He’s been watching over planetclaire.org since its inception. I love Norman. Norman needs to be on a t-shirt. Not the original photo, but a drawing methinks. So I’m off.