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I am currently finding a home within my home for some new furniture. Not so exciting, but a bit like a game of Tetris when you have a smallish apartment such as I do. You tend to have to find creative ways to fit everything in so the furniture doesn’t pile up to the top of the screen and then you get “GAME OVER” flashing on top. With that annoying music.

A random thought to mull over:

• My mom had her carpets cleaned last weekend in anticipation of the holidays. So she asked me to hang out because she didn’t want to be home alone with the carpet cleaner. Turns out she didn’t totally need me since she was comfortable with him and he was quick about the cleaning. And very proud of it. Which is awesome. Pride in your work. Go team! Clean!

As he was on his way out, my mom thanked him for doing a great job and he said (quite serious), “Well, it’s because I’m so incredibly efficient with the hard strokes.”

How does that not sound like bad German porn? I ask you.

Well I asked my mom, actually, and she looked at me like I needed to just keep my thoughts to myself more often.

Perhaps there’s something to that…