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I’ve been chatting back and forth with my erstwhile boss as she has been preparing to depart for warmer climes.

California, here she comes.

And she’s a big texter. I actually hadn’t really used that feature on my phone until now, so I’ve been taking some time to get used to it. And I can see why there are so many misspellings. The automatic word finder dealy doesn’t make it easy to insert things like, oh, punctuation. So I’ve been learning all sorts of shortcuts. Because the auto word finder can certainly help when you’re trying to spell out a longish word.

Not every time, however. Take for instance tonight when I wanted to type “criminal mastermind”. Not a rare phrase by any means. But when I got to the end, the only choices it gave me for that configuration of buttons were “criminal mastermine” and “criminal mastermime”. Not wanting to retype the thing, I chose “criminal mastermime”. Because the mental imagery it conjures up is just completely beyond awesome. So from now on I’m prepared to insert the word “mastermime” into any conversation I can. As in, “Who do you think you are, some sort of criminal mastermime or something?”

Although whenever I do random word replacements like that people end up thinking I have a speech impediment.