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And… we’re into December.

Fitting, that. As we’re getting snow dumped on us as I type. I was out driving in it earlier and had forgotten how much fun it can be. There’s something about taking ten minutes to brush all the snow off your car and then slip-sliding down a deserted street that makes it feel like everything’s right with the world. Screw global warming, screw people jumping ship for “warmer climes”. This is Minnesota, bitches. This is what it should be like in the Winter months.

But I fear I am in a small group that feel that way. Yesterday and today everyone was going into panic mode and stocking up on groceries like the Rapture was coming. It’s just snow. Yeesh.

I did do one thing that I wouldn’t have usually done: I dropped off my rent yesterday, as I was unsure where I’d be today.

And seeing as I have a new caretaker I threw in a note welcoming him to the building and giving him my vitals (name, phone number, email addy). And as I was locking up to go and drop it off I threw the envelope in my mouth. As I am wont to do when my hands are full. So I ran upstairs, slid the rent check and cheery note under his door, and made my way back down the stairs.

In the process, I realized I had a mouthful of blood.

Okay, not a mouthful. But there was blood. I had apparently ripped open a split lip when I put the envelope in my mouth.

So now I have no idea if there’s blood all over the envelope I had. Because, what an odd way to say hello in a cheery fashion. “Hi! I’m the wannabe vampire downstairs! Giving you a sample of my blood is how my people greet newcomers!” Or “I may sound cheery, but I often cut myself! Welcome to the building!”.

Or maybe it’ll look like lipstick. Which might be even worse than blood, as I never want to seem like one of “those” people who sign off their missives with a lip print.

Or maybe there’s no blood or faux lip print at all on the envelope. In which case I’ll look like some hyper cheerful next door neighbor. Until when he least expects it and then…