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It seems like every time I go in here to write something, it looks different. And why would I want to change the color of my text anyway? 

And yet it still insists that using the Ctrl key will do useful things like save and publish. I can’t say I concur. 

I was going grocery shopping tonight with my mother (Sunday dinner and all). And was stopped in mid sentence when I noticed the cheese curds. She politely inquired if I got distracted by shiny things as well. To which I responded, “Mother, cheese is the new shiny.”

You heard it here first. Although, cheese really can’t be trumped by much of anything. It’s cheese, for god’s sake. Speaking of which, I am returning to the farmer’s market next weekend to purchase a large quantity of cheese curds and beef jerky.

The last time I bought beef jerky there the woman who was helping me stuck one piece in a bag and tried to hand it to me (they normally sell by the pound). I shook my head no, but before I could tell her how much I wanted, she put one more smaller piece in the bag and tried to hand that to me. I shook my head no again, so she added another little piece and tried to hand that to me.

Three pieces. Apparently I don’t look like much of a beef jerky eater.

So finally I told her I’d take as close to half a pound as she could muster. Realizing that maybe I wasn’t some sort of beef jerky novice (whatever that is), she gave me a ton more than I asked and didn’t charge me for it. 

Which was incredibly nice, but the only reason I didn’t actually get more was because beef jerky doesn’t last very long around me. If I had gotten a pound of the stuff it would be gone—easily—by day’s end. 

Homemade beef jerky is the absolute best stuff in the world. Except good cheese. Cheese is still the new shiny.

I’m gonna go put that on a shirt.