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When I was about seven years old, my mom and dad sat me down out of the blue one day and explained to me that, even though they loved me very very much, they didn’t love each other anymore and so they wouldn’t be living together anymore. 

I listened very intently, nodded a lot, cried a little. And ultimately asked if I could be excused because I wanted to go play with my next door neighbor Ibet.
My parents both remarried when I was about ten. My dad is still married (when last I checked). My mom, however, got a divorce a few years ago. They didn’t sit me down or anything. The circumstances were rather different and I think it was more of a paperwork issue than any sort of drawn-out running gun battle.
Today I found out that my bosses are splitting. I found out smack in the middle of the day when one boss called and asked me if I could work tomorrow (it’s my day off) because one of them wasn’t going to be there anymore. 
And I don’t think he meant him.
Most uncomfortably, it appears as though he told me of this abrupt staffing change before he told his wife. That was left to me when I had little choice but to explain to her why I looked like my cat had just been thrown off a precipice.
And I’m not really sure what I’m going to do. She was my Heathrow: Mark 2. She was the reason I had fun there. We could laugh at the crazies. Who’s gonna laugh with me at the questionable fashion decisions that wander by our windows? 
So I’m feeling pretty lousy tonight. Stupid Halloween. Stupid marriage. It’s a sham, the lot of it.