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So five years ago today, we lost one of the greats: Paul Wellstone, US Senator for Minnesota. He was killed along with his wife, daughter and several staffers when his plane went down near Eveleth, MN. There’s nothing that can be said about him that someone hasn’t already done a much better job. So I won’t try. If you’re reading this and curious who he is you can check out the Foundation created to carry on his (and Sheila’s) work.

Paul Wellstone was a man who truly fought for what he believed in and made a real difference in so many lives. He truly cared about his constituents. And not just the ones who could vote. He was passionate and energetic and a force for change. We were lucky to have him for even a short time.

He is still very much talked about and missed even today. I had a dinner two nights ago with some clients and the topic came up. They were both at the memorial service and even now get a little teary-eyed just talking about it.

I will be spending my day (among other things) creating a title page for a client who goes to different schools and helps to share stories and wisdom of community elders through song. And this particular DVD is for the Wellstone School, fittingly enough.

Actually this client, who is a musician, worked with Paul through the years and even co-produced a play about his life not too long ago. The picture above is from his personal archives.