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My site is currently 150% down down down.

Which is a perfect excuse not to work (“but gosh, I can’t send email!”).

Random Story: I’m attempting to come up with some new curse words. I was driving home tonight and was watching this car weave violently and haphazardly from lane to lane, nearly clipping a few cars. And I thought, “What a dickheel.”

Which I don’t think is actually a term that exists. And if it does, maybe it shouldn’t as it makes even less sense than many curse words. But it’s not bad. At least it causes a moment of reflection. Perhaps introspection.

Perhaps not.

So if anybody has any ideas for a decent sort of swear, let me know. I need some inspiration. Cursing is one of my favorite pasttimes and I’ve been neglecting it as of late. Fecking shite.

Randomer story: Last week I got a somewhat nasty letter from my landlord indicating that I had been late on paying rent for several months in a row lately. Which is so very very true. I am an expert at forgetting to drop it off. Anyway I sent him a check and a note apologizing for my tardiness.

I almost didn’t send it, since I was afraid it would put me even more on his radar. But I was already on his radar and not in such a favorable light, yeah? So I sent it and then second and third and tenth guessed myself. But it was sent. And that was that.

Then I checked the mail yesterday and got another letter from him. And could only assume I was being evicted or my check was being returned to me on the grounds that I was a procrastinating idiot or something.

So I opened it with trepidation. I did however take note that most eviction notices do not arrive in A2 envelopes. With a handwritten address. Most eviction notices anyway.

Instead (much to my delight) it was a thank you note and a giftcard to a local coffee shop. Nice.

And. And. I got some money from taxes in the mail as well. This from a girl who generally avoids getting the mail on a regular basis because it’s only bills and credit card offers.