White Castle and New Drive Throughs


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So I had assumed that once we moved into our new building, the craziness would die down. No armed robber running around the block after robbing the corner store, no natural disasters and (sadly) no SWAT teaming swarming the building looking for a tenant.

But I assumed wrong.

I got into work today and as I was walking in the back door I noticed a huge tub of broken glass next to it. I paused for a moment and thought, “Well that can’t be good.” Because the front of our building is floor to ceiling windows. And I’m always a little nervous that a brick is going to get some ideas and hurl itself through one of them just for kicks.

I walked in apprehensively and looked at all the windows. Nothing broken. So far, so bien. After sitting down for a bit, my boss got done with what she was doing and grabbed me, pulling me into the adjacent business that I think we’re supposed to be running (longish story). And as I walked in I found the origin of the glass: the entire front of the store was completely boarded up and there was glass everywhere not to mention that the door was now approximately five feet closer than it had been previously.

Apparently around 2:30 AM early Saturday morning a woman leaving the White Castle drive through kept driving through. Straight across the street and into the front of the building. I won’t presume to say that she was drunk or anything, but she totally was.

One of my bosses was actually there when it happened. He said the story that the guy gave at the scene was a bit confusing. But apparently the guy’s compatriot (the female driver) had immediately bailed out and gone running down the street, leaving him to explain the situation to the cops.

We got some of this information today from two fine folks who happened upon the building owner inspecting the damage and were apparently in White Castle when it all happened. Although it was a little hard to understand their story. They seemed to actually be a bit drinky as well. Which I have no real problem with, but it was a titch early.

So anyway. Now we have a drive through.