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Well I’ll be snookered.

I had to install a new browser this weekend, since my installing/uninstalling of various and sundry applications—which were totally totally absolutely 100% legal—appeared to have killed my ability to view Google pages.

Other sites, just fine, but no Google. I thought maybe the internet pixies were punishing me for usage of various and sundry applications which were totally totally absolutely 100% legal. So I grabbed some beta of Safari and now when I type up a new rantI get more bells and whistles in here. Which is fine, but I like manually typing my tags. Although I did notice there’s now some disclaimer when posting video that makes you swear it is neither obscene nor infringing. Which is equivalent to a big flashing “bad touch!” sign just waiting to be violated.

Let’s upload an image! It’ll be fun!

Hm. Not so much fun as it didn’t work. Oh well. Let’s try it a different way.

Yeah, not liking this much. Maybe youse get an image, maybe youse don’t. I ain’t sayin’.

I had another birthday event tonight. Which ended with cake and ice cream. The cake imploded shortly before serving. Which, if you’ve never seen a cake implode before, is quite interesting. And the ice cream… hurt my teeth. Which I think is a sign that I’m dying.

At least that’s what’ll have to happen before I go to the dentist.