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I had my cellphone off for the latter half of the weekend. I would like to tell you it was because the battery was dead, but in actuality it was because I was trying to get work done in peace. So I checked messages today and have a mysterious call. It was either a wrong number or someone I know just drunk off their ass.

I’m hoping for the latter. Always more fun that way.

Anyway: I’m currently on a mini-break from working tonight. So I thought I’d post music. I had a recent email correspondence with someone and it led me to try and track down theme songs from TV shows. Not, you know, the opening to the Andy Griffith Show or something. I mean decent stuff. And I found a bunch.

Installment Y:

Von Bondies : C’mon C’mon (Rescue Me)

Rolfe Kent : Dexter 5 (Dexter)

Kool G Rap, Lord Jamar & Talib Kweli : Oz 2000 (Oz)

Phantom Planet : California 2005 (The OC)

You sort of have to download the OZ one at least just to hear a rap about Schillinger, Beecher and Adebisi. I think the part that had me snickering is that the song is essentially in the same Fontana-verse as Hill’s “Behind These Walls” which was just about in every shot in season… five? Six? I forget. Anyway, a book available for sale in the real world that showed up in the show constantly.

I’m just not sure why they didn’t try to sell the CD the same way. All of Em City could have been listening to and talking about the album constantly. Wasted cross-marketing opportunity, really. I hope someone was fired.

In other, less Oz news: The street in front of my print shop is completely torn up. According to local lore right below the sidewalks are a series of cavernous tunnels dating back to a time when deliveries were made straight down into the basements from the street. I think the liquor store across the street still uses theirs.

So we keep joking that one of these days we’ll hear a loud noise and the gigantic piece of machinery that was moments ago tearing into the sidewalk outside the window is now twenty feet below.

Because destruction is funny now.

Speaking of business: I updated my lil ol’ store over the weekend. And there are some rather awesome shirts in there now. Awesomer than usual. And with towels on them.

Because you should always know where your towel is.