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I’ve been wildly attempting to get organized this week.

It’s not going well.

But that’s okay. Things will sort themselves out eventually. I think. I’ve already had several sales at my newly updated and expanded store, thank you very much. Including my new favorite: the towel tee. Twelve more and the initial expense will be covered.

Anyway, aside from taking care of some of the shows on this site, I’m caught up with maintenance. That feels good.

But I have not concluded and/or continued my theme song… theme. Because you know I’ve got more:

Death Cab for Cutie : Little Boxes (Weeds)

Elvis : A Little Less Conversation (Las Vegas)

Joan Jett : Bad Reputation (Live) (Freaks and Geeks)

Love Spit Love : How Soon Is Now (Charmed) —this one’s an MPEG4

USMC : Fired Up Feels Good (The Unit)

I think I have a few more actually. Eh, next time.