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I’m still struggling with the loss of my laptop. Along with some old files and accounts that I’ve had for ever.

Which is so whiny. How many people open some stupid account and then forget the password and just open a new one? Like every day? And here I am all hung up on a stupid AIM account.

Every last Friday of the month a bunch of bikers ride through downtown Minneapolis to protest cars. Or something. And this time it got nasty and about 20 riders were arrested.

Now I’m not personally a big fan of the bikers in this city. At least the ones that ride down the middle of the street and make sure that no cars can go around them. And then run all the red lights and ignore traffic laws.

And I’m not necessarily pro-cop (although they’ve always done right by me and I have no complaints).

And I’ve been stuck in this monthly protest ride/cluster fuck before. And I really hope at least a few of the people arrested are the ones that have yelled epithets at me for being in a car.

And maybe if they were roughed up a little bit that would be okay.

You ain’t better than me because you’re on a damn bike. You may be better than me for other reasons, but it ain’t because of your god damn bike.