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I want to write a story just so I can have the whole “Is that a threat?” “No. It’s a promise.” Exchange.

Except it would just be:

“Is that a threat?”
“No. *beat* Yes, of course that’s a threat. What are you, slow?”

I’ll work it in somewhere along the way.

I got a call today from a customer who needed their logo to be emailed to a sign company. He was acting a little weird, and couldn’t help but blurt out that they were going to be on Extreme Home Makeover. He swore me to secrecy.

So, you know, don’t tell him I said anything.

Anyway I was wondering if that would ultimately help the company get good press and more business or if it really didn’t work that way. I mean, there are makeover/makebetter shows where they go to a store and you see some really sweet looking furniture and think, “Hey, maybe I should check that place out.”

But do people think, “Hey, that roofing job looks super cute! I should track down that random company and see if they’ll roof my building.”

Maybe they do.