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I’m tired. Alan made me stay up and watch The Professional last night. Which was worth it. Great movie. But I’m tired.

I got the soundtrack to Chelsea Walls yesterday. Jeff Tweedy did it. Pretty cool. It has Robert Sean Leonard doing The Lonely 1, which is weird. I’ve often heard it rumored that the song was written by Tweedy after touring with The Replacements and watching Paul Westerberg. I could be wrong. I know the Westerberg experience definitely relates to We’ve Been Had which was in the Uncle Tupelo days. Great song.

I am inches away from being 100% done with my old apartment and roommate. I have everything out except cleaning supplies. Yay. But it’s the last few inches that are going to be so stressful. I have this overwhelming fear that I am forgetting something crucial and I will destroy my life because of it. I also know Nightmare Roommate isn’t going to make this easy for me.

Not to mention the fact that, universally, large things happen over Labor Day weekend and mom and Peter always go on vacation. There’s something that makes me nervous when I know I can’t cry to mom. It’s their anniversary today.