Nightmare Roommate and I broke up finally.


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What a long weekend. It’s official. I’m finally done with Nightmare (ex) Roommate forever. As predicted, she was rude to me when I went to clean on Saturday. I skipped out on her on Friday because her idea of cleaning was to basically clean every single nook and cranny of the entire apartment. I’ve lived in enough places to know what’s gonna fly with management companies. I knew she wouldn’t listen to me, so I admit it, I bailed on Friday.

Anyway, I told NR that I was tired of dealing with her attitude and that I guaranteed she would get her full deposit back if she would just leave right then and there and let me deal with it. Which she didn’t want to do, but at least it calmed her down.

So I proceed to finish cleaning my room. Her aunt (who is very nice) shows up and starts walking thru the apartment to see if it passes muster. I decline her offer to walk thru my room and bathroom because I figure if she’s as anal as NR she’ll tell me my bathroom is “filthy” (NR’s favorite word to describe my room and my friends).

She walks into NR’s bathroom and stops. “This isn’t going to pass inspection.” Stopped me in my tracks and so I wander over to Amy’s bathroom.

Okay, here’s the thing: NR cleaned her bathroom religiously. She would pull everything out and spend the day cleaning. It smelled chemical-ly and was annoying. And she was condescending to me about how I cleaned. I HATE cleaning. I just keep stuff picked up and wipe spills up as they happen. Life is too short to spend so much time cleaning.

I never went into her bathroom as I had my own. I never saw her bathroom. I always assumed it was spotless, as her cleaning efforts would suggest.

So I walk into her bathroom and the tub and tile walls are GRAY with dirt. Hardcore grime build-up. I would not shower in that tub, it was that bad. Alan’s shower was cleaner, for goodness sake. That’s how bad it was.

NR’s aunt had it clean in 15 minutes. I can’t believe she couldn’t figure out how to get that dirt off.

I think that’s my final penultimate NR-irony. She considered the way I lived “filthy” and I would not use a tub in the condition she kept hers.

So then I said to her aunt, “Hey, check my bathroom and let me know what you think.” Hee hee. Her response: “Oh, you should have no problems. Looks great!”